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PMG Chapter 2115: Jing Clan’s Weakening

PMG Chapter 2115: Jing Clan’s Weakening
Mu Chen looked at the giant and that terrifying Qi which made him shiver. How strong! He was truly astonished. Who had brought such a strong cultivator come to confront the Jing Clan?
Mu Chen didn’t think the other clans had helped him, they were all strangers to him.
“Mu Chen!” Jing Xiao Yue called out softly when she saw Mu Chen. Her heart twitched. She started crying and said, “I’m sorry!”
Mu Chen looked at her and smiled, “Xiao Yue, it has nothing to do with you.”
“I didn’t know the Jing Clan had imprisoned you in the black tower!” said Jing Xiao Yue. She was extremely sad. Her clan had deceived her!
“Yes, I know,” Mu Chen nodded, smiling softly.
At that moment, the giant took another step towards the elder of the Jing Clan. “I want some people, if anyone dares stop me, I’ll kill them.”
The empty man also walked forwards. Tang You You joined them: three terrifying cultivators! The elder of the Jing Clan felt the pressure, his face stiffened. He said icily, “Whom do you want?”
“If you ask anything again, it won’t be as simple as wanting a few people. You deceived my disciple, we’ll definitely settle accounts!” said the giant, releasing an overwhelming oppressive energy. His energies were as dauntless as the sky. The other Saint and Tang You You walked towards Ye Que.
“You can’t touch him!” shouted the Jing Clan’s strong cultivator extremely loudly.
“Don’t worry, we won’t kill him. We’ll just teach the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry a good lesson,” replied the giant icily. The empty man and Tang You You pushed the people who were protecting Ye Que away, then grabbed Ye Que.
It wasn’t over with just that. Tang You You took Ye Que back and the other Saint walked over to the two remaining cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. The beast they were riding roared defiantly, trying to protect them. However, the empty man punched it and simply blew it apart with a single blow.
Nobody dared stop him anymore. He grabbed the two other strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, one in each hand. They couldn’t even struggle with him.
“What’s this supposed to mean?” asked the elder of the Jing Clan, his face truly unsightly now. The Jing Clan had invited five geniuses of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to come and fight. Two had been killed, three had been captured! If Jing Yan’s teacher came to know that, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry would be furious at the Jing Clan, especially since among those five people was Ye Que!
The giant glanced at the elder of the Jing Clan icily, but remained silent. Tang You You spoke to Jing Xiao Yue directly, “Master, leave the Jing Clan and follow our teacher.”
Jing Xiao Yue was stupefied. This was, without a doubt, the best time to leave the Jing Clan. Nobody would dare stop her!
“Master!” said Hou Qing Lin and the others greeted Jing Xiao Yue.
Jing Xiao Yue shivered. She saw all those people smiling and finally smiled back, the release of her cares beautiful to behold.  She looked at Mu Chen and said, “My man, your disciples are amazing!” as she walked over to him.
The members of the Jing Clan were furious. This battle had turned into a tragedy. They had lost face and people, and it wasn’t even over!
The giant turned around. The other Saint was looking at the strong cultivators of the Jing Clan and he said, “Some things must be sorted. Today, the Jing Clan lost. From today on, the Jing Clan’s deployment mine is no longer theirs. As the Yu Clan has refused their share of the profits, the Jing Clan’s deployment mine is now the Wen and the Feng clans’. They each get half of it. If the Jing Clan attacks them in the future, I’ll kill Ye Que and the two others.
“This thing with the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry has nothing to do with the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan. If the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry wants to get their revenge and attacks them, same thing, we’ll kill Ye Que and the two others.”
The members of the Jing Clan were furious. They had lost face, people, and now their deployment mine!
“Alright, it’s over for today. I’m sure the Jing Clan will keep their promises now. It’s enough for today,” said the giant dismissively.
His massive form receded into the ground. After a short time, Tiantai’s people surrounded Lin Feng, who had reappeared.
“Brother!” Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Mu Chen, smiling broadly.
“Little boy,” smiled Mu Chen. He was speechless. He didn’t need to talk much, anyway.
“It’s over now. Let’s go,” said Lin Feng.
They all headed out. After a short time, the members of the Wen Clan and the Feng Clan also left. Only the members of the Jing Clan were left, as well as some members of the Yu Clan.
Yu Xin watched those people heading off. She had seen Lin Feng and his friend every day on her clan’s territory, yet her clan wasn’t having a good time. Lin Feng and Tantai were very honest. They were similar to her.
“Yu Xin, take care!” said a voice in the distance. It was Tantai, he turned around, waved, and smiled at Yu Xin.
Yu Xin’s heart twitched, she suddenly felt so sad.
“Little girl, sometimes in life you have to take initiative,” said a voice to Yu Xin telepathically. Yu Xin turned around and met her father’s eyes.
She was startled, but replied the same way, “Thank you very much, father. I will definitely come back and see you.”
Yu Xin said, “I’m going for a walk!” and began to leave.
Yu Lin and the others frowned when they saw that. Yu Lin shouted, “Stop, where are you going?!”
“I’m going for a walk to relax!” replied Yu Xin, glancing carelessly back at Yu Lin.
“Come back!” said Yu Lin, frowning coldly. He knew that Yu Xin wanted to go with Lin Feng and Tantai.
“I can go wherever I want without your permission!” shot back Yu Xin.
Yu Lin looked at her icily and said, “If you dare leave, we’ll expel you from the Yu Clan!”
“That damn piece of shit dares act arrogantly again! You want me to teach you a lesson again?” shouted Tantai furiously in the distance when he heard Yu Lin. Yu Lin’s face stiffened up and he shut up.
“Big boy, I want to come with you, will you take me or not?” Yu Xin asked Tantai.
“Alright, come with us!” answered Tantai with a broad grin. He didn’t mind at all!
“Alright!” Yu Xin nodded. She turned around and looked at Yu Lin and the other members of the Yu Clan. She said, “I’m leaving the Yu Clan. If I die, it has nothing to do with the Yu Clan. I’ve made up my mind. See you!”
Then, she left with Tantai, Lin Feng and the others. The members of the Yu Clan were astonished.
Lin Feng and the others gradually disappeared in the distance.
Three days prior, the Jing Clan had thought they’d steal three deployment mines, and now their plans were completely ruined.
The Jing Clan had invited cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to protect their deployment mine and they had failed. The five geniuses of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had either been killed or captured.
Now the prisoners of the black tower had been released, and had slaughtered many of the members of the Jing Clan as they took their revenge. Many of the prisoners were also from powerful clans, so their clans would want to get their revenge, too!
The crowd all understood something; because of a few young people, the first clan of Qing Shan City was going to fall!
The next day, the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan made a formal alliance and invaded the Jing Clan’s deployment mine. The Jing Clan had no choice but to accept. They couldn’t let Ye Que die!
Three days later, many people arrived at Qing Shan City. They wanted to attack the Jing Clan, and some of them had good relations with the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan. They were getting ready to teach the Jing Clan a good lesson!

