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PMG Chapter 2123: Gan Ministry’s Paradise

PMG Chapter 2123: Gan Ministry’s Paradise
When Lin Feng saw Great Emperor Zi leave, his silhouette also flickered as he left. After a short time, Lin Feng landed on a mountain and coughed up some scorching hot Qi. His face was red.
Great Emperor Zi is a great emperor, and a scary one. He’s not an ordinary cultivator, he understands Dao. His deployment spells are also terrifying, and so is his fire Dao. How formidable!, thought Lin Feng. He sat down cross-legged and gradually got rid of the fire in his organs. That punch had been deadly, and its explosive fire strength had penetrated into his body.
Luckily, his physical body was extremely powerful; any other emperor at the top of the Huang Qi layer would have burned to death.

After a short time, a silhouette flickered and landed next to Lin Feng. They said nothing though, simply gazing into the distance and calmly waiting there.
Lin Feng rid himself of the fire strength in his body and looked at the man. He asked calmly, “What do you want?”
“You refused Great Emperor Zi’s invitation?” The man turned around and asked calmly.
“So what?” replied Lin Feng.
“You don’t know about Great Emperor Zi’s temper. He cares a lot about the Li Ministry. When he has enemies, he tries to get rid of them. You humiliated Xue Luo and Qian Mo, and you nearly killed Xie Mou with your deployment spell. If you had joined the Li Ministry, he would have taken care of you, but you refused, and if you don’t become a disciple of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, Great Emperor Zi will…”
“You mean that I must join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry?”
“No, I’m just telling you. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry doesn’t force people to become disciples. They don’t lack geniuses. However, you are extremely powerful. The Gan Ministry is one of the Nine Supreme Ministries. If you join us, Great Emperor Zi will act as if nothing had happened,” said that young man calmly. He had indeed come in peace.
“Aren’t you worried that I could obtain resources and then leave?” Lin Feng smiled.
The other man smiled calmly. “That’s your own business.”
“I will think about it,” Lin Feng offered.
“I hope so!” the other replied calmly. His silhouette flickered and he was gone.
Lin Feng closed his eyes in thought. That man didn’t seem to want to deceive him. Lin Feng had the sensation some people seemed to be watching him.
I wonder if Great Emperor Zi has sent people to watch me. It seems that if I want to leave the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, it won’t be easy, thought Lin Feng calmly. He started using the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to modify deployment spells. Cosmic energies appeared; wind and empty space cosmic energies fused together and deployment marks appeared. This deployment spell looked special; it was a pair of wings!
I made wings using a deployment spell!, thought Lin Feng. The wings had appeared on his back. He opened them up, and a strong wind started blowing, blowing furiously past him with a long howling. Empty space strength filled the air as Lin Feng kept modifying his wings.
Deployment spells represented extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. Nothing was impossible, it was always possible to modify them. Before, Lin Feng had practiced the Three Thousand Great Deployment Spells and countless small deployment spells. Even though they were powerful, they lacked something: vigor and vitality! The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s deployment spells were powerful, and could be used like strength. As long as someone was persevering and talented, nothing was impossible!
Lin Feng’s ideas of deployment spells were fixed at the beginning. He had learned more about them thanks to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He started modifying them as he wished, adapting them to his needs. They made him intrinsically stronger!
Those who were watching Lin Feng had a strange feeling. He was extremely strong and talented and had joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but he wasn’t in a hurry to join one of the eighty-one Ministries; he wasn’t even interested in the Nine Supreme Ministries! He had come purely for deployment spells, it seemed.
Great Emperor Zi’s methods were cruel, but one had to admit what he was doing wasn’t groundless. Since such a powerful deployment spell caster had appeared, if they couldn’t use him, then they had to eliminate him. It was cruel and straightforward, but that was the sad truth of the cultivation world. They were convinced that a few great emperors could easily kill Lin Feng.
Of course, they also hoped that Lin Feng would be interested in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and would join a Supreme Ministry, any of them was acceptable.
At that moment, the sky distorted. People raised their heads and gazed into the distance. Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. Qi filled the air.
“All the disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, get ready to go into the Gan Ministry’s Paradise,” proclaimed a loud voice, heard everywhere in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.
“They’re going to open the Gan Ministry’s Paradise for everybody!”
“What’s going on? The Gan Ministry wants to open the Gan Ministry’s Paradise and wants everyone to go in there?”
“I guess they want to get ready for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Imagine, we are ordinary disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Even if we go to the Gan Ministry’s Paradise and were lucky, we’d never be able to participate. The geniuses will participate, not us. But some people will be lucky and will go to Godly Clouds City and participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They’ll make the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry famous!”
“You’re right. It’s probably because of that, for those geniuses to get ready to go and participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”
After that voice resonated everywhere in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, many people started talking as they headed towards the Gan Ministry’s Paradise.
The Gan Ministry was the first of the eighty-one Ministries. The Gan Ministry’s Paradise was an ancient paradise small world created by the ancestors of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. It was said that it was a place where Great Deployment Masters could practice cultivation. Even the Gan Ministry’s disciples rarely had occasion to go there. Today, it was open to all, a rare opportunity, something that might happen only once every hundred years.

