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PMG Chapter 2120: Trying Deployment Spells

PMG Chapter 2120: Trying Deployment Spells
The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern had ten thousand deployment spells, all different from the three-thousand great deployment spells Lin Feng had obtained long ago. It was like another territory. Lin Feng focused on deployment spells during those days.
Lin Feng was seated cross-legged; there was no strong cultivator in front of him, he was alone. He was studying the modified version of the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern.
The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern has ten thousand deployment spells, there are all sorts of deployment spells. I’ve been here for more than forty days, I can’t study all of them. If I controlled the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, it would be much better…, thought Lin Feng with a sight. Unfortunately, the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern was one of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s treasures, and with his current strength, he couldn’t understand them.
Lin Feng wanted to study more, but he needed to go to Godly Clouds City. Even though there was still time before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it was some distance away. He didn’t know what would happen on the way, either.
He couldn’t miss this chance. He preferred being early and having enough time to get prepared. Therefore, he stopped studying. He had already learned a great deal. He already understood two kinds of deployment spells. He hoped he could get them to fuse together to make his deployment spells even stronger.
Lin Feng had spent many days in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell and hadn’t come out yet. People from the nine supreme Ministries hadn’t seen him. A potentially famous disciple of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had vanished without trace, everybody thought it was a pity.

Someone came out of the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern. When he saw nobody was there, he left, merging with the wind. He opened the door and departed.
In the central part of the eighty-one normal Ministries, a silhouette fell from the sky. People frowned, especially when they saw the person zipping away.
“Who is that person?” someone turned around and saw Lin Feng leaving swiftly.
“Let’s go and see!” said someone, chasing after him.
Ye Que was imprisoned in Lin Feng’s small world, he had learned a lot from him and could already travel freely in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He moved at eye-blurring speed without stopping. After a short time, he arrived in a place with a mysterious deployment area. It was extremely vast with many deployment stones. It was a famous place for the Ministries, who practiced deployment spells there.
There were over a hundred deployment spell testing places there. Many people were trying different deployment spells. Many people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry came there often to practice. The strongest deployment spell casters rarely came there, because the other disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry wouldn’t have dared come if the strongest ones were there, since their deployment spells were too powerful.
After Lin Feng arrived, many marks appeared under his feet. At the same time, he released a hurricane of cosmic energies. Lin Feng had an advantage over many people in terms of deployment spells because he controlled many cosmic energies. In the blink of an eye, dozens of cosmic energies hummed about him and formed swiftly.
Illusion intent filled the air, it was made of empty space strength which Lin Feng turned into golden illusions. They were dimly discernible and yet dazzling at the same time. Many people noticed that.
“Golden cosmic energy which turns into illusion deployment spells?” Those already present frowned, they were stupefied, which supreme Ministry was this guy from?
In the illusion deployment spell, Lin Feng chopped down, and music spread in the air, turning into a sword halberd and disappearing into an empty space.
“Whistling Wind.” Lin Feng moved his hand again. The wind roared out with hollow thunder. There were many marks in the air, as the hurricane condensed. However, Lin Feng attacked the empty space, and the hurricane became invisible and intangible.
Deployment spells can mean anything. I just understand the basics. So-called Great Deployment Masters must be as strong as Saints, thought Lin Feng. He wasn’t proud that he had been in the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, he had just learned that he didn’t know enough. He realized his deployment spell knowledge was extremely low!
Lin Feng kept moving his hands. Deployment marks kept intertwining.
On the deployment spell testing site, many people noticed him and heard the sounds emitted by his attacks. Some people frowned and looked at him sharply.
“Who’s that deployment spell caster?” asked someone, looking at Lin Feng.
“I don’t know. Surprisingly, he’s disturbing everyone. Interesting!”
“Let’s go and see how people will deal with him!” thought some people excitedly, and flew towards Lin Feng.
“Be careful. That guy dares interrupt everyone, he must be extremely strong. He condenses cosmic energies to create his deployment spells, we can’t see inside. He’s a very skilled deployment spell caster.”
“Yes, let’s stay together and see,” agreed three people, entering the deployment spell.
“Are you here?” After entering the golden empty space, they couldn’t see one another anymore.
“How come you’re so far away?” replied one of them at that moment.
“Oh no!” whispered the third one at that moment. Some powerful force filled the air, the sounds painfully piercing through their ears. They were having auditory hallucinations!
A strong wind started blowing. That person pulled a long face. He waved his hands and his eyes lit up with light. He looked around at the empty space deployment marks.
There were a great number of deployment marks. He condensed the strength of the earth and sky to react; if he could see the marks, he could destroy the deployment spell. However, when he saw the deployment marks, he had the sensation he was being paralyzed. What kind of deployment marks were those? They kept changing. He could only see them for a few seconds before they changed!
“What a powerful deadly wind strength!” The man’s face turned deathly pale. He was hurled away with rolling thunder as it struck him. The marks on the ground kept intertwining, and turned into walls.
“I lost!”
“Stop!” said a voice in Lin Feng’s mind. The three cultivators were expelled from the deployment spell and crashed onto the ground. Their clothes were ripped apart, their bodies riddled with bleeding wounds.
“How do you feel?” The cultivators glanced at one another. They were all shocked.
“What a powerful deployment spell! How dangerous! In the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, only around thirty people can cast such formidable deployment spells!”
“I think not more twenty, actually. I didn’t even understand those deployment marks. There were so many colors and patterns. Who’s the deployment spell caster?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t see clearly.”
Many people started to make fun of them, they didn’t believe them. They immediately entered the deployment spell and very quickly, they realized those three people were right. They were also hurled ignominiously out of the spell.
Indeed, this guy was a very powerful deployment spell caster!
More and more people tried, and in the end, they were all forced out. It drew many people’s attention.
Lin Feng was calmly studying deployment spells and modifying them according to his needs. Deployment spells represented extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. He just had to think of something and he could make it, nothing was impossible…
Therefore, Lin Feng had completely changed. He didn’t adhere strictly to formalities anymore. He made the deployment spells change constantly. He had the sensation that he was evolving on the path of deployment spells.
After this, he intended to leave the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He had studied the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, and it had been really helpful.
Three more days passed, and during those three days, nobody dared attack that deployment spell. Lin Feng kept on changing it…
“Qian Mo and Xue Luo are here, too?” Someone saw two people arrive, Qian Mo and Xue Luo from the Li Ministry. They were both extremely strong.
However, they didn’t intervene. They just stayed in the distance and observed.
“It’s Xie Mou.” Someone frowned when they saw that person. Xie Mou had surprisingly come personally. His eyes looked strange and evil. Everybody knew how dangerous he was in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He was one of the strongest disciples of the whole Ministry. Just like Ye Que, some people considered him an emperor who had no enemy at the same level.
“So many people are here.” The people looked around and realized there were many strong cultivators from the eighty-one normal Ministries, and even from the nine supreme Ministries, including Xie Mou from the Li Ministry. The news that an incredible deployment spell caster had appeared had already spread through the whole Ministry!

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