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PMG Chapter 2128: Innate Great Deployment Master

PMG Chapter 2128: Innate Great Deployment Master
“Let me try.” Yang Xiao was stupefied. He walked over to Lin Feng, opened his third eye and inspected Lin Feng’s body. After a few seconds, he looked astonished. “His soul has been destroyed! He’s dead!”
“What?” The others’ faces stiffened. His soul had been destroyed? Mu Feng was really dead?
When they thought about that, they gazed into the distance. The cauldron had already disappeared. They could see a cave in the distance though, an awesome Qi filled the air there, silencing all of them.
A silhouette moved like the wind: a great emperor! However, when they saw it, everyone looked astonished.
A gigantic beast appeared in front of them. It wasn’t a deployment beast, it was a real beast, a mahoraga. He had the head of a dragon and the body of a snake, dozens of meters long. His eyes were overbearing.
“How is this possible? How can there be such a terrifying beast in here?” The crowd was astonished. The gigantic mahoraga curled up in the gigantic deployment mine, he looked like the guardian of the mine.
“If there’s a gigantic beast, there’s a treasure and that beast is protecting it!” someone exclaimed. What treasure was the beast protecting, though?
Many more people had arrived. After entering, when they saw the mahoraga, they were stunned and their hearts started pounding. What a terrifying beast! They would have never thought there would be such a terrifying beast in here. Why did legends say the descendants of the Great Deployment Master were buried here?
“Master mahoraga, where are we?” asked someone. However, the mahoraga just stared at him and didn’t reply. The great emperor’s faces stiffened.
The mahoraga remained silent as he slowly started moving. The whole crowd withdrew, trying to hide their fear. The mahoraga moved away and deployment stones appeared in people’s fields of vision. There were many jade-like deployment stones, and they all seemed alive.
“Innate Spiritual Deployment?” The strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were astonished, their eyes glittering. Those deployment stones looked alive…
The mahoraga remained motionless, staring at the deployment stones; he looked excited.
“Kacha!” People’s hearts were pounding. Cracks appeared in the deployment stones.
After that, more crackling sounds spread in the air. There were more and more fissures in the stones. People’s hearts were pounding furiously. Innate Spiritual Deployment, Innate Great Deployment Master, how strong was such a cultivator compared to a Saint?
When they thought about that, they were even more excited than capturing Lin Feng. Dazzling lights appeared. They had almost forgotten that there was a deadly mahoraga in front of them, even though the beast could devour them in one bite. All they thought about at that moment was the Innate Spiritual Deployment, the Innate Great Deployment Master, who might be stronger than a Saint.
More fissures appeared and finally, the deployment mine exploded all around them. A Spiritual Body appeared. It had a human shape, but its features were not distinct.
The mahoraga stuck out his tongue. He looked excited as he crawled towards the spiritual deployment body. At that moment, a few great emperors appeared and also shot towards the innate spiritual deployment body.
The mahoraga was infuriated. He flicked his tongue and a strong wind started blowing. He immediately swallowed one of the great emperors, the man didn’t even have time to shriek. Yang Xiao and Great Emperor Zi were behind the others, both looking scared. That mahoraga was a Saint Imperial mahoraga! He was probably extremely old!
However, he had always stayed there to protect the area and wait for the innate Great Deployment Master to be born!
The mahoraga had devoured a strong cultivator, but he couldn’t block all the great emperors from reaching the spiritual body. At that moment, someone stretched his hands out and grabbed the deployment spiritual body. Deployment lights appeared around him and started intertwining. They turned into a terrifying strength and attracted the strength of the ten thousand things of creation.
However, a few seconds later, the great emperor was destroyed. People’s hearts twitched. That mahoraga was even stronger than they had expected!
“Innate Great Deployment Master, that innate spiritual body is surprisingly so terrifying?” Those who were still alive were terrified. They now believed half of the legends of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry about their ancestors. The innate Great Deployment Master was terrifying. His deployment spells could easily kill great emperors. However, the great emperor had been careless.
The innate spiritual body looked at the crowd, and those people stepped back. They didn’t dare get close, as they didn’t want to die. The mahoraga didn’t need to get involved, the innate spiritual body could also kill them!
The spiritual body moved towards the mahoraga. The mahoraga lowered his head and the spiritual body jumped onto it. The mahoraga stuck out his tongue again happily. Then, he rose up into the air.
Rumblings started all around them… the tomb was collapsing!
“Let’s go!” Great Emperor Zi and Yang Xiao retreated. When they passed next to Lin Feng’s body, Yang Xiao grabbed it and rose up into the air with it. Luckily, the mahoraga hadn’t tried to kill them, or they would have died!

The mahoraga destroyed the tomb as it exited. It was a thousand meters long, and looked as big as a mountain. The crowd was astonished and scared when they saw him.
“What’s that?” Some people were overcome with fear. They had the impression their legs were too weak to carry their bodies.
“A mahoraga. It has a dragon head and a snake body. It’s a gigantic one which means he must be a Saint Emperor. It’s also quite dark. He must be extremely strong as Saint Emperor. That’s why he’s so big!” explained someone who knew about mahoragas. People’s hearts were pounding. Everybody retreated instinctively from it.
“There’s someone on the mahoraga’s head?”
“It’s not a person, it’s a human form, what the hell is going on here?”
“Yang Xiao, Great Emperor Zi, you went into the tomb, what happened there?” someone asked Yang Xiao and Great Emperor Zi when they came out of the hole.
“Innate Spiritual Deployment, Innate Great Deployment Master, let’s go, let’s inform the teachers!” shouted Yang Xiao extremely loudly. Everybody shuddered with fear. An Innate Spiritual Deployment! Were the legends true? And he was protected by a terrifying mahoraga?
Such creatures were incredibly dangerous in this world!
The innate spiritual body was seated on the mahoraga’s head. They pierced through the clouds together and flew extremely high. He looked like a king.
They moved forwards, and the emperors and great emperors all moved backwards. However, the deployment beasts looked excited as they roared. They gathered around, even the guardian spirits greeting their new king.
It was indeed astonishing.
“Did those deployment beasts just protect their king? Is that a king? So what about the other tombs? Were they just covers?” wondered the crowd. However, it wasn’t important anymore. They now wanted to know whether the elders of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could deal with the mahoraga and the innate spiritual body, and use them for the sake of the Ministry?
But the mahoraga didn’t attack anyone in the small world yet. The mahoraga and the deployment beasts were just worried about their king.
All of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng. At that moment, the death cauldron was floating in the sky. Many strong cultivators were staring at it. There were many corpses around the cauldron, because it had killed them.
But to Lin Feng, the most terrifying thing was that the ancient cauldron seemed to have a spirit, and it seemed to want to modify Lin Feng’s soul to make it turn into his own. The cauldron could kill great emperors, but it seemed complicated for it to modify Lin Feng’s soul.

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