A Saint Emperor of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry landed on the Jing Clan’s territory. When he learned the result of the battle, he slapped Jing Yan so violently he flew far away. Jing Yan’s cultivation was crippled, and was now a good-for-nothing, he couldn’t practice cultivation anymore. In the Saint Emperor’s eyes, a hundred Jing Yans were worthless in comparison to a Ye Que. Ye Que was supposed to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but he had been captured; he wasn’t dead, but he was useless!
That Saint Emperor decided not to take a part of the deployment mine in Qing Shan City. He was in a rush, he wanted to find Ye Que, Ye Que was one of the geniuses of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He had disappeared, and it was a very big problem. They didn’t care about Qing Shan City. He arrived at the territory of the Feng and Wen Clans, wanting to find Lin Feng and the others, but they had already disappeared from Qing Shan City. They had Ye Que with them, so they obviously couldn’t stay in Qing Shan City.
Besides, the Wen Clan and the Feng Clan had nothing to do with that matter. The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had willingly come to Qing Shan City to fight, Jing Yan’s teacher also had to bear a part of the responsibility, so he was even more furious.
He was also furious that Ye Que had lost a battle. And most amazingly, that a Saint had appeared in such a trivial town as Qing Shan City!
The Jing Clan had fallen. The Wen Clan and the Feng Clan had joined hands and were starting to rise. They became extremely close. They knew that it was the only way for them to strive forwards!

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