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PMG Chapter 2111: Is That Joke Funny?

PMG Chapter 2111: Is That Joke Funny?
The cultivator who was facing Ye Que wasn’t tall. He didn’t release terrifying waves of energies. He looked quite calm and poised. Behind him, Tiantai’s people looked totally confident as well. They didn’t say anything. It was as if everything was as it should be.
Is he the strongest cultivator of Tiantai?, thought Yu Ye. Her lips moved but she remained speechless. She just looked calmly at that young man. He had never shown them how strong he was. He had always remained calm, even when the Yu Clan despised him… because he didn’t actually care. His main target was the Jing Clan, and more precisely, Mu Chen!
When Yu Kun saw that, he understood something. When he saw how Tiantai’s people reacted, he understood immediately that Lin Feng was one of Tiantai’s strongest cultivators.
However, could he compete with Ye Que?
Yu Lin frowned. He looked like a sly and vicious snake. Tantai had humiliated him. His cheeks still burned as if he had been slapped in the face. From now on, people in Qing Shan City would make fun of him… but Tantai was stronger than him, it was a fact!
The members of the Jing Clan all watched Lin Feng. The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were also staring at Lin Feng. He looked very sure of himself. Maybe he was like Ye Que and thought he couldn’t lose? To the cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he was just ridiculous. How could he possibly compete with Ye Que?
Ye Que looked imposing and awe-inspiring. He looked at Lin Feng aloofly and arrogantly. He smiled disdainfully and said, “At the same cultivation level, very few people dare face me and look that self-confident. When they do, I usually crush their self-confidence.”
Lin Feng just looked at Ye Que calmly. He said, “Just like my second fellow disciple said, we don’t care about winning or losing. However, you want to prove how strong you are, what if you lose?”
When Ye Que heard Lin Feng, he was stunned. Then, he smiled mockingly and said, “You’re still so self-confident!”
He jumped forwards and explosions sounded. Lin Feng had the sensation his muscles were going to explode.
“Smashing Dao?” Lin Feng was startled.
Ye Que moved forwards and released his strength at the same time, it was getting more and more explosive. Ye Que’s Qi was increasing rapidly. Lin Feng’s soul also started shaking.
“Consciousness Smashing!” shouted Ye Que icily. He released an endless amount of Smashing Dao and oppressed Lin Feng’s soul. Lin Feng could feel that his soul was meant to explode.
However, he remained calm and steady. It was very difficult to crush Lin Feng’s soul. At that moment, his Qi increased and sword intent began to vibrate furiously. The sword energies converged on him, he raised his hand and absorbed them, and then used those sword energies to destroy the Smashing Dao strength.
A light flashed. With Lin Feng’s sword attack, it felt like time and space had stopped.
Sword lights moved towards Ye Que. Ye Que released explosive intent. His Qi kept pulsing and increasing.
“Smashing Weapon!” Ye Que raised his finger and his intent fused together with his Dao power. Two light beams appeared and the air seemed to shatter before them. Everything turned to dust.
“How strong!” someone blurted out. The atmosphere had become quite oppressive, and they all felt under pressure.
Lin Feng’s sword lights were halted. However, Ye Que’s intent and the lights which emerged from his fingers also stopped. Both cultivators were extremely strong!
Ye Que was strong. Lin Feng was strong.
That calm guy who had spent some days in the Yu Clan was extremely strong. His sword attacks could easily kill cultivators at the top of the Huang Qi layer.
And it was just the beginning. It was as if millions of swords had been humming. Sword Holy Spirits appeared around Lin Feng. Lin Feng moved forwards and his swords cut everything before him. People had the impression they were looking at a mirage. Ye Que’s Qi was still increasing, and he was also moving forwards. The ground kept shaking. He attacked the sword energies in front of him, as if he could destroy anything on his path.
The two cultivators were getting closer and closer to one another. Lin Feng’s sword energies were moving faster and faster. Swords descended from the sky, shining and cutting through everything.
Ye Que was also in a rush, he kept punching out hard enough to make the heaven and earth tremble. The dazzling sword energies couldn’t reach him. This cultivator from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry who had no enemy at the same level was really strong, without a doubt!
“If you can only do that, then you’re far from being able to compete with me,” declared Ye Que calmly. He was getting closer to Lin Feng and releasing Smashing Dao intent.
He moved and deadly lights moved with him. Deployment energy filled the air. A terrifying strength fused together with his attack as his energies surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he could die anytime if he was careless.
He’s a cultivator who has no enemy at the same level, people who will participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds are really strong, thought Lin Feng. He raised his fist and punched out. With his other hand, he released ancient imprints. Words appeared in the sky.
The words of his incantation appeared in the sky and floated around. They surrounded Lin Feng and resonated along with the earth and sky. Millions of sword threads condensed around Lin Feng, and his desolate cosmic energies condensed, too. Lin Feng transformed into a sword king. His cosmic energies were extremely powerful. His aura wanted his opponent to submit before the will of a sword god!

