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PMG Chapter 2127: Cauldron Modifying a Human Being

PMG Chapter 2127: Cauldron Modifying a Human Being
In the sky, Yang Xiao and Lin Feng kept streaking across the sky. Huge waves of energies surged around them. Lin Feng kept flapping his wings, his Qi terrifying. Yang Xiao had treasures which made him even faster. He was faster than Lin Feng and chased him closely.
Even though Yang Xiao was really close, he preferred being vigilant, as he could sense that Lin Feng was dangerous. Lin Feng had just destroyed a great emperor! Besides, if he didn’t have a special treasure and some special abilities, Lin Feng could have killed him already!
Of course, he wasn’t ready to give up. He was determined to obtain Lin Feng’s memories! Therefore, as he chased Lin Feng, on the way, he kept shouting and asking people to help him capture and kill Lin Feng.
People kept getting killed by Lin Feng. Yang Xiao didn’t care about sacrificing them to slow Lin Feng down.
Lin Feng was furious. He wanted to capture Yang Xiao and turn him into a Demon Puppet. But many people were staring at him. If he captured Yang Xiao, he would probably never be able to leave the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry alive.
At that moment, sharps lights glittered in Lin Feng’s eyes. In front of him, there was a deployment mine with a tombstone. Around it, as before, there were deployment beasts protecting it. The guardian spirits were a legendary beast like Suan Ni, there was also a mythical beast which had the head of a dragon, a lion’s body, hoofs, wings and a tail, and some other terrifying beasts. They looked ferocious and didn’t seem ready to let anyone in.
When Lin Feng saw that, he suddenly turned around and looked at Yang Xiao who was closely chasing him. Yang Xiao was moving very quickly, but when he saw Lin Feng stop, he was surprised, so he also stopped.
He didn’t start a great battle against Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng had stopped, it was better to wait for the great emperors behind to arrive. Yang Xiao didn’t want Lin Feng to escape, he wanted to steal his memories. He was willing to chase Lin Feng all over the small world to capture him!
A strong wind started blowing. Great imperial strength invaded the atmosphere. The great emperors arrived, when they saw Lin Feng was getting near the guardian spirits, they frowned. What was this guy going to do?
“Divide.” Lin Feng turned into two, then three, and very quickly, there were Lin Feng’s clones everywhere. Yang Xiao and the others were astonished. They could easily see his real body still, it had wings and a powerful Qi.
And then he disappeared. The clones dispersed. Nobody could see Lin Feng’s real body anymore!
All the clones suddenly turned around and fled. Deadly deployment lights shot everywhere.
“Where are you going?” shouted Yang Xiao icily. The crowd also chased him, but then the clones hurtled towards the deployment beasts.
Lin Feng said icily, “Kill those deployment beasts and open the grave.”
“This guy is insane!” thought the crowd when they heard Lin Feng. They all pulled long faces. The deployment beasts roared their fury and countless illusions shot towards Lin Feng. However, his countless clones just kept advancing. The sky exploded as illusions and clones died together. The ancient gravestone cracked and exploded. A hole appeared in the tomb, and someone ran towards it and jumped inside.
“That’s his real body.”
“He used a deployment talisman.”
Everybody was astonished. Mu Feng’s real body had entered the grave!
“Yang Xiao, you said you could fight against those deployment beasts, do it now!” a great emperor pressed him. Someone had gone into the grave, and they all wanted to follow.
“Keep calm. We need to cooperate. We need more great emperors,” said Yang Xiao slowly, regaining his calm.
Lin Feng was inside the grave. He realized that it didn’t look like a grave, there were deployment mines on both sides. Those deployment mines were filled with all kinds of strange things. Many deployment stones had human shapes, who looked like they were sleeping.
“Are those real or statues?” wondered Lin Feng. He continued walking forwards. He didn’t touch those gigantic stones.
