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PMG Chapter 2114: Oppressing

PMG Chapter 2114: Oppressing
Tang You You was delighted to see Mu Chen. She knew that Lin Feng cared about Mu Chen a lot, and Mu Chen had been gravely tortured in the black tower.
She was furious at his condition. She looked at the people who came out of the black tower.
“Thank you very much for saving us, Master.” said those people. Many of them were extremely strong, but they couldn’t break the Jing Clan’s deployment spells. When they came out and sensed Tang You You’s Qi, they were very grateful.
“Today, the two ancestors of the Jing Clan are out. If you want to get your revenge, you have to move fast!” said Tang You You icily. People’s eyes twinkled. Of course they wanted their revenge!
“Destroy the Jing Clan!”
The prisoners released Qi, they knew they had to act fast, they didn’t waste time talking and entered the Jing Clan’s territory!
Tang You You’s silhouette flickered, moving to grab Mu Chen.
“Teacher, what is the state of your injuries?” Tang You You asked Mu Chen. She looked worried.
“I’m not too badly injured. However, I am astonished by how strong you are, and you still call me teacher? I remember when you became Lin Feng’s Watcher, back then you didn’t even call me teacher!” replied Mu Chen, smiling gently. He would have never thought such a thing would happen, he was stunned. It was just too unbelievable. Back in the days, Tang You You had been a Watcher, she was a half-disciple to Mu Chen, but now she had become way too strong!
“It’s different today, Teacher,” said Tang You You smiling as she grasped Mu Chen’s arm.
Mu Chen was stunned and said, “Why, are you and Lin Feng that little boy…?”
“Yes!” said Tang You You, smiling shyly. She said, “Teacher, I became so strong because an extremely strong cultivator sacrificed his life for me. I didn’t become strong relying solely on myself. It’s impossible to progress so fast. I came to save you because Lin Feng asked me to.”
“Lin Feng is here, too?” Mu Chen frowned.
“Yes, we’re all here. Many of Tiantai’s disciples are here! They are preventing the Jing Clan’s strong cultivators from coming here, they even managed to lure the Saint Emperors of the Jing Clan to them. When those two arrived, the others informed me I could act and break the black tower. But the members of the Jing Clan are now getting attacked, they will quickly notice this,” Tang You You smiled significantly.
Mu Chen remained silent and overwhelmed for a long time. He finally smiled and said, “I’m proud of my disciples! You’re also like my disciple!”
Just like Tang You You said, when the Jing Clan’s black tower was destroyed, some people of the Jing Clan quickly learned about it. The two Saint Emperors pulled long faces when the news was sent to them.
“I wouldn’t have thought you’d resort to sly methods and attack our Jing Clan by surprise!” said the elder, staring at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.
“You’re so shameless, I admire you. If the Jing Clan hadn’t been sly and shameless, I wouldn’t have needed to do that!” retorted Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng had used the Saint’s body, and the Saint Emperors of the Wen Clan and the Feng Clan had arrived as well. The two Saint Emperors of the Jing Clan had to retreat and bring their people back with them. Otherwise, these insane young people would kill them all!
“I’m off. You stay here!” said the old woman icily. Someone had just informed her that the Jing Clan was under attack, that their prisoners wanted to get their revenge. She had to return. The strong cultivators of the Jing Clan knew that there were some terrifying cultivators in the black tower who had been imprisoned many years before.
The members of the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan were startled. They wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would be so smart. He had decided to take drastic measures to deal with the emergency, and had so many trump cards. When the crowd saw how the two Saint Emperors of the Jing Clan reacted, the crowd realized how resourceful Tiantai’s people really were.
They knew Lin Feng was extremely talented. These young people were all geniuses…
“You will pay the price for your actions,” said the elder of the Jing Clan icily. He couldn’t attack him there though, it was too risky.
“Pay the price?” Lin Feng smiled in a strange way, “It seems that you still don’t understand what will happen.”
The elder of the Jing Clan frowned. Could Lin Feng do anything else to them?
“Masters, you want the deployment mines?” asked Lin Feng.
“Of course!” said the two masters. The Jing Clan wanted to steal theirs, why wouldn’t they take the Jing Clan’s deployment mine then? However, they were still a bit worried. Unless they became one clan, could they resist the Jing Clan? If the Yu Clan didn’t get involved, the Jing Clan wouldn’t let them off!
