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PMG Chapter 2117: Beautiful Women’s Bet

PMG Chapter 2117: Beautiful Women’s Bet
Lin Feng crossed the door and appeared in an empty space with intertwining marks. There was a deployment spell pattern in front of him.
“The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry is an interesting place. If you want to enter, you first need to activate the Celestial Deployment Plate, and then you need to break the nine hundred ninety-nine deployment spells. It is the only way to become a real member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry,” mused Lin Feng to himself. His prisoners had told him this. The Celestial Deployment Plate was to test deployment spell casters’ comprehension. If they didn’t have at least a basic ability to analyze deployment spells, they couldn’t enter.
After the Celestial Deployment Plate, there were nine hundred ninety-nine deployment spells on doors, and all cultivators had to use a deployment spell to break them. It was difficult, but it was also a good test for people who didn’t have an advanced knowledge of deployment spells, as they could at least practice on them!
Those were the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s requirements. If a cultivator couldn’t break the door, and if they failed to do it even after a long time, then it meant they were not skilled enough and could leave.
Of course, many people who joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were already strong deployment spell casters. Many people didn’t even need to make great efforts to break the door. Therefore, most people who joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were extremely talented!

There were deployment marks under Lin Feng’s feet. After a short time, the deployment marks turned into an authentic door which he opened.
Lin Feng crossed the second door. It was easy for him, and he progressed quickly.
After an hour, he had crossed six hundred deployment doors. He was extremely fast. He could destroy the spells in the blink of an eye.
However, the doors finally became quite complex. There were millions of marks before him. Lin Feng had the feeling he was in a maze.
“Even if I need some time to cross the doors, someone ordinary wouldn’t even have made it here,” Lin Feng reassured himself. He continued onwards, and after four hours, he had crossed eight hundred doors.
Inside the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, there was a gigantic peak, with nine hundred ninety-nine lights on it. More than eight hundred were twinkling right now, which meant someone had managed to break over eight hundred doors.
The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could all see that mountain and those stars. Many people were staring at it.
“It’s been a long time since someone has passed the test of the doors,” said someone at that moment. “I wonder whether anyone paid attention when the first light twinkled?”
“It’s been four hours, I noticed it the lights three hours after he started,” said some people in the Ministry.
“What? Four hours to cross over eight hundred doors? Yao Qing Shan, are you sure you saw that right?” asked someone who had doubts.
“Yes, four hours to cross over eight hundred doors. He could break the record.”
“I’m sure the first light hadn’t appeared five hours ago.”
“When I saw the first light, there were only nine lights or something, so initially I didn’t really care,” said someone else. Everybody was amazed. This cultivator was extremely strong. Those people couldn’t be lying, it proved this guy was really strong.
“Crossing over eight doors in four hours is incredible, he might finish the test in less than ten hours. Only five hundred people in the history of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry have managed to finish it in less than ten hours.”
“Haha, a new monstrously strong cultivator will join us!” said someone loudly. In the history of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, such things happened extremely rarely!
“Yes, he must be extremely strong. Even now I couldn’t finish it in less than ten hours,” admitted a strong cultivator. Many people nodded agreement with him. Sometimes, people who had just joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could be stronger than them!

“Eight hundred thirty lights. Less than ten hours!” said someone. Everybody looked at the peak and frowned. How fast!
“Interesting!” said a strong cultivator landing at the top of the peak. Only one person could stand at the top of the peak.
“It’s Qian Mo, he noticed!” someone reported, surprised.
“Gu Shan Qiu, how long do you think he will need?” Qian Mo asked someone who was also coming, more slowly than he had arrived.
“Around ten hours. He already knows deployment spells, that’s why it’s easy for him. But in the end it gets complicated.”
“Maybe he will need more than ten hours.”
“Maybe eight hours will be enough.”
Women’s voices rose, two more people had arrived.
“Yue Qing Sha and Xue Luo! that guy must be a terrifying deployment spell caster. Many people are watching him already,” murmured some of the watchers below. Those people were all strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.
“It took Ye Que ten hours to finish the test. He’s been the best performer in recent history. Before Ye Que, among the people who are still in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, only two managed to do it. If that guy wants to finish in less than ten hours, it won’t be easy for him!” said Xue Luo.
“Nothing is impossible. He could be a new talented cultivator. We’ll see!” Yue Qing Sha smiled. “I am convinced this guy will only need eight hours to finish it.”
“Haha, the two beautiful women are starting to fight!” said Qian Mo, smiling happily. Xue Luo and Yue Qing Sha were both beautiful women, and they liked to argue. They were both extremely strong, both in terms of cultivation and deployment spells, true geniuses of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.
“Mind your own business!” said Yue Qing Sha disdainfully.
“Let’s bet. What do you think? If you’re right and he finishes within eight hours, you win, otherwise I win,” said Xue Luo.
“Alright, but how can we know when he started?” replied Yue Qing Sha.
“Let’s say he started four hours ago. If you lose, you kiss Qian Mo!” said Xue Luo icily.
Qian Mo’s eyes twinkled at those words. The others were furious. She knew that Qian Mo was pursuing Yue Qing Sha, but she didn’t like him.
Yue Qing Sha’s eyes glittered. She looked at the gigantic peak. “If you lose, you kiss the one who comes out. No matter who he is.”
“Yue Qing Sha, it could be an old man, especially if he’s super talented.” People could join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry at any age!
“Accept and if he really manages to do it, then I’ll help you and kill him!” Qian Mo said to Xue Luo telepathically. Xue Luo’s eyes glittered and she burst into laughter. Qian Mo had a high position in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. If he killed a newcomer, nobody would say anything. He was too strong and too talented, but he was cruel too. No wonder Yue Qing Sha hated him!
“I agree!” said Xue Luo.
“Just wait then!” Everybody gazed into the distance, the bet the two beautiful women had made attracting more and more people. They were all staring at the gigantic peak. Eight hours was too complicated. Only a hundred people had managed to do that in the whole history of the Ministry!
Lin Feng didn’t know he had drawn so many people’s attention, as he didn’t know people could see when someone took the test. He just crossed doors, one after another calmly. He wasn’t even trying to go fast.
“What’s going on? He’s going so fast!” the crowd murmured. Nine hundred and thirty doors! Only six hours had passed and less than seventy doors were left. He was way too fast!
“Ten hours are way too much for him. Even eight hours are too much!” thought the crowd, looking at the two beautiful women.
Qian Mo was also staring at Yue Qing Sha. He would be so happy to kiss her!

More time passed. People surprisingly felt nervous. More and more lights were twinkling now.
“980 doors!” The crowd gulped. Less than six and a half hours had passed, but the last doors were a bit more difficult…
The two beautiful women were nervous and staring at the lights.
“We bet on a kiss, you better do your best!” said Yue Qing Sha indifferently. Xue Luo looked furious. She didn’t want him to succeed so quickly!
When Lin Feng crossed the nine hundred ninetieth door, people felt like their hearts were about to explode from excitement. This person was an extremely strong deployment spell caster, maybe even a Great Scholar.
“Last two doors. Almost eight hours. But if he hurries, it shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Soon, we’ll know who will win the bet.”
“Nine nine eight, the last door!” People’s hearts were pounding.
“Last minutes!” said Xue Luo indifferently. Yue Qing Sha nodded. No problem!
Their hearts pounded faster and faster. Who was going to win? Who was this extraordinary person?
“It twinkled!” proclaimed Xue Luo. Qian Mo was furious. Less than eight hours!
Yue Qing Sha smiled indifferently and said, “You lost.”

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