“Whose tomb could it be?” mused Lin Feng. He realized that apart from those deployment stones, there were also beasts here. The path was extremely long, and then Lin Feng heard the sound of a cauldron being struck, which made him shiver. The soundwave made his soul shake. Was danger coming?
“What’s happening?” Lin Feng shuddered and gazed into the distance. However, he couldn’t see very far, it was supernaturally dark. The death cauldron sounds kept penetrating into his body. It felt like something was trying to kill him.
Lin Feng continued walking forwards. Since he was in the grave, he wanted to see what there was inside.
A mysterious Qi filled the air. After a short time, a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a strong cultivator from the Yu Wen Clan, Lin Feng had turned him into a Demon Puppet. He wasn’t very talented, so he was useless to Lin Feng.
“Go and have a look,” Lin Feng said to the Demon Puppet. The Demon Puppet obeyed. Even if a Demon Puppet could die, they would obey.
Lin Feng could clearly sense that the demon puppet was in danger. Even as the Demon Puppet relayed to Lin Feng what he saw, he collapsed and died.
“Cauldron, an ancient death cauldron.” Lin Feng frowned, his face stiff. There was a cauldron blocking his field of vision and the path. The sound waves emitted by the cauldron could kill people. It was extremely deadly, a level three or more Great Imperial Weapon.
Death, I know Death Dao, can that cauldron even kill me?, thought Lin Feng, walking forwards resolutely. Even if the Demon Puppet had died, Lin Feng wanted to see what had killed him.
As Lin Feng walked forwards, the mysterious soundwaves kept making his soul shiver. It was truly a deadly cauldron!
Lin Feng transformed cosmic energies into life strength and protected himself. The soundwaves continued making him shake, but they couldn’t kill him.
Very quickly, something strange happened. Lin Feng’s death and life strengths revolved within him. Lin Feng arrived in front of the cauldron, noticing it was very old. It was a deadly cauldron, giving the impression nobody could control it. If Lin Feng hadn’t understood life and death Dao, he wouldn’t have gone there. Even great emperors didn’t dare do so!
Lin Feng released his godly awareness and death strength towards the cauldron. He wanted to see what it truly was. However, when his godly awareness and death strength surrounded the cauldron, a terrifying beam of light emerged from the cauldron, it contained death lights which surrounded Lin Feng. His face turned deathly pale and his faces stiffened. Then, his death strength was drained out of his body as the cauldron stole it away.
“No!” Lin Feng interrupted his connection to the cauldron. However, its strength became even more terrifying, and even his godly awareness was sucked in by the cauldron.
“No…” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His soul couldn’t control his body anymore, it was forced out as well. The strength was terrifying!
He had fearsome fighting abilities, so he rarely left his body with his soul. However, at that moment, his soul was out of his body, irresistibly drawn forth. Lin Feng could see his own physical body with his soul, his body looked stiff. The cauldron absorbed his soul!
The cauldron started trembling, Lin Feng’s soul trembled and rotated inside the cauldron, as if the cauldron was trying to refine Lin Feng’s soul and turn into a cauldron soul!
The cauldron began to rumble. It wanted to use Lin Feng’s life and break the tomb open. Lin Feng’s soul, inside the ancient cauldron was dazzling to behold. Lin Feng was astonished, he had thought that only people could create Great Imperial Weapons, he had never thought Great Imperial Weapons could create people!
Yang Xiao and the others had managed to enter the tomb and now sensed dangerous forces. They had hurried along because they didn’t sense the cauldron’s deadly energies. They hoped to overtake Lin Feng on the way.
When they saw Lin Feng’s body, they were all astonished. Why did it have no Qi at all?
“Is that a clone?” Yang Xiao slapped the body. There was a crack of impact, Lin Feng’s body collapsed, but remained intact. It did not disappear.
“That’s his body, it’s not a clone. His physical body is incredibly strong, is he dead?” Their faces stiffened as they thought their work had been for nothing.

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