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PMG Chapter 2110: A Silhouette Stepping Onto the Battle Stage

PMG Chapter 2110: A Silhouette Stepping Onto the Battle Stage
“You’re a damn piece of shit! I’ll crush you, asshole! We’ll see if you continue acting arrogantly in front of me everyday like you’ve been doing!”
His voice resonated everywhere in the surroundings. The crowd was astonished and shaking, especially the members of the Yu Clan. Their hearts were pounding violently. They were all staring at Tantai.
At that moment, Tantai was furious and his strength kept exploding around him. A lion appeared around his fist. The first genius of the Yu Clan, who also practiced cultivation in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, had been smashed away and was bleeding. The worst thing was that the Yu Clan had never taken Tantai seriously before. Su Mu and Yu Lin had made fun of him numerous times!
The Yu Clan’s members’ hearts kept pounding. Su Mu and Yu Lin felt humiliated. They had humiliated Tantai a few times, and he had put down Yu Lin in one punch. Just before, Yu Lin had said he wanted to kill Tantai!?
Yu Xin’s eyes were wide. She had thought that Tantai was strong, but she had never thought he could be that strong. One punch and he had crushed Yu Lin!
Yu Xin thought of Yu Kun, Yu Ye, and the others. They had never thought that Lin Feng’s friend could be so strong, that such an amazingly strong cultivator could have been staying in their clan. They had just been cold to him. Yu Xin was astonished.
At that moment, Yu Lin released a terrifying Qi towards Tantai.
“A little dog needs a good lesson to submit!” Tantai was aggressive. The clash of their power erupted in the air. He jumped forwards, as lofty as a tower. The crowd had the impression they were looking at a lion king, wild and mighty. He shouted furiously but nobody heard him, his shout just resonated in Yu Lin’s skull. It almost made his soul and body explode!
The strength of a lion oppressed him. Yu Lin already had the impression he was going to be crushed even though Tantai was still running towards him!
Yu Lin was the strongest emperor of the Yu Clan. He was really terrifyingly strong. But when facing someone who had such a strength as explosive as Tantai, he felt weak. Yu Lin was smashed away again, the sounds of bones shattering accompanying him. He had the sensation his arms had been crushed, his right arm was hanging lose. His face was white as a sheet.
That time, Tantai didn’t say anything, he just acted and proved he was strong!
Yu Lin was a proud man. Since he also practiced cultivation in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he was considered a strong cultivator in the Yu Clan. Amazingly, someone could oppress and humiliate him like this…
“Pfew…” The members of the Yu Clan were astonished. The first genius of the Yu Clan was being crushed by Tantai!
Tantai was a guest of the Yu Clan, they had all thought he wasn’t strong, and he was Lin Feng’s fellow disciple…
“Wait, wait, there’s something wrong!” At that moment, Yu Kun, Yu Ye and the other members of the Yu Clan realized something. They slowly turned around and looked at another young man.
Lin Feng had brought Tantai to the Yu Clan. Tantai kept listening to Lin Feng’s orders. Tantai was extremely strong, so what about Lin Feng?
When they realized that, the members of the Yu Clan were astonished, especially Yu Ye who had met Lin Feng first. Her beautiful eyes glittered. Lin Feng, the Yu Clan had ignored Lin Feng, but how strong was he?
If Lin Feng was as strong as Tantai, then he could already be considered a genius…
Tantai was furious, he kept swearing furiously, “A bunch of morons. Stupid Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry! You lost so you lost, why did that shameless bastard have to come?! A bunch of shit! Yu Lin, Su Mu, and the others, you are a bunch of shit!”
Then, Tantai looked at Ye Que and said icily, “You guys lost the third battle, you want to fight the fourth battle?”
Ye Que frowned. Even though Tantai was strong and had defeated Yu Lin, he wasn’t strong enough to fight against Ye Que.
The crowd was astonished. So initially the Yu Clan also had some members of Tiantai, Mu Chen’s disciples?
The Yu Clan understood something. Tantai and Lin Feng were also Mu Chen’s disciples. They had invited Hou Qing Lin and the others to come to the Yu Clan, but they had ignored Lin Feng and Tantai, so they hadn’t come.
Jing Xiao Yue wasn’t too surprised. She looked at Tantai and Lin Feng. Lin Feng had talked to her before. After what had happened, she had guessed that Lin Feng was also one of Mu Chen’s disciples. She was relieved. Those people were all geniuses. Even if he died, at least he had left a great legacy behind. His disciples were all so outstanding, they could make the whole town tremble.