“What a terrifying Qi. And this is the nine syllable incantation.” the crowd frowned.
Ye Que sensed that Lin Feng’s Qi was powerful, but he just smiled icily and sneered, “You know some good spells, but that’s still not enough!”
Then, Ye Que did some hand seals, his intent continued rising to the skies.
“Destruction of the earth and sky, the ten thousand things of creation can be destroyed, weapons and consciousness can not resist. Everything must be smashed!” shouted Ye Que loudly. He condensed the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. It looked similar to some attacks Lin Feng knew, as he could also condense the strength of the ten thousand things of creation.
Smashing Dao and a terrifying Qi made the whole crowd shiver, and their hearts started pounding. These two cultivators were terrifyingly strong. They could easily destroy some common great emperors!
Ye Que moved again, deployment lights condensed around him and turned into smashing strength. His strength kept increasing.
“Ye Que is terrifying. His attacks are terrifying, but so are his deployment spells.”
“You’re not the only one who knows deployment spells,” said Lin Feng calmly. He stretched his hands out and moved them a few times. Celestial stages appeared and turned into flights of stairs.
Lin Feng’s celestial stage deployment spell condensed. It looked quite imposing!
“Great Celestial Smashing Hand, die!” shouted Ye Que explosively. Strength surged out and destroyed everything in its path.
At the same time, Lin Feng also condensed the strength of the ten thousand things of creation and the earth and sky. It turned into a sky-destroying sword. His nine-syllable incantation also became more powerful. A gigantic sword streaked across the sky and moved across the celestial stage deployment spell. His strength resonated at the same pace as the earth and sky. Around Lin Feng, millions of sword shadows appeared.
People’s hearts were pounding furiously, staring at the oncoming collision.
Brilliant lights appeared around the two fighters. Only one of them could win!..
The lights faded away, and the winner appeared.
Lin Feng was standing in the middle of the destructive Qi, unharmed!
Ye Que was smashed off the battle stage, on his knees and kept coughing up blood. He raised his head and stared at Lin Feng, unable to believe what had just happened. He couldn’t accept his defeat.
“Deployment spells, your deployment spells are extremely powerful!” muttered Ye Que. If Lin Feng hadn’t used deployment spells, he wouldn’t have won. However, Lin Feng’s deployment spells were terrifyingly powerful, and now Ye Que had suffered a crushing defeat!
“The deployment spells of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry are just so-so,” Lin Feng said calmly. The air was eerily silent. The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, the Jing Clan, and the Yu Clan all remained silent.
Ye Que had lost!
Ye Que had unexpectedly lost.
Ye Que was an emperor who had no enemy at the same level, and he had lost!
Lin Feng walked up to Ye Que and looked down at him. The silhouettes of the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry flickered, charging towards Lin Feng!
He glanced at them with his pitch-black pupils, cursing and death strength emerged from his eyes and intercepted them. At the same time, he punched out in their direction.
The geniuses of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry couldn’t compete with him!
“Did you think that joke was funny?” said Lin Feng to those people indifferently. He sounded like a demon. Nobody said anything!

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