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PMG Chapter 2118: Power

PMG Chapter 2118: Power
Xue Luo knew she had lost, and looked furious. She looked at the gigantic peak as a door opened. Everybody was staring at the door.
Who was going to join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry? Who had passed the test with merit? Everybody wanted to see him. None of them could do what he had done.
To the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, their time was important, and eight hours was just an unbelievable time.
Finally, the door slowly opened itself, and someone appeared. He was wearing a white robe, and looked handsome and clean. Lin Feng didn’t try to hide his face too much. Even though the battle in Qing Shan City had drawn the attention of some people of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, even if he hadn’t disguised himself too much, the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry probably wouldn’t recognize him. They couldn’t have paid attention to someone else’s disciple.
However, when Lin Feng came out, he was stupefied to see that so many people were staring at him. He felt like an animal in a cage at the zoo. So many people-!?
Lin Feng found he was annoyed, why so many people?
“How handsome. You’re lucky!” Yue Qing Sha looked at Xue Luo and giggled. “You’re lucky, he’s such a handsome boy, kissing him will be a pleasure.”
“Ask him if he accepts first!” said Xue Luo icily.
Yue Qing Sha smiled and retorted, “Don’t go against your promise.”
“Who said I promised?” replied Xue Luo.
Qian Mo stepped forward, staring at Lin Feng and asked indifferently, “Miss Xue Luo wants to kiss you, do you want to accept or not?”
When Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. Had they bet on his result?
“What’s going on?” replied Lin Feng with equal indifference.
“It only took you less than eight hours to finish the nine hundred ninety-nine deployment doors test; in the history of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, few people have managed to do that. Therefore, Xue Luo and I bet on your result. Less than eight hours, Xue Luo had to kiss you, more than eight hours, I had to kiss someone I hate!” said Yue Qing Sha, smiling thinly.
Lin Feng looked amused and said to Yue Qing Sha, “I see. So you weren’t afraid of taking that risk?”
“I won, right?” Yue Qing Sha smiled. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. Those people were a bit whimsical…
“I asked you something!” Qian Mo said coldly to Lin Feng, releasing Qi to surround him. Lin Feng frowned. These people had bet on him, and he was almost lucky, a beautiful girl had to kiss him, but the best play was to refuse.
He walked forwards and didn’t look at Qian Mo. He hadn’t come to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to do stupid things.
However, now, it was difficult to escape from the situation. Qian Mo looked at him and smiled icily. He moved and a deadly strength moved towards Lin Feng.
“So you had agreed secretly. Xue Luo, you can’t even kiss someone, you’re disappointing!” said Yue Qing Sha when she saw that.
Lin Feng sensed a dark arm moving towards him, explosive and ice-cold lights appeared in his eyes. He suddenly turned around and punched out explosively, Qi turning into a vortex.
Lin Feng’s physical strength was terrifying. Even great emperors couldn’t compete with him in terms of physical strength. His punches could kill great emperors!
The terrifying punch moved towards Qian Mo’s attack and collided with it, crackling sounds spread in the air. Dark lights invaded Lin Feng’s arm, but he waved his arm and the corrosive strength instantly disappeared.
Qian Mo grunted with pain. He retreated quickly, but his bones felt extremely sore. His arm was now hanging limply.
“What powerful strength!” the crowd murmured when they saw that, staring at Lin Feng. This guy was an incredible deployment spell caster, but he was also extremely strong and young.
“Even though Qian Mo isn’t weak, that attack was terrifying. Surprisingly, that guy crushed his arm. How strong.”
“What was that?” Lin Feng said dismissively, as if he’d felt a raindrop. Everybody was stunned as he continued walking over to Xue Luo.
Xue Luo frowned and stared at Lin Feng.
“He chose to do that, or you asked him?” Lin Feng asked calmly.
When Xue Luo heard that, she felt a sudden pressure. This young man was extremely strong, she had seen his punch!
“I asked him. What do you want to do about it?” Xue Luo couldn’t handle the pressure. She was facing this powerful man, she had to bear the responsibility.
Lin Feng raised his hand. Xue Luo looked astonished and retreated quickly. However, Lin Feng followed her as fast as lightning. He tore apart the power in front of him.
Xue Luo raised her arms to stop him, but the nature of the explosive clash of their auras showed her defense was being overwhelmed. Her arm was crushed. People’s faces stiffened. This guy was crazy! He had just joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, was he going to destroy Qian Mo and Xue Luo?
Nothing could stop Lin Feng’s punches. He raised his other hand and slapped her face… without his full strength, and even then she was sent spinning away. Blood even spilled out of her mouth. Everybody remained silent.
This guy was crazy…
Xue Luo had been slapped by this guy! What a humiliation…
Yue Qing Sha was astonished, too. She hadn’t anticipated this guy would be so strong and aggressive.
Lin Feng stared at her and said icily, “You bet on me, you lost and tried to fight me? I would have never kissed you anyway. You’re cheap and dirty.”
Lin Feng slowly turned around and walked towards Yue Qing Sha, smiling at her. Yue Qing Sha was surprised, did he want to fight with her?!
The crowd was watching him closely.
Lin Feng smiled thinly and said, “Since you bet with her and she lied to you, you can come along.” He reached her and smiled. “Kissing a beauty is a pleasure.”
Yue Qing Sha was startled, but she smiled and said, “Since you don’t want to kiss Xue Luo, you won’t like my kiss, either.”
“Wrong, I like you,” said Lin Feng, giving her a knowing smile. Yue Qing Sha’s heart started pounding. If she refused, would he punch and slap her, too?
“Not only did that guy humiliate Xue Luo, but now he also wants to kiss Yue Qing Sha…” The crowd was speechless.
Yue Qing Sha looked at Lin Feng’s smile and giggled, “Since it’s that way, I’ll kiss you.”
Then, she walked forwards and put her lips on Lin Feng’s, they kissed in a gentle and soft way. It even looked passionate. Many of the men watching were stunned, envious, and jealous!
After kissing, Yue Qing Sha turned around and left, smiling as she said, “I’ll remember that kiss.”
Lin Feng watched her go calmly. There were eighty-one buildings in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, it was extremely vast.
Lin Feng walked away.
“That guy is strong, however, people won’t let him off here. He humiliated Qian Mo and Xue Luo,” some people muttered.
“And Yue Qing Sha, he forced her to kiss him! He offended many people already, he’s audacious!”
Many people expressed their opinions about Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t care. He was there already, he couldn’t help but sigh, wondering how many geniuses came from this place.

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