“Yu Clan, do you want it?” asked Lin Feng the members of the Yu Clan directly.
The members of the Yu Clan remained silent for a few seconds, and someone finally said, “The Yu Clan is not getting involved.”
“Alright, then don’t get involved. You won’t get your share of the Jing Clan’s deployment mine,” said Lin Feng calmly, “Brothers of Tiantai, protect me and summon our teacher.”
“What?” The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng wanted to summon his teacher back? Did have an incredibly strong teacher?
“Alright!” said Hou Qing Lin and the others. They understood what Lin Feng meant. Lights twinkled around Lin Feng as he disappeared.
“Is that how he summons his teacher?” The crowd was stupefied. The elder of the Jing Clan frowned too. What was Lin Feng doing?
Everybody looked around calmly. The crowd didn’t realize how quickly Lin Feng had become the center of attention. An eerie silence came over everything.
Then they heard a sound, like a great bell had been rung, which made their hearts pound.
It sounded again, and a terrifying Qi emerged and filled the air.
“It comes from under the ground?” The crowd was astonished and looked at the ground. Something was moving down there, an earthquake? Everybody started shaking along with the ground.
“He’s purposely making a mystery of a simple thing,” said the Saint Emperor of the Jing Clan icily. He moved and released a terrifying power. Millions of marks and fissures appeared on the ground. However, at that moment, the earth cracked and gave way as two hands slowly appeared under the Saint Emperor’s feet.
The hearts of the crowd pounded even faster. Such gigantic hands-!
The ground cracked fully open, and a man slowly came out of the ground. He was tall and sturdy, a true giant. The Saint Emperor of the Jing Clan was shocked, looking like an insect in front of him. The giant could bury him underfoot…
His Qi wasn’t terrifying, but the Saint Emperor of the Jing Clan had never sensed this Saint’s strength.
Saint, this was the power of a Saint!
The giant opened his eyes, they were dazzling as he stared at the elder of the Jing Clan.
“You’re the one who bullies my disciple?” said the voice, every word like thunder. The Saint Emperor stepped back, his face deathly pale as he stared at the giant.
“Impossible, you’re not a Saint! No Saint has come here! You’re just a thread of a consciousness!” exclaimed the elder of the Jing Clan, icily releasing a terrifying strength. He was getting ready to attack!
“Indeed. I gave two puppets to my disciple. The body he used just before is one, and this one is one, too! I also transmitted a thread of soul strength to him. He can summon me anytime. You want to try and see how strong I am?” said the giant, calmly slowly walking forwards. The emperor couldn’t help but retreat!
However, at that moment, the empty man also arrived, and the Saint Emperor pulled a long face. If the old woman had been there, she could have helped him, but now he was alone!
“Lin Feng!” someone shouted at the same time in the distance. Tang You You and Mu Chen arrived, and saw Tiantai’s disciples and the giant. They understood what was going on. Tiantai’s disciples were excited when they saw Mu Chen.
“Brother!” Hou Qing Lin looked extremely happy when he saw Mu Chen. He almost had tears in his eyes.
Mu Chen kept nodding at him, “Alright, little boy, you’re a big boy now.”
“Brother, Emperor Yu found us. When he sensed you were injured, he didn’t want us to come, so we came without telling him,” said Hou Qing Lin.
Mu Chen was gratified at the news. His old friend was safe and his disciples were strong, they even had an imposing appearance. He hadn’t wasted his time raising them! They were all outstanding. They were talented, but also loving and caring.
When the elder of the Jing Clan sensed Tang You You’s Qi, his paling face twisted yet further. If he had only been facing the giant, he would have tried to see how strong he really was, However, there were so many strong cultivators, he couldn’t take the risk.
The giant didn’t attack either. At that moment, Lin Feng was controlling two bodies. He had wasted too much energy with Qin Shan’s body the previous time, he couldn’t do it again. He just wanted to scare the Saint Emperor to death. Lin Feng still hoped he would be able to find a godly medicine to help Qin Shan recover someday. That way, he would have someone to protect him all the time. He wouldn’t need to pretend to scare his opponents!
But now he had no choice, and it was still enough to scare the Jing Clan. At the very least, the Saint Emperor of the Jing Clan was scared!

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