“I told you, the last two battles, two at the same time! You can come if you want, I will show you the power of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry!” said Ye Que as his cold Qi filled the air. If he didn’t get involved and Tiantai sent someone like Jing Shou again, a fifth battle would be useless. Therefore, he wanted to change the rules and fight against two cultivators at the same time!
The rules could be adapted to different people sometimes. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could choose the rules here, not Qing Shan City.
“This battle isn’t important to us,” said Hou Qing Lin at that moment. When the crowd heard him, they looked over. Hou Qing Lin wanted to give up?
“This battle should have ended three days ago. We gave the Jing Clan an opportunity to release our teacher. Initially, I wanted to exchange a deployment mine for my teacher. But the Jing Clan doesn’t care about rules. I was wrong. I think the Jing Clan lost today, and they proved it,” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. He continued slowly, “Today, we could have distinctly differentiated the winners and the losers, but the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry are like the Jing Clan, a bunch of despicable and shameless people who never admit their defeats. You’re proud and arrogant, you don’t care about rules. You think you’re just too amazing.
“I’d like to ask you, if you lost, would you do like the Jing Clan? You wouldn’t have handed over the deployment mine, right?”
When the crowd heard Hou Qing Lin, they had the same thought. What if Ye Que had lost? Would the Jing Clan have handed over the deployment mine?
Nobody could be sure. Since the Jing Clan had gone against their word already and invited some geniuses from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, if they lost, maybe they would find another excuse. Would the Yu Clan force the Jing Clan to give them their deployment mine?
But could Ye Que lose?
Nobody thought so. Ye Que certainly didn’t think so. The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry didn’t think so. The Yu Clan and the Jing Clan both didn’t think so.
Ye Que was an emperor who had no enemy at the same level.
“Even if you won some battles, you are not eligible to stand before Brother Ye Que,” sneered a young man standing behind Ye Que on the beast.
“Ridiculous. You are stupid. You can’t defeat Ye Que. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard this year!” said another one slowly. Ye Que was an emperor who had no enemy at the same level!
“Before the battle, you thought nobody was going to lose these battles, and when you did lose a few ones you violated the rules!” said Ruo Xie calmly.
“We humiliated you. And now nobody dares admit they’ve lost. Ridiculous!” said someone else.
The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and Tiantai were verbally jabbing one another. The Clans just watched.
A strong wind started blowing. The atmosphere became oppressive.
“Just reply, will you fight or not?” said Ye Que calmly.
“Of course we’ll fight. One on one!” replied Hou Qing Lin. Tiantai’s people looked at him nervously. Why was he so self-confident?
Tantai headed towards the battle stage. The crowd was stupefied… Tantai?!
However, Tantai stopped. If he didn’t fight, who would?
At that moment, the one they had ignored slowly walked out of the group of people from the Yu Clan and headed towards Tiantai’s people.
“Eh?” Yu Ye frowned and stared at that silhouette. She was shocked.
The Yu Clan’s people were stunned as they watched him.
Yu Ye was staring at him.
Tiantai’s people watched him too. He was walking slowly. Everybody was staring at him as he walked ahead slowly that person everybody had ignored.
“It’s him.” Jing Xiao Yue was stupefied. Ye Que’s people were also staring at him.
“Lin Feng.” Yu Xin’s heartbeat accelerated. Lin Feng walked up onto the battle stage. Tiantai’s people watched him. Yu Xin remembered what Tantai had told her: You will understand what kind of person he is.
Yu Ye looked at Lin Feng. Yu Lin and Su Mu just stared. That calm and composed young man, it was the first time that they were going to see him fight. For some reason, he made their hearts beat faster.
Finally, Lin Feng stood on the battle stage, facing Ye Que. However, Lin Feng didn’t even look at Ye Que, he looked at the people who were behind Ye Que and said calmly, “You will see that the joke isn’t very funny.”

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    decent build of chapter, much better than filler waiting and bickering since the show will start next chapter

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    All I can say is, the hype is real in this chapter, I’ve been waiting for this moment, for Lin Feng to show the Yu clan who they disrespected

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