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PMG Chapter 2129: Modifying the Cauldron

PMG Chapter 2129: Modifying the Cauldron
Lin Feng’s soul was still in the cauldron. He could see everything happening outside. He could also sense that the cauldron wanted to modify his soul. The cauldron kept rotating and emitting deadly sounds. People in the distance kept retreating, they didn’t dare get close.
“The cauldron is a terrifying Great Imperial Weapon, it’s a precious treasure, why was it just outside of the grave and what was in the grave?” wondered Lin Feng. He still felt safe inside. He even thought about other things. Actually, Lin Feng was really safe in there, because the ancient cauldron was extremely powerful and could easily kill emperors at the top of the Huang Qi layer and even great emperors. If the cauldron had been able to modify his soul, it would have done so already.
The ancient cauldron sensed it couldn’t modify Lin Feng’s soul, so it was frustrated at the lack of progress.
In Lin Feng’s soul, a world pattern appeared, his spirit world. A cultivator’s soul and spirit were one, the soul was the container. When Lin Feng’s soul was absorbed by the ancient cauldron, his spirit was also absorbed.
“Master,” said Lin Feng to Qin Shan.
“That ancient cauldron can’t modify your soul now, but you should let it,” a calm voice responded to Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned. He knew that the Saint could barely talk, it was very difficult and tiring for him, usually they communicated using their souls.
“Alright…” replied Lin Feng. He knew that the Saint couldn’t reply. He stopped resisting the cauldron and let it modify him. Lin Feng realized that the cauldron really could modify his soul. His soul and the cauldron were slowly becoming one.
No, is my soul going to become the cauldron’s soul? If that’s the case, will I ever manage to come out?, thought Lin Feng. However, he had no choice. His soul was in the cauldron, it had been absorbed, he couldn’t escape. He had to let the cauldron modify his soul, but he didn’t know what was going to happen.
Time passed. In the distance, the crowd noticed that the cauldron wasn’t acting as dangerously anymore, it seemed to be calming down. Lin Feng sensed his soul was being modified by the cauldron, he was turning into the cauldron’s soul. He was becoming part of the ancient cauldron!
After some time, the ancient cauldron settled down. Lin Feng’s soul had become a part of the cauldron. Lin Feng tried to move and realized the cauldron moved when Lin Feng wanted to.
“Eh…” If Lin Feng’s physical body had been able to react, he would had cold sweats. He wasn’t a human being anymore, he was a cauldron. He had become a cauldron. Was he going to be a cauldron forever?
Lin Feng shivered. In the distance, the crowd was astonished, the cauldron staggered and kept shaking. What kind of cauldron was that? What was happening?
But quickly, he stopped shaking and moved forwards. Lin Feng looked for the place where his physical body was, he had to find his body. He didn’t want to live as a cauldron his entire life.
However, when Lin Feng went back to the grave where the cauldron had absorbed his soul, he saw the grave had collapsed. The cauldron entered the hole and there was nothing left inside, his physical body had disappeared. Lin Feng had lost his physical body. He was astonished. Had someone taken it?
“What happened here?” thought Lin Feng. However, he couldn’t talk. He was a cauldron, he wasn