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PMG Chapter 211: Yan Yu Ping Sheng

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Note: Yan Yu means “misty rain” …*sigh*

Everybody was looking towards the sky at the black silhouette.

They only saw that a cold smile had appeared on that black silhouette. He then said coldly: “Anyway, I will give you the time of ten breathes, if you don’t end your own life then I will personally kill you.”

“How could a real man accept death? I would rather die in a battle. Too bad that I’ve gotten my troops involved.” said Liu Cang Lan while raising his head and looking at that black silhouette in the sky. Dense battle energy started burning around his body. His body then flew into the air. He was determined to fight until the end, how could he humiliate himself with suicide?

The entire Xue Yue army looked extremely saddened. This battle was unfair.

“Since you want to die, I will help you achieve your goal.” said the black silhouette coldly. He gathered the pure energy around his body once again. It contained immense power.

“In a towering rage, I rest under the whistling sound of rain.”
“Gazing into the distance, looking up to the heavens, I utter a long and loud cry. My chest feels painful.”
“Thirty soldiers now with the dust and earth, the moon and the clouds stretching as far as can see.”
Suddenly a song filled the entire battlefield with a harmonious melody.
“If Liu Cang Lan dies today, Prince Mo Jie will be buried here as well.”

That voice was so light and powerful that there was no doubt to the truth contained within those words.

The black silhouette had a respectful expression on his face and he then looked into the distance and said: “Who dares to say such insane things?”

“Han Mo, did you think that the cultivators of Xue Yue were gone?” asked a voice which was growing nearer and nearer to that location. That person was quickly approaching from a great distance away. A short instant later, another silhouette appeared in the sky.

There was a floating cloud of pure Qi underneath that man. He was sitting cross-legged on the cloud of pure Qi, he was just calmly playing the zither in front of him.

“Yan Yu Ping Sheng, if I had known I would have brought a raincoat.”

When Han Mo saw the person, he was astonished. Why had he shown up on the battlefield?

“With magnificent ideals in my mind yet starvation filling my stomach, I eat their flesh. To settle my thirst, I drink their blood.”
The middle-aged man was singing and playing the zither. His fingers drifted above the strings and a white pure Qi emerged. In a flash, an ear piercing sound spread through the air, and suddenly, a thousand soldiers from Mo Yue died miserably under the power of his sound based attack.

While laughing and talking, He reduced the enemy to nothing, killing without spilling blood.

“Han Mo, if you kill my soldiers, I will kill your soldiers. In the same way, if you kill Liu Cang Lan, I kill Mo Jie.” said the middle-aged man coldly while looking at Han Mo. Even though he was killing people, he looked graceful while playing the zither and smiling.

The crowd was astonished. He was another extremely strong cultivator. They couldn’t stop him. One melody from his zither and he could instantly kill a thousand people.

When the Xue Yue troops saw this person, they looked enthusiastic. Their hearts were once again filled with hope.

They had never heard Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s name but they knew that if he could speak that way, it meant that he must be no weaker than the black silhouette. This was one of the elite cultivators of Xue Yue.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart was pounding as well. Yan Yu Ping Sheng, that was his real name.

Lin Feng knew that middle-aged man in the sky, but he wasn’t the only one, at the Celestial Academy, there were indubitably many people who knew him as well.

That person was Lin Feng’s zither teacher who taught him to cleanse his heart. It was his teacher from the peach tree orchard.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that he would see him on the battlefield. It made Lin Feng finally start to feel relieved. The man that helped him break through to a higher Ling Qi layer was also one of the experts of the country.

He was a wise man and he moved at the speed of lightning. He strangely looked like Wen Ao Xue somehow. He also had a womanly beauty to him and on the battlefield, he had the presence of a death god. His attacks cut down the enemy army in thousands.

“Yan Yu Ping Sheng.” whispered Lin Feng. He wouldn’t forget his name. Maybe Yan Yu Ping Sheng was even stronger than Long Ding, the Vice-Principal.

Han Mo was fixedly staring at Yan Yu Ping Sheng. He remained silent for a moment and then said: “Yan Yu Ping Sheng, long time no see. Would you like to fight against me?”

“If you want to fight, let’s fight.”

Yan Yu Ping Sheng sounded calm. He was so calm as if the rest of the world couldn’t affect his feelings.

