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PMG Chapter 2122: Great Emperor Zi

PMG Chapter 2122: Great Emperor Zi
When the crowd heard Great Emperor Zi, they stared at the deployment spell. Xie Mou had almost died in there, how powerful was this spell. Who had cast it? Everybody wanted to know!
At that moment, the illusion slowly dispersed. Very quickly, a silhouette appeared; it was Lin Feng!
When Lin Feng appeared, many people frowned in astonishment.
“It’s him.”
“Surprisingly, that guy isn’t dead.”
Qian Mo and Xue Luo’s faces paled. They had hoped Brother Xie Mou would be able to help them fight against Lin Feng, but later they had thought he had died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell, so they had slowly started to forget about him. However, Lin Feng wasn’t dead, he was standing in front of them. Not only hadn’t he died, but his deployment spell had almost killed Xie Mou!
Qian Mo and Xue Luo felt ashamed. They had bet on Lin Feng; in their eyes, Lin Feng was just a new member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, they hadn’t thought he’d be so strong. They could just look down upon him, even Xie Mou couldn’t compete with him.
Yue Qing Sha was astonished too and pulled a long face. This guy was so strong. His deployment spells were powerful; he hadn’t just become a Great Scholar, he was an experienced Great Scholar!
“Who is he?” Xie Mou asked Qian Mo coldly when he saw that so many people looked shocked.
“He’s the one who passed the doors test in less than eight hours. I thought he died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell,” Qian Mo replied telepathically.
His face stiffened. Xie Mou frowned and stepped forwards. He said to Lin Feng icily, “You didn’t die in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell?”
“Why would have I died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell?” replied Lin Feng.
Great Emperor Zi said indifferently, “Xie Mou, this guy’s deployment spells are formidable, you think the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell could kill him? Be respectful.”
Xie Mou was startled at the rebuke and looked ashamed. Indeed, with the power of his deployment spells, how could he have died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell? But Xie Mou just couldn’t believe his eyes.
“I went to the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern a few times, but I didn’t see you, where were you?”
“I am not a direct disciple of the Supreme Ministries, so I can’t go into the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern. Staying outside would have been useless. So I just stayed in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell and studied there, is that surprising?” replied Lin Feng. He had already anticipated someone would ask him that question so he had an answer ready. His answer was, after all, the truth… if someone couldn’t enter the Pattern!
“Not bad. But with your talent, you should go into the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern. If you wish, I can inform the teachers and they’ll recruit you as a disciple. They’ll give you a memory imprint which will prove your social status and you will be able to go to the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern anytime. It will help you a lot. What do you think?” Great Emperor Zi smiled. Those crowd were astonished at the offer.
Great Emperor Zi was a genius and a great emperor of the Li Ministry. When he saw geniuses, he hoped they could join the Li Ministry. He wanted to help Lin Feng, he didn’t feel jealous or envious at all.
Xie Mou’s eyes glittered. Lin Feng hadn’t been in the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern? If he had, he would have been even more fearsome! If Lin Feng joined the Li Ministry, it would have a negative impact on Xie Mou’s social position within the Li Ministry…
He had a different position from Great Emperor Zi, he was still an emperor. He was the strongest and most talented emperor of the Li Ministry, and always obtained the best resources. People admired him. If Lin Feng joined the Li Ministry, that would change. But since Great Emperor Zi was saying this, Xie Mou couldn’t intervene.
“We’ll see,” replied Lin Feng calmly.
Great Emperor Zi was startled, but smiled oddly, “Does that mean you refuse?”
Lin Feng looked at the man. A great emperor, a genius, ambitious and proud, personally inviting him to join the Li Ministry… but Lin Feng refused and didn’t give him face. Even though Great Emperor Zi didn’t release any Qi, the atmosphere became oppressive around him.
“Kind of,” answered Lin Feng indifferently. The atmosphere grew particularly silent.
This guy is talented, but he’s also ambitious and proud. Great Emperor Zi invited him personally and he refused. He could have joined a Supreme Ministry without taking any test and surprisingly, he refused. No wonder Great Emperor Zi is furious, thought the crowd.
“Great Emperor Zi is a nice person and cares for the Li Ministry. However, he’s not nice to his enemies. Even the members of the other Supreme Ministries fear him. He hates evil people and evil things,” murmured someone.
