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PMG Chapter 2113: Rescue

PMG Chapter 2113: Rescue
Cruel, explosive, emotionless, cold!
The crowd was astonished and staring at the scene on the battle stage. Their faces kept twitching. It was yet another time they had been astonished today…
“Who is that?”
Everyone was staring at that cruelly brutal and violent person. They sensed no Qi emerging from his body, but his strength was astonishing. He had ripped a Celestial Emperor’s body apart with his bare hands. The Celestial Emperor had attacked him, but nothing had worked!
Everybody was wondering what that person’s cultivation level was!
He didn’t seem to have a cultivation level, he was just a body. However, even Qin Shan was astonished when he saw this. The Doomsday Auction House had many incredibly strong cultivators, but that body was useless to them. They knew it could be a Saint’s body, but even knowing that, they decided to sell it.
It was perfect for Lin Feng. He had obtained it, and could use and control it. He had studied hard to control it properly. Lin Feng knew that even if he could not use the Saint’s spells, at least he could use his physical strength. A Saint Emperor couldn’t destroy that body, only Saints could!
Physical strength was essential, that’s why it was part of the tests on the Holy Way Stage!
The members of the Jing Clan all looked astonished. Even though they were one of the four most powerful clans of deployment spell casters in Qing Shan City, Celestial Emperors were considered as extremely strong cultivators in their clan. Losing a Celestial Emperor was a true tragedy for them!
What was that person’s cultivation level?
At that moment, the body raised his head and suddenly moved at the speed of light towards Ye Que.
“Back!” shouted the strong cultivators of the Jing Clan extremely loudly. A strong cultivator of the Jing Clan grabbed Ye Que and withdrew as quickly as he could. At the same time, a few people advanced, and gigantic walls appeared to block the man.
There was an explosion as the man destroyed the wall and didn’t stop, he punching out with both hands. The air thundered, two great emperors were struck and blew apart.
The empty man continued moving incredibly fast. He looked like a god, his body indestructible. The crowd felt pressured, as if mountains were falling onto them. No cultivator of the Jing Clan can stop him? Including Celestial Emperors? Who would dare try?
“Who is so insolent?” someone proclaimed at that moment. An overwhelming oppressive energy filled the air as another strong cultivator appeared.
“Master!” The members of the Jing Clan were delighted. The strong cultivator descended from the sky, condensing strength and attacking that empty man. The empty man was finally shaken and driven backwards.
“Finally, someone managed to make him move!” The strong cultivators of the Jing Clan were still in shock and staring at the empty man. However, when the man raised his head, he was safe and sound, totally uninjured. And there was still no Qi around him!
“What the hell is that thing?” The elder of the Jing Clan was astonished. The empty man had no Qi and the elder’s attacks were useless against him!
The elder of the Jing Clan condensed strength, stretched out his hands, and the atmosphere completely changed as a globe of energy appeared. He bombarded the empty man, metallic sounds spreading and piercing through people’s eardrums.
However, the crowd saw that the empty man didn’t fear that attack, he also punched out in the elder’s direction.
Lin Feng wanted to try using the Saint’s body. Even Qin Shan was astonished when he saw this; that body was really impressive!
The terrifying attack of the elder drove the empty man into the ground, a crater appearing around him. The crowd drew a deep breath, staring at the two fighters. After a short time, the body came out of the crater, still moving like the wind. The crowd couldn’t believe it. What was that? Or who was that? An immortal body?
The Saint Emperor’s attacks drove him into the ground, but didn’t destroy him!
The crowd was staring at him. The Saint Emperor frowned and murmured, “Who are you?”
His godly awareness reached out for the empty man. The empty man immediately punched out, the air distorted and the godly awareness lights broke apart.
“Old buddy, what’s going on?” asked someone in the distance, as more Qi pulsed out. An old woman arrived at full speed.
“That guy is so strange! I can’t destroy him! He doesn’t die!” said the Saint Emperor icily. The old woman who had arrived looked at the Saint’s body. She focused on him and started attacking. There was a rumble as the empty man crashed into the ground again.
However, after a short time, he simply came out of the crater again!
“So strange. Is it a puppet?” wondered the old woman.
“How could a puppet be so strong? I could destroy a puppet in two strikes, at most!” said the old man indifferently. The old woman nodded. She looked at the empty man, she had doubts.
After a short time, she gazed into the distance and looked at the members of Tiantai, and Lin Feng.
“Old man, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry lost?”
“I think so,” the old man nodded. The two old people frowned and stared at Lin Feng icily.
“The Jing Clan wants to continue playing?” Lin Feng asked those two people calmly.
“You’re quite arrogant, little boy!” said the old woman icily, “You dare despise old people?”
“He’s talented so being arrogant is normal,” said the elder.
“But that kind of people should die.” The two old people were chatting, and the crowd sighed. The Jing Clan didn’t intend to give up their deployment mine. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had gotten involved, so the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan didn’t dare steal the Jing Clan’s deployment mine either!
“You’re more and more shameless as you get old. You lost, you’re so angry that you vent out your anger on young people?” said someone icily in the distance. The Saint Emperors of the Wen Clan and the Feng Clan arrived and landed next to Lin Feng and the others. Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and the others had already told the Wen Clan and the Feng Clan to get ready just in case.
Tiantai’s disciples were extremely strong, so the two clans had decided to help a little too.
“What? You want to take the Jing Clan’s deployment mine?” demanded the two Saint Emperors of the Jing Clan.
“Of course. You wanted to steal ours too!” retorted the Saint Emperor of the Feng Clan icily.
“Mind your own business!” said the elder of the Jing Clan icily.
“The Jing Clan violates rules, the Yu Clan doesn’t care?” said the members of the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan, looking at the members of the Yu Clan. The members of the Yu Clan frowned, it wasn’t as easy.
At the same time as those people were talking, someone wearing a black robe arrived at the black tower. That person looked graceful, dainty, and delicate. She had a beautiful face, but she looked quite angry.
“Who?” Two silhouettes at the top of the black tower jumped out, but the woman suddenly moved. A second later, she grabbed those two people’s throats and their faces turned deathly pale in fear.
“Master!” said the two guards, begging for their lives.
“Open the black tower!” said Tang You You icily. Those two people grimaced. More people arrived. Among them was a Celestial Emperor. The Jing Clan kept their prisoners in that tower, so the guards had to be strong. Nobody could release them easily…
Tang You You suddenly threw those people away and released her Qi. Three thousand shadows appeared and moved in all directions while releasing strength.
In only a short time, the Celestial Emperor attacked by Tang You You was injured. Tang You You had his life in her hands. He had to open the deployment spell of the black tower!
“Release everyone who’s inside!” said Tang You You, glancing at those people. They all frowned at the three thousand silhouettes around them. Their faces went deathly pale. They didn’t dare go against her orders, they could only release the prisoners.
“Haha, who came to save me,” said someone happily at that moment. Many people came out of the black tower. In the tower, the Jing Clan kept people who they couldn’t just kill.
Mu Chen was injured, when he came out and saw Tang You You’s beautiful face, he was stunned. Naturally he recognized her!

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  1. Rocha September 15, 2018 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    “Mu Chen was injured, when he came out and saw Tang You You’s beautiful face, he was stunned. Naturally he recognized her!”
    From where? he did not know her. I’m lost on this;

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      Remember the girl watcher protecting Lin Feng back in the small world? That girl was Tang You You.

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