Pure Qi was condensing around Han Mo’s body. He spun his right hand in the air and suddenly black pure energy appeared.

“Annihilation!” Han Mo threw a punch through the air with created an incredible noise as it broke through the atmosphere. That pitch-black energy seemed like it wanted to cover the heavens and the earth with its seals. The attack was rushing straight towards Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng was calmly sitting on his white cloud of pure Qi. His fingers moved over the strings of his zither and then an incredible bright light emerged and moved towards his opponent.

“Pshhh… pshhh… pshhh…”

Loud clashing sounds invaded the atmosphere. Immediately after, the resplendent and bright light pierced through that black energy. That incredible white light contained an amazing quantity of pure energy and it was moving straight towards Han Mo. However, the black energy was also continuing its way towards Yan Yu Ping Sheng even though the attack had been greatly reduced in power.

“Let’s move to another place!” shouted Han Mo while moving down through the air.”

“That’s exactly what I had in mind.” replied Yan Yu Ping Sheng. His cloud of pure Qi then vanished.

Then the two silhouettes shot into the distance and moved far away from the armies. Finally, they disappeared from vision completely.

Han Mo and Yan Yu Ping Sheng were extremely strong. If they had stayed there, their attacks would have killed the spectators which is not what Han Mo and Yan Yu Ping Sheng wished.

When all the troops saw the two silhouettes disappear in the horizon, they remained calm for a long time gazing into the distance.

At such a level of strength, one person could affect the fate of an entire battle, they could destroy an entire army. They were extremely powerful. No wonder that the Nine Countries decided to set a rule stipulating that such strong cultivators couldn’t get involved in wars. They could slaughter an entire army with little effort.

“Die!” shouted Liu Cang Lan in the air. He took his bow from his back and a golden spirit appeared behind him. His bow was drew the attention of everyone.

Liu Cang Lan then pulled back the string of his bow when golden arrow illusions appeared and immediately aimed at the Mo Yue troops. He then released the bow string and seven golden lights rushed through the air. Dozens of people died from this single attack.

“Die!” shouted the Xue Yue army. The ground started to shake again. A moment before, Han Mo had killed one thousand people with a single palm strike. He had also tried to force Liu Cang Lan to commit suicide; which had profoundly affected the morale of the troops but at that moment, Yan Yu Ping Sheng had appeared and was fighting against Han Mo. He had come to save them. They still had hope to be able to escape from death. He had lit the fire within their hearts once again.

Blood was heavily flowing on the ground once again.

Lin Feng was firmly holding his sword and unceasingly cutting down anyone in his path. A group of people was fighting alongside him. Wherever they went, blood flowed.

The battlefield had no set area and the battle quickly grew to cover a larger area over time. There was absolutely no organization to this battle, it was only kill or getting killed.

At that moment, Lin Feng finally noticed a silhouette. It was a beautiful girl riding on a horse: Duan Xin Ye.

However, she was unable to move. Her body had been tied. Besides, she was surrounded by eight of the elite cavalry soldiers. These eight people were wearing majestic black armor, they were members of the black guards.

Duan Xin Ye saw Lin Feng. Her beautiful eyes looked like a warm autumn day. The expression in her eyes revealed that she couldn’t wait to be saved by Lin Feng.

Of course, these black guards had also noticed Lin Feng killing his way toward them, leaving nothing but blood and corpses behind him. Their facial expressions grew cold and evil.

At that moment, Lin Feng jumped forward and the same time, a black guard also jumped towards him.


The light emitted by Lin Feng’s sword was dazzling.

The black guard’s hand moved. Immediately after, Lin Feng felt that a rapid river was rushing towards him. His sword was swaying in the midst of a raging storm of attacks. There was a noise like a wave crashing down on the atmosphere.

When the energy they were releasing collided, Lin Feng was immediately blown backwards. He only saw that that black guard had immediately landed back on his horse. He then looked at Lin Feng with a cold glare and then the eight black guards urged their horses forward and left with the princess.

“How strong. These black guards are extremely strong.” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. Even though there were only eight of the black guards, they were much stronger than all the people that Lin Feng had killed previously.

Lin Feng rushed forward while brandishing his sword and immediately after, a soldier fell down from his horse. Lin Feng immediately jumped on the horse and galloped towards these eight black guards at full speed.

Duan Xin Ye had to be saved even if it cost him his life.

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