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PMG Chapter 2126: Killing God

PMG  Chapter 2126: Killing God
Yang Xiao was extremely fast. Deployment lights appeared under his feet and he started moving, he caught up with Great Emperor Zi and they continued chasing Lin Feng.
When Great Emperor Zi heard the whistling sounds next to him, he fumed. People from the Gan Ministry are good to Yang Xiao, they know he always resorts to evil methods so they gave him a precious treasure to escape.
Yang Xiao was one of the two emperors who had the highest social status in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. His social status was higher than Ye Que’s or Xie Mou’s. Of course, he was stronger than them, too. He had an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. He wasn’t greedy, quite even-tempered, and he also remained discreet most of the time. He obtained things all the time from all the Ministries because he was talented. He could steal people’s memories and use them for himself. When he took someone’s memories, the victim became amnesic and stupid.
In the past, there had been many cases in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Some extremely strong people had lost memories. Yang Xiao didn’t care about weak people’s memories. At the beginning, nobody knew who had done it. Eventually people had found out that it was Yang Xiao, but the Gan Ministry protected him. They had given him a treasure which protected his life, so nobody could do anything to him.
However, similar things continued happening and the Supreme Ministries were infuriated and wanted to punish him. They even threatened to kill him if he touched their disciples’ memories. Yang Xiao had finally stopped hunting the disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.
When Yang Xiao saw Lin Feng, he had immediately thought of him as a prey. He wanted to steal Lin Feng’s memories. It was a terrifying skill, especially since Lin Feng was extremely strong. Stealing such people’s memories had made Yang Xiao extremely strong!
Because of his special power, it was difficult for people of the same cultivation level to resist him, even though he wasn’t very talented. Only one person who had an Innate Spiritual Deployment-Type Body could compete with him. That person’s power was similar to the legendary cultivator’s power who had created the deployment mines with deployment spiritual beings. It was an innate power. It was difficult to find such people in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, and his deployment spells were awesome. That person was the first emperor of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Many great emperors were weaker than him!
Lin Feng’s speed was terrifying. However, Yang Xiao was catching up with him. Red lights shot towards Lin Feng. He frowned and turned around suddenly. World of the Living Imprints flashed towards Yang Xiao. It was like Heaven and Earth were surrounding him. Yang Xiao had nowhere to escape.
Yang Xiao released deployment lights around himself, and disappeared. He reappeared above Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black and deathly cold. His Death intent was intense. Holy Spirits filled with cursing strength moved towards Yang Xiao, pulsing with power. At the same time, Lin Feng shouted furiously, soundwaves and cursing strength invaded Yang Xiao’s mind. At the same time, Lin Feng raised his hands and blocked the red lights.
Lin Feng released explosive deployment marks, and appeared in front of Yang Xiao. Terrifying cosmic energies emitted furious whistling sounds and oppressed Yang Xiao. Sword lights streaked across the sky and a dazzling sword trail appeared, able to cut and destroy anything.
“Block!” Yang Xiao suddenly turned into a void, a strong wind started blowing and energies rolled out around him. He disappeared and reappeared in front of Lin Feng again. Terrifying lights emerged from his third eye and shot towards Lin Feng’s brain, accompanied by a dangerous Qi. Lin Feng felt his thoughts start to unsettle. He suddenly had a headache and the impression his brain was going to explode. His soul also started to shake chaotically.
“Die!” Death strength moved towards his enemy’s brain, both of them had terrifying attacks, and both controlled deployment spells. Their attacks were cruel and brutal. Anyone else could have been easily killed by their attacks.
A terrifying strength moved towards Lin Feng. He raised his hands to block, and Yang Xiao had the impression a mountain had fallen onto his back. He could barely breathe, and felt he was going to explode. Deployment lights emerged from his body and he retreated.
He was thinking that he was right, Lin Feng was indeed extremely talented, a real genius. In the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, there weren’t many people like him, he might be as strong as the one who had a spiritual deployment body. Yang Xiao wanted to steal his memories even more!