Great Emperor Zi smiled casually and looked at Lin Feng. “Do you think you’re too talented for the Li Ministry?”
“I’m just not used to it,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn’t want to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, or become one of their disciples. Inside his spirit world, he had some cultivators from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry whom he was going to transform into Demon Puppets.
“I see. I won’t force you then, but your deployment spells are incredible. Please show me how strong your deployment spells are for you to refuse the Li Ministry’s invitation,” said Great Emperor Zi his smile now cold. He stepped forwards, deployment marks glittered all around him.
The crowd hastily retreated. They didn’t wait to see anything anymore, they all ran away. Only Lin Feng and Great Emperor Zi remained.
Those people knew how terrifyingly strong Great Emperor Zi was!
At that moment, the ground under Great Emperor Zi grew dark and fissures appeared; it became scorching hot, no fire had appeared yet, but the temperature was increasing.
“Great Emperor Zi is incredibly strong. Even though that guy’s deployment spells are powerful, Great Emperor Zi will teach him a good lesson!” people murmured.
Lin Feng moved away, marks appearing under his feet. They seemed to be made of earth strength, and looked indestructible.
Great Emperor Zi grunted icily and stepped forwards again, fire suddenly appearing and the air starting to burn. Lin Feng was surrounded by fire.
What a powerful fire Qi, thought Lin Feng. His opponent was strong, with powerful cosmic energies. He also understood Dao strength, or his social position couldn’t have been that high within the Li Ministry. The difference between great emperors who understood Dao strength and the others was gigantic.
Lin Feng condensed cosmic energies around himself, marks filled the air. Demon and earth strength condensed and surrounded his body like his clothes.
Great Emperor Zi stretched out his hands and his terrifying fire strength turned into nine fire dragons, charging towards Lin Feng to devour him. Embers kept exploding and fiery lights appeared.
Lin Feng jumped away and waved his hands. Lights glittered. Lin Feng released Sword intent, fusing it together with his strength and turning it into gigantic swords. They shot towards the nine dragons!
Great Emperor Zi just smiled icily and continued stepping forwards, the firestorm around him getting more and more ferocious as he kept forming hand seals. The fire blotted out the sky and swooped towards Lin Feng. It was like he had ended up in a volcano, a world with flames everywhere. Purple lights also appeared, they looked like spiritual beings within the flames.
Lin Feng’s armor shook. He drifted backwards, trying to leave the fire world deployment spell, but Great Emperor Zi shouted furiously, his silhouette flickering as he turned into many illusions. A hand smashed towards Lin Feng’s armored chest.
People’s hearts were twitching. Was Lin Feng going to die?
Crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng flew away, his armor was broken, fire marks appeared on it and finally they moved onto Lin Feng’s skin.
Lin Feng lowered his head, everybody was staring at him. Could Lin Feng still move normally after that attack?
Lin Feng raised his head and smiled at Great Emperor Zi icily. “Your Excellency, your Dao is the Dao of Fire.”
Everybody frowned. This guy was extremely strong; after Great Emperor Zi’s attack, he could still act normally, as if nothing had happened.
Great Emperor Zi stared at him strangely, then he smiled and said, “You’re acting as if nothing had happened even though my attack was powerful. That’s rare. Unfortunately, you don’t want to join the Li Ministry, I won’t force you, then.”
The deployment spells faded away as Great Emperor Zi left.

A short time later, Great Emperor Zi landed on a mountain just before reaching the Li Ministry. There were some people around him, all looking at Lin Feng in the distance.
“That guy is an incredible genius. His deployment spells are truly impressive. If he wants to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but doesn’t want to join the Li Ministry, it would be a pity. However, if he doesn’t want to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and doesn’t join one of the eighty-one Ministries, kill him!” said Great Emperor Zi calmly. The people around him frowned in astonishment.

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  1. Daniel September 17, 2018 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    Why kill him Why not just leave him alone or is it about face again

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      Of course it’s about face, imagine that you insult some dictator IRL(for example you refused to eat with him, etc). He’s gonna try to assassinate you as fast as possible i guess, just because he can.

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      He’s basically behaving like a little bitch who’s been scorned by a guy.” If I can’t have him, nobody can! “ kind of thang…

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