Lin Feng, who had spent some time in his spirit’s world, opened his eyes. He knew the Ministry was calling them to the Gan Ministry’s Paradise.
Since everyone from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry was told to go there, could he go or not? He wasn’t a member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, after all.
When Lin Feng thought about that, his silhouette flickered and he followed the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s disciples regardless.
The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had existed for so many years, it was like a university, there were millions of disciples here. Lin Feng was in the crowd, nobody really cared about him in the ocean of people. The members of the eighty-one Ministries could hardly all know one another.
There was what seemed like an endless number of low-level emperors. There was no limit of strength to be recruited by the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. They cared about deployment spells, and those who could pass the nine hundred ninety-nine doors challenge could become disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Of course, apart from emperors, there were also many great emperors. All the Ministries had disciples who were great emperors.
In front of the crowd was a valley and a mountain peak. The peak was like a wall with a door inside. That was the Gan Ministry’s Paradise.
At that moment, the door opened, some empty space energy emerged, and everybody heard a voice. “You may enter the Gan Ministry’s Paradise.”
Everybody’s silhouette flickered and they moved towards the door. Lin Feng followed, but remained discreet. Many people were watching for him, but nobody noticed him as he crossed the door.

When Lin Feng crossed the deployment door, he reappeared in another world, an ancient realm. A strong cultivator had created this small world. If there hadn’t been a door, it would have been impossible to notice that there was a small world there.
After entering the small world, Lin Feng saw people moving in different directions. He picked a random direction for himself, but heard the wind sigh behind him. He frowned as he turned around and saw some familiar faces. There was the young man who had warned him about Great Emperor Zi. He looked quite ordinary; when people saw him, they ignored him, but Lin Feng could sense that that he was quite extraordinary.
He had invited Lin Feng to join the Gan Ministry, which meant he was probably the first disciple of the Gan Ministry!
“We were meant to meet, my name is Yang Xiao! How should I call you, Your Excellency?” asked that person with a friendly smile.
We were meant to meet?, thought Lin Feng, but he smiled back and said, “Mu Feng.”
“Brother Mu Feng, I know the Gan Ministry’s Paradise, I’ve been here before. Would you like to travel with me?” Yang Xiao asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. People who could freely travel to the Gan Ministry’s Paradise definitely had a special social status. This man could come to the Gan Ministry’s Paradise as he wished, which meant he had an extraordinary social status within the Gan Ministry!
Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and then he heard Yang Xiao say, “Many great emperors will come here. If you bump into them, things will get complicated for you. If you stay with me, nobody will cause you trouble.”

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    No you imbeciles, you don’t “have to eliminate him if you can’t use him”. It’s a perfectly viable outcome to have it end with “that’s a shame you don’t want to join, the offer stands if you ever change your mind” and leave it at that. You won’t generate so many death feuds that way

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      I seem to recall the Necropolis Sect making him the same offer and then deciding to join hands in destroying Tianchi. I bet they regretted too… LOL

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