Great Emperor Zi and the others finally caught up with them. Great Emperor Zi stretched his hands and a terrifying fire surrounded Lin Feng. It felt like his entire body was going to burn.
“Stop!” Behind him, deployment lights started intertwining. A cage appeared and imprisoned him. Everybody smiled coldly. He wanted to escape from them, but it wasn’t that easy-
However, they saw Lin Feng jump up, he raised his shining fist, smashed the cage, and blew it apart instantly. Then he took out a deployment talisman and he disappeared, reappearing far in the distance.
“What kind of materials did he use to carve such a deployment talisman? He can surprisingly teleport so far.” Yang Xiao and the others were astonished and all pulled long faces. Surprisingly, he had escaped!
“Chase him!” shouted Yang Xiao icily. He was extremely fast. Deployment lights surrounded him again, he disappeared once more. Lin Feng’s speed was terrifying. He used deployment talismans, knowing he wasn’t strong enough to deal with so many great emperors. Yang Xiao had asked them to chase him, not the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry couldn’t say anything to protect him.
Lin Feng had come to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry willing to take risks. Now it was even worse, he was in the Gan Ministry’s Paradise. He had anticipated he would run into danger, he just hadn’t thought it would happen so fast.
Lin Feng realized that he couldn’t escape from Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao shouted extremely loudly, “Help me stop that guy, I’ll be infinitely grateful!”
Many people heard him clearly far away in the distance and rushed over. Lin Feng saw someone rush over to him. He welcomed the man with a sword attack. The sword lights were dazzling and hurt that guy’s eyes as it turned into a gigantic beam of light.
Lin Feng then used another deployment talisman and disappeared. However, some people were still blocking him. A strong cultivator released ancient imprints onwards him. At the same time, Dao power moved into his body. He grunted with pain, infuriated.
“Anyone who tries to stop me will die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively, the earth and sky trembling. Nine dragons roared. At the same time, a violent Qi exploded out from him. It was a weapon king Qi, terrifying and indestructible. Lin Feng seemed to be able to conquer every obstacle. He flapped his gigantic deployment wings unceasingly and streaked across the sky.
Someone was staring at him as he tried to block Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked back at him icily. He used his Nihility Sword Scriptures attack and released an empty space death sword, simultaneously releasing other sword energies. His enemy didn’t have time to be stupefied, he instantly disappeared, dead and gone. Ordinary emperors of the top of the Huang Qi layer couldn’t withstand a single attack from him.
Lin Feng didn’t stop moving. Someone in front of him released ice-cold lights. His death strength turned into a long river. At the same time, millions of black death swords appeared. His World of the Living Imprints blotted out the sky. Lin Feng’s enemy had the impression he was going to drown. He tried to escape from Lin Feng, but those death energies absorbed him completely.
When the crowd in the distance saw that, they were astonished, in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had already killed five or six people, everyone who had tried to stop him.
“How insolent!” swore a great emperor, darting forwards and releasing his Qi. He threw himself at Lin Feng, condensing endless strength. The terrifying Qi blotted out the sky.
In Lin Feng’s eyes there was only coldness and death. People chased him to kill him? Then he had to kill them! If his soul and physical body hadn’t been strong enough, he would have been dead long ago.
“Die!” Lin Feng looked like a death god. Nothing could distract him. He threw himself at the Qi which the great emperor was condensing and released Qi himself. He looked like a sharp sword.
“Stay here!” shouted the great emperor, stepping forwards, the ground was shaking. A strong wind was blowing, strong enough to kill people. However, when he released that explosive Qi, Lin Feng disappeared and released his shadow spirit. His whole body turned into a blurry shadow and he moved even faster.
The wind was still moaning, something moved through it with a whistle of doom. The terrifying Qi made the earth and sky tremble. The great emperor stopped running forwards, his face stiffening.
Yang Xiao streaked across the sky, a hurricane appearing around him. He frowned because he saw the great emperor turn into blood and ashes suddenly. Yang Xiao’s heart started pounding, but he wanted Lin Feng’s memories even more. The more dangerous Lin Feng was, the more interesting he was. He wanted to obtain Lin Feng’s powers!

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