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PMG Chapter 2125: Animal Guardian Spirits

PMG Chapter 2125: Animal Guardian Spirits
Lin Feng had already sensed Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword’s life and vitality. However, it had a sword soul, and a sword soul was made out of the cultivator’s soul. How could a deployment spell have a soul if a cultivator didn’t grant it with a thread of his own soul?
Lin Feng didn’t understand…
Lin Feng destroyed the spider web, despite its strength. He walked towards the spider, however, the spider opened its mandibles, and lights filled the air around him again. The energies looked sharp and deadly. They could easily cut a cultivator apart.
But at his cultivation level, blades couldn’t even stab him anymore. Lin Feng’s hand was sharp, it seemed able to cut anything. It moved forwards, the wind whistled as the lights were cut apart. Lin Feng landed on the spider’s back, driving it down to the ground with a crunch. At the same time, Lin Feng’s soul strength penetrated into the spider’s third eye. As expected, in the spider’s brain, there was a thread of light… a spider soul!
“As expected, deployment beasts also have a soul. However, where does that soul come from? Is it really natural?”
Lin Feng doubted what the ancestor of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had said. Of course, it was his own impression, there was no precise reason for thinking Yang Xiao was lying. There were many strong cultivators in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Many people had also noticed this, but they didn’t question what the ancestors said. After all, in the world of cultivation, there were many things which couldn’t be explained. These deployment beasts which were alive were a perfect example.
Lin Feng released Qi into the air. In an instant, it surrounded the spider and the spider disappeared. Since it had a soul, it could probably be controlled…
Lin Feng continued walking forwards. He encountered many deployment beasts. Some of them were very strong and could also cast deployment spells, just like the spider. Those beasts’ ability to cast deployment spells seemed to be innate. Lin Feng took all of them without exception. He put them all in his spirit world, he wanted to see if he’d be able to control them.
“Tomb?” Lin Feng looked at the ground from the sky and saw a grave. There was even a gravestone. In front of it, there were deployment beasts protecting it, that’s why it drew Lin Feng’s attention, “Cyan Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, Vermilion Bird of the South, Tortoise of the North,” he murmured.
That place was in the middle of the creatures. Four guardian spirits protecting a gravestone, who was buried there?
At this time, the four beasts were staring at some people ferociously. Those people were from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and had come to the small world to practice. They wanted to see what was on that gravestone.
Finally, someone moved towards the gravestone, but the White Tiger moved to intercept and glared at that person icily. It also released a formidable power. It looked just like a guardian spirit.
“We’re disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, we came to pray for our ancestor. Let us pass!” said that strong cultivator. However, the White Tiger just looked at him icily. That strong cultivator grunted icily and stretched out his hands, there was a rumble of moving energy and imprints shot towards the White Tiger.
The White Tiger roared angrily and spat out golden lights. Explosions erupted as they met the imprints, and everything exploded.
The strong cultivator grunted again and struck out with punches at the White Tiger. Energy filled the air. The one who had attacked the White Tiger was a great emperor who controlled Dao power, as were the others with him. They were all extremely strong.
The White Tiger roared, more golden lights materialized. Everything became golden around him. He looked like a king. His golden lights shot in all directions, the earth and sky trembled, those people’s hearts started pounding. They were Great Scholars, but they couldn’t cast deployment spells so quickly. However, that White Tiger who was a guardian spirit with innate abilities and extremely strong.
It’s a great imperial deployment beast, thought the astonished Lin Feng. The White Tiger was furious. The golden lights flared and turned into a curtain of light. The great emperor pulled a long face. He kept attacking, but the White Tiger was still roaring furiously. Deployment lights filled the air around him, the turning into a vortex and moving towards his enemy!
How terrifying. The great emperor isn’t as strong as the tiger, observed Lin Feng. The great emperor also thought of casting a deployment spell, but even as deployment lights started intertwining around him the White Tiger was too fast. He roared furiously and continuously. Deployment lights were everywhere.
