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PMG Chapter 2124: Deployment Spells Are Alive?

PMG Chapter 2124: Deployment Spells Are Alive?
Lin Feng studied Yang Xiao. He couldn’t easily trust the other, especially in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He was a stranger and a guest in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He couldn’t do as he wished here, therefore, Lin Feng refused. “No need. I can stay alone.”
When Yang Xiao heard Lin Feng, he wasn’t surprised. He simply smiled and said, “Even if you refuse, I will follow you. If you encounter great emperors of the Supreme Ministries, I will do my best to help you.”
“Thank you very much, you’re too kind. But it’s really unnecessary,” said Lin Feng and then he suddenly left. Behind him, Yang Xiao smiled indifferently. This Mu Feng wanted to get rid of him?
Deployment marks appeared under Yang Xiao’s feet, and he moved extremely quickly. Emperors just had to study some holy marks strength and they could move like this; they could also move using cosmic energies to improve their speed. However, really strong deployment spell casters could make one step and appear in another empty space. Each of their steps was composed of a full deployment spell.
Lin Feng sensed that Yang Xiao was following him. He was startled at the man’s speed. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop. Since Yang Xiao wanted to follow him, he could hardly stop him!
The Gan Ministry’s first paradise was vast, with many deployment mines. However, those deployment mines didn’t belong to anyone. The eighty-one Ministries had a hundred paradises; just like the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, deployment mines were precious treasures for the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Nobody could monopolize them, not even a powerful Ministry, and only disciples could go to the Paradises to study.
The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had existed for many years, and had become an extremely influential group. The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern and the Paradises were precious treasures, every generation could benefit from them. The Gan Ministry’s Paradise was the first one ever made, and it helped them remain powerful. They didn’t want to waste their resources.
“So many deployment mines, but many of them are small,” noted Lin Feng. He continued on. What kind of treasures did the Gan Ministry’s paradise contain for the leaders to open it once every hundred years?
“Beasts?” Lin Feng saw a beast in the distance. It was black and had two gloomy ice-cold eyes. Its Qi was ice-cold as well. When the beast saw Lin Feng, it moved towards him and brandished claws. The gigantic beast seemed like it could destroy Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. Many black shadows appeared and streaked across the sky.
“What a powerful strength!” Lin Feng was impressed. That beast’s claws were sharp and contained destructive dark energies that seemed able to tear apart anything.
Lin Feng sensed how powerful it was. He raised his fist and punched out in its direction. A hole appeared in the beast’s body. However, in an instant, the beast turned into demon lights and dispersed. It had no physical body.
Lin Feng frowned and stared at the at the demon lights. They condensed before him again and the beast stared at him. Lin Feng felt cold.
“What the hell is this thing?” murmured Lin Feng. The beast started moving towards Lin Feng again. However, this time, he didn’t directly punch it. He stretched out his hand, trying to grab that beast. He grabbed it and then a fearsome absorbing strength emerged from Lin Feng’s body. A dark head emerged from Lin Feng’s body and absorbed the beast before retreating back into Lin Feng’s body.
“It’s not really a beast.” Lin Feng absorbed the beast and sharp lights appeared in his eyes. That ferocious beast had no physical body, and wasn’t a real beast.
“Of course it’s not a real beast. It’s a deployment beast!” said a familiar voice. It was Yang Xiao. Lin Feng looked at him as Yang Xiao continued, “Mu Feng, the paradise is a small world which was created by ancestors of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. The ancestor was a celestial being, a wise man, and extremely talented. He wasn’t entirely satisfied with deployment spells, he wanted them to have a life, so he created deployment spells as spiritual beings, granting them a powerful strength and creating deployment spell Holy Spirits. That was the beast you saw.”
“How ambitious. He was an incredible cultivator and he created an incredible place.” Lin Feng was impressed. That ancestor must have been a Great Deployment Master, like a Saint. He had been wise and created his own school of thought.
“But that beast didn’t have powerful innate powers, it acquired its powers later. Deployment spells with souls are extremely strong, but they’re also rare. There are many deployment mines in here, and some of them are incredible. In some of them, you can see innate deployment spiritual beings!”
There are so many branches in deployment spell cultivation, mused Lin Feng. There were deployment spirits which had innate powers, some of them had even acquired them later… deployment spells were incredible! If Lin Feng hadn’t come to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he would have never known about these things, that living spiritual beings could be born out of nothing? Maybe the ancestor had lied to the ancestors of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry? After all, those were just legends…
“Thank you very much for those pieces of information,” Lin Feng smiled, before continuing on his way. Yang Xiao watched Lin Feng’s disappearing silhouette coolly.
There was a beast in the sky, a deployment eagle. It suddenly dove towards Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao waved his hand, deployment lights appeared, flashed red and moved to the eagle. At the same time, a beam of light emerged from his third eye and crashed into the eagle’s head. With a flash, the eagle vanished.
“How strong!” someone spoke up. Yang Xiao turned around and saw Great Emperor Zi.
“What do you want?” Yang Xiao asked him indifferently.
“Yang Xiao, you told Lin Feng I was going to take care of him and that he should stay with you. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care. He refused to travel with you, and he doesn’t want you to tell you anything about himself. You can’t recruit him as easily. In the end, he’s enigmatic and unfathomable. My punch didn’t even injure him,” Great Emperor Zi mused aloud.
Yang Xiao frowned and said icily, “So what? Mind your own business, will you?”
“Yang Xiao, people fear and respect you in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Even the elders tell their disciples they have to respect you. You have a good position in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. You are also extremely talented. But now we’re in a Paradise. If you want to deal with him, I can help you,” Great Emperor Zi smiled coolly.
Yang Xiao was surprised. Great Emperor Zi continued, “I know that no matter what you do, with your talent, the elders of the Gan Ministry will support you, but they won’t help you. We can join hands, we’ll benefit from it.”
“What do you want to obtain?” Yang Xiao asked icily.
“We can share all he has,” said Great Emperor Zi indifferently, which made Yang Xiao smile grimly.
“Ridiculous. Great Emperor Zi, you’re a great emperor, you would dare cast greedy eyes on an emperor?”
“You’re wrong. You can learn from anyone, no matter what their cultivation level is. That guy is talented and extremely strong. His deployment spells are impressive. If we join hands, it will be a win-win cooperation. You could obtain great things, which might be crucial before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You would become much stronger really quickly.”
“Great Emperor Zi, you’re truly evil,” spat Yang Xiao coldly.
“We’re both in the same boat,” Great Emperor Zi smiled placidly. They had possibly found a common ground…
Lin Feng didn’t know about their little chat. He had landed in a deployment mine. everything in front of him seemed to be moving. He saw a gigantic stone appear and begin to shatter. It then exploded, and its pieces fell down to the ground. A gigantic spider appeared; it had golden eyes and its body was dark gold.
“It’s a deployment beast again!” Lin Feng was curious. The spider scuttled towards him. Lin Feng was surrounded by dazzling marks, which turned into a gigantic golden web around him. It looked indestructible, and seemed extremely difficult to escape from, as it kept changing.
This deployment beast can use deployment spells?, thought Lin Feng, astonished. How could a deployment spell turn into a spiritual being? Lin Feng really wanted to know.
Even though Lin Feng understood deployment spells better and could already carve deployment beasts, they were still just deployment spells, they couldn’t be real beasts… but the creature in front of him was a mystery.
“To become alive, they must have a soul, so that deployment spell has a soul?” Lin Feng’s eyes glittered and he released his sword strength. The web started crackling and strands severed like wires being cut.

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