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PMG Chapter 212: Long Chase

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The wind was piercing through Lin Feng’s eardrums. He was urging like mad on his horse, galloping at full speed.

Two silhouettes brandished their spears. They wanted to block Lin Feng, but they only saw his sword glow for an instant. In a flash, these two silhouettes fell dead onto the ground. That move hadn’t affected Lin Feng’s speed at all. Lin Feng was still chasing the princess while being completely surrounded by a fierce battlefield with people dying all around him.

Lin Feng was galloping at full speed. He was almost out of the Duan Ren Border. These nine silhouettes, without the slightest bit of hesitation, entered the passageway that led out of the Duan Ren Border. Lin Feng followed them without hesitation.

Even though the Duan Ren Border was already under the control of Mo Yue, Lin Feng was also wearing the armor of a Mo Yue soldier which made him look like he was one of them. Therefore, nobody was going to attack Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, as well as the group following him, also passed through the passageway of the Duan Ren Border smoothly. Passing through the passage didn’t slow them down at all. Once they exited the passage, they could see corpses as far as their eyes could possibly see. These dead bodies lying on the ground were all of the Xue Yue troops.

“What fast horses.” Even though Lin Feng’s horse was galloping at full speed, he couldn’t catch up with the black guards at all. Even though they were guided by the horse which Duan Xin Ye was riding, these nine brown horses were much faster than the ordinary horses Mo Yue soldiers used.

However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to give up, and he was just as determined as before.

They continued to chase them for a few hours. Lin Feng didn’t how much distance he had already covered. Once in a while, he could see smoke in the distance.

At that moment, Lin Feng had already crossed the border that Xue Yue and Mo Yue shared. At that moment, he was in the Mo Yue Country.

At that moment, there was foam around the mouth of the horse which Lin Feng was riding and it was covered with sweat. It looked exhausted.

That horse had incredible strength and agility, but at that moment, it was already unable to continue. A horse that quick and agile was already exhausted.

Lin Feng could already sense that he was near his enemies. The silhouettes he had been chasing were finally slowing down and then they slowly stopped.

Lin Feng then abruptly pulled on the reins to make his horse come to a halt. The horse neighed, and suddenly, the legs of Lin Feng’s horse suddenly bent and it fell down. At the moment when Lin Feng was pulling on the reins, the horse was already too exhausted to continue. It no longer had the energy to continue.

Lin Feng jumped down from the horse.

He raised his head and saw that the people he was following were also slowly turning around. While remaining on their horses, they coldly looked towards Lin Feng.

Behind these people, Duan Xin Ye was staring at Lin Feng. Even though her hair was messy, her beautiful face wasn’t covered, and her soft and delicate face revealed that she was touched by Lin Feng’s actions. Her expression was bewitching.

“Let the princess go.”

Lin Feng grabbed the long sword from his back. He then slowly started walking forwards. He looked cold and expressionless. The tip of his sword was dragging across the ground, which was sliced open by the sword, leaving a trail behind it.

“The prince has given us the order to capture him alive.” said one of the black guards indifferently. Lin Feng was stupefied, as the prince wanted him alive?

The prince was obviously Mo Jie. Could it be that he had planned everything from the beginning and had sent these soldiers to escort the princess and run far away with her so that Lin Feng would follow them?

“It was too bad that we had to spare his life last time. All we could do was take the princess alive. The prince is too merciful.” said one of the men. His face was visible though. Even though he wasn’t very old, his face was already covered with a long beard.

Besides, what surprised Lin Feng is that even though the eight people accompanying Duan Xin Ye were all black guards, their helmets were different than normal.

Amongst them, four of them had a helmet which entirely covered their face except for their eyes.

The four others were wearing helmets which didn’t entirely cover their faces. The one who had just talked was one of those wearing a helmet which didn’t cover his entire face.

“Hu Qiong, even though we cannot kill him, we can teach him a good lesson. We can still be incredibly cruel.” said another person. Hu Qiong was surprised. An evil smile appeared on his face. His horse then started walking towards Lin Feng.

“Do you know what status the four of us have?” asked Hu Qiong coldly.

“The four idiots.” replied Lin Feng with an indifferent tone. How could he know who Hu Qiong and the others were?

“Idiots?” Hu Qiong smiled coldly. “You will realize how foolish you have been to attack us. We are all black guard Lieutenants. We were leading troops on the battlefield, but because of you and that trap you organized, the prince ordered us to leave and capture you alive. You should be proud of yourself.”

“Lieutenants…” Lin Feng was surprised. Because of him, they used the princess as bait and sent four lieutenants. Against all expectations, they were really interested in him.

But who were the four with their faces covered? Even though the Qi they released was not as strong as that of the lieutenants, it was also extremely strong.

“Your strategy to set the city on fire has led to the death of many of our fellow soldiers, and even though I cannot kill you, I want to beat you within an inch of your life. All I feel is hatred towards you.” said Hu Qiong. He then grabbed his weapon, which was a gigantic axe. He looked ferocious and terrifying. His axe probably weighed at least a few hundred kilos.

“Arrrghhhh!” Hu Qiong shouted furiously. His horse suddenly charged towards Lin Feng at full speed. His axe let out a loud thunderous roar as it tore through the air.

Lin Feng unsheathed his sword with incredible speed and sliced off the front legs from the horse which Hu Qiong was riding. Hu Qiong continued and jumped from his horse towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng then raised his sword to block the axe as it crashed down from above. When the axe and Lin Feng’s long sword met, Lin Feng was pushed down. The shock alone was enough to make Lin Feng groan, as he had been injured.

“How powerful!” thought Lin Feng. He was astonished. He was blankly staring at the enemy. That guy was the same strength as the leader of the black guards he killed before, seventh Ling Qi layer. He was a level stronger than Lin Feng. Besides, the pressure of Hu Qiong’s battle axe striking Lin Feng felt like a mountain crashing down on him, and it even split the ground beneath him.

“You cannot even withstand a single attack.” laughed Hu Qiong while looking down on Lin Feng.

However, when he raised his axe again, he was astonished. Lin Feng suddenly transformed into a shadow and disappeared from sight.

Lin Feng had acted so quickly that Hu Qiong didn’t even have time to react. He was still clumsily raising his huge axe.

“Be careful!” shouted one of the black guards, but it was too late. Lin Feng’s sword was already at Hu Qiong’s throat.

Hu Qiong was still trying to raise his axe, but Lin Feng had already withdrawn his sword.

Vanishing Shadow was the art of taking people’s lives by sudden surprise attacks before they could react; one strike was enough.

That was the power of a Di level skill. Even when Lin Feng was still at the fourth Ling Qi layer, he had used the same attack to kill a cultivator at the seventh Ling Qi layer.

Lin Feng already possessed the strength of the sixth Ling Qi layer. Not only was his basic strength improved by a great deal, but he had also trained with using his martial skills. Practising his martial skills allowed him to utilize maximum strength when attacking.

He could use his Vanishing Shadow to slaughter people in an instant.

Of course, Lin Feng had managed to kill Hu Qiong, who was at the seventh Ling Qi layer, because he underestimated Lin Feng. He had thought that he was a true expert, and Lin Feng exploited that opportunity.

“I don’t want to die.” Hu Qiong’s throat let out a small cry, his voice husky. And suddenly, blood poured from his throat, and even if he didn’t want to die, he was already dead.

Life and death; a momentary slip and it could all be over.

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