The other great emperors all withdrew, grimacing. They had heard about these powerful guardian spirits before, everybody had told them to never offend them, but they had always had doubts. Now they could see them with their own eyes.
“Should we help him?” asked one of them, as their faces stiffened. That great emperor was stuck in a deployment cage now!
“Haven’t you seen that the three other guardian spirits are eyeing us covetously?” answered one of them, watching the Cyan Dragon, the Tortoise, and the Vermilion Bird carefully. The three guardian spirits were all extremely strong, watching the three as if they wanted to devour them.
“Help me!” shouted the great emperor desperately. To his despair, nobody was helping him. The deployment spell was getting more and more terrifying, the great emperor’s hope was evaporating.
Finally, the White Tiger devoured him alive. The sight was quite fearsome, especially when the White Tiger with blood dripping from his jaws raised his head and looked at them.
“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath. How strong! What would have happened if I had been the great emperor?
“Four guardian spirits, Saint Imperial marks, inherited from the Great Deployment Master, you dared try?” said Yang Xiao, looking at those people indifferently.
“Even though we’re in the Gan Ministry’s Paradise, there are no rules saying we can’t do certain things; if we’re able to do something, does anything prevent us from doing so?” someone else replied to Yang Xiao. If they hadn’t found the grave, never mind; but they did and it was protected by terrifying guardian spirits, few people could compete with them!
“The problem is, can you defeat them?” Yang Xiao smiled coldly, which made those people pull long faces. Their friend had just been killed, it proved everything.
“Hehe, Yang Xiao, no need to tell us those things. If you had had the opportunity, you would have done the same, everybody knows what kind of person you are in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry,” returned that person with a knowing smile.
Everybody agreed. Even the Nine Supreme Ministries had told their direct disciples not to touch him.
“Haha, you understand me!” Yang Xiao burst into laughter and said, “You’re right, if I have the opportunity, I’ll kill the guardian spirits, and now I do have that opportunity.”
“Eh?” when they heard him, they frowned, “Yang Xiao, what do you mean?”
“I can deal with them if you all help me,” replied Yang Xiao.
“And then?” asked the crowd. They had always wanted to see what was hidden in that grave.
“Before, you must help me do something,” said Yang Xiao.
“What?” asked the cultivators frowning. That guy was shameless.
“Help me capture that guy,” said Yang Xiao, pointing at Lin Feng. Everybody looked at Lin Feng, not understanding. Wasting so much energy to capture an emperor? And he needed help for that?
Lin Feng frowned and his eyes twinkled icily. Yang Xiao was definitely treacherous, he wanted to capture Lin Feng now!
“Yang Xiao, there are no tensions between you and me, and you even invited me to join the Gan Ministry! Is that how you treat your friends?” replied Lin Feng icily, staring at Yang Xiao. He opened his hand and deployment marks appeared.
“Your Excellency, I think you won’t accept my invitation, so I’ll capture you first and then we can talk.” Yang Xiao smiled. Lin Feng suddenly turned into a beam of light and shot off into the distance.
“Die!” shouted Great Emperor Zi icily. He released fire Dao power, which struck Lin Feng and penetrated into his body. Lin Feng was furious when he sensed the Qi latch hold of him.
“If you want to go into the grave, capture him!” shouted Yang Xiao explosively as he started chasing Lin Feng. The crowd frowned. Their silhouettes flickered. They all chased after Lin Feng like madmen. Since Yang Xiao had told them to, they obeyed. He might even keep his promise!
Lin Feng released empty space and wind cosmic energies and modified them. At the same time, his spirit world Qi filled the air and gigantic wings appeared on his back, he beat them and streaked across the sky. He was moving at an incredible speed!
How fast! Yang Xiao remains vigilant; he joined hands with me, but surprisingly he asked some great emperors to help him, he hadn’t thought this guy would be so fast, thought Great Emperor Zi when he saw that. However, deployment marks appeared under his feet and he started moving through empty spaces.

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