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PMG Chapter 2121: Nobody Can Break It

PMG Chapter 2121: Nobody Can Break It
“Who’s the one trying deployment spells?” Xie Mou gazed into the distance with his strange and evil eyes. He looked indifferent, calm and aloof, yet dignified and majestic.
“I’m not sure, but his deployment spells are extremely powerful,” replied someone. Xie Mou frowned. Someone has been testing out deployment spells for a few days, and nobody knows who it is?
“What makes his deployment spells so powerful?” asked Xie Mou.
“The deployment marks intertwine perfectly.”
Xie Mou nodded and smiled at the crowd, “People from all the Ministries are here, who wants to go and see who that guy is?”
“Brother Xie Mou, the Li Ministry is the most powerful. You should go into the deployment spell and see,” someone urged him.
“If I go into it and destroy it, you won’t see what makes that deployment spell so powerful,” replied Xie Mou calmly. Everybody shivered. Many people had tried to go into that deployment spell, and they had all been thrown out of it. They hadn’t even understood what was happening. It contained all sorts of energies. If the deployment spell caster hadn’t been merciful, they would have died. Therefore, people who weren’t extremely strong didn’t want to go into it. Weaker people didn’t want to lose face, but they still wanted to see how the Nine Supreme Ministries would take care of the issue.
“The Supreme Ministries can send two people each, what do you think?” said Xie Mou to some strong cultivators from Supreme Ministries calmly. The competition between the Supreme Ministries was ongoing, as always.
“I don’t mind,” answered someone neutrally.
“I agree too,” responded other members of the Supreme Ministries.
Xie Mou looked at Qian Mo and said, “Qian Mo, Xue Luo, your deployment spells are extremely powerful. You can probably break it.”
Xie Mou knew that Qian Mo had been humiliated by someone who had crushed his arm. Everybody made fun of him in the Supreme Ministries. Now, he was being given an opportunity to regain face. If he managed to break the deployment spell, people would stop making fun of him. Xie Mou had been humiliated even more, she had been slapped in the face and driven away.
Everybody knew what Xie Mou meant. Yue Qing Sha was in the same position, even though she hadn’t gone through something too bad, that guy had forced her to kiss him. It was nothing glorious.
Eight people from four different Ministries entered the deployment spell. Qian Mo and Xue Luo immediately attacked when they entered, deployment lights intertwining and surrounding them.
Powerful cosmic energies condensed and absorbed everything around them. Qian Mo and Xue Luo were nervous, nearly paralyzed with sudden fear as their faces turned deathly pale. They sensed the danger coming from all around them, but they couldn’t see anything, so they didn’t know where to attack.
“Everybody, attack at the same time and mess up the deployment marks!” shouted Qian Mo extremely loudly. Terrifying sounds spread in the air and pierced through their eardrums painfully. The sounds were distorted and sharp. The sounds grew sharper and sharper. Qian Mo had the impression he was going to die, he didn’t feel safe at all… and the strength kept increasing!
Drops of cold sweats fell onto the ground. The ground started shaking. Qian Mo was overwhelmed by the fear. He couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted furiously, “I surrender, take me out of the deployment spell!”
“Piss off!” answered a voice icily. Qian Mo sensed a strong wind brush against him. He furiously condensed strength to block it, but an explosive strength hurled him away.
The terrifying deadly energies were getting closer and closer to him. Qian Mo had the impression he was going to die. He ran away, but he couldn’t see the outside world when he was in the illusion. It felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse on him.
“Piss off!” More strength condensed as thunder rumbled. Two more people were hurled away. A hurricane surrounded them and smashed down. Qian Mo crashed weakly to the ground.
“It’s you.”
“You just attacked me!”
Qian Mo and Xue Luo looked at each other, stupefied. They were speechless. They looked back at the deployment spell. A short time after, Yue Qing Sha and another man were hurled outside of the deployment spell as well. They also looked stupefied.
“What’s going on?” Xie Mou asked Qian Mo and Xie Mou, frowning unhappily.
“This guy’s deployment spell is too powerful, we can’t break it,” stated Qian Mo, ashamed. He couldn’t break it and he couldn’t stay inside. He wasn’t defiant at all.
“It’s a Great Scholar, he’s terrifyingly strong,” Xie Mou declared. People who had been in the deployment spell before and had failed just smiled icily. They knew how strong that deployment spell was. They hadn’t managed to break it, either. If Xie Mou and his friends couldn’t break it, nobody could!
“Could it be Ye Que? Maybe he’s back?” wondered Xie Mou aloud. He had heard that Ye Que had been traveling, maybe he had come back and was trying out deployment spells, maybe he was deliberately mystifying?
“That deployment spell doesn’t look like a deployment spell Ye Que could cast,” disagreed Qian Mo.
Xie Mou nodded. He walked forwards and entered the deployment spell. Many people were startled. Xie Mou was a Great Scholar. He had an advanced understanding of deployment spells, people who weren’t Great Scholars couldn’t understand his deployment spells. Besides, he also had a special kind of strength. He was definitely able to destroy this deployment spell!
After Xie Mou entered the deployment spell, the same thing which had happened to Qian Mo and Xue Luo happened to him. His eyes turned black and white, and grew larger and larger. A vortex appeared before him. He could see through everything, everything in front of him turned black and white.
“Empty deployment spell, interesting…” said Xie Mou passively. The Qi was extremely powerful, but it was just an empty deployment spell. Qian Mo had probably not even noticed that. He had just been terrified.
Xie Mou slowly walked forwards, looking relaxed. He didn’t attack at all. After a short time, he laughed to himself. “The illusion deployment spell is the basic foundation, and inside there are many invisible and intangible deadly deployment spells, what a powerful deployment spell!”
Whistling sounds spread in the air. Xie Mou jumped away as some strength moved towards him. He punched out in the direction of the invisible and intangible strength.
“Chaos!” shouted Xie Mou icily. The whole deployment spell was filled with a terrifying Qi. Wind, fire, thunder and all kinds of strength moved towards Xie Mou. He smiled coldly. His Qi pulsed around him, he waved his hands, deployment marks started intertwining and turned into an invisible and intangible curtain which moved towards the incoming strength. He wanted to destroy the deployment spell using a deployment spell!
There was an explosion at the collision. Xie Mou sensed that a new kind of strength was condensing again, it was even more terrifying than the previous strength. The strength kept increasing in power.
“Eh?” Xie Mou looked surprised and frowned. However, the endless strength forced him to be more defensive. His attacks were very powerful, so he didn’t fear the attacks from the deployment spell, but his defense wasn’t as terrifying as Lin Feng’s. He couldn’t endure the attacks with his physical body, it would have been too risky.

Outside, the crowd watching the deployment spell saw a gigantic dark dragon appear; a dragon of death, it could absorb any kind of strength. The Death intent it contained shook them to their cores. The whole deployment spell turned black. They hadn’t thought that the deployment spell would change this much because of Xie Mou…
The gigantic dragon spat out strength, and death Qi filled the air. After a short time, the crowd saw a silhouette appear. He was hurled violently out of the deployment spell, his body all black, he looked dead.
People’s faces stiffened. They were staring at the deployment spell, and gulped down. They only realized how terrifying the deployment spell was and how it had changed after this…
“Pfew…” Xie Mou took a deep breath. He slowly stood up and used life Qi to recover. His face was still black, and one could see he was still scared speechless.
“Xie Mou almost got killed in the deployment spell. It’s extremely powerful!” someone in the crowd whispered.
“Who are you? Please show yourself!” said Xie Mou. He couldn’t think of anyone who could cast such terrifying deployment spells. Was it one of his fellow disciples of the Di Qi layer?
But his fellow disciples of the Di Qi layer hadn’t come to the testing area.
“Xie Mou!” In the distance, someone came up slowly. He was tall and composed. When he showed up, everybody was astonished: a great emperor of the Li Ministry!
“Brother Zi,” replied Xie Mou politely, nodding at the new arrival. It was a very strong cultivator of the Li Ministry, a great emperor!
“It’s been a long time since the Nine Supreme Ministries of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry have seen such a terrifying deployment spell caster. Please show yourself, Your Excellency!” said Great Emperor Zi solemnly, looking at the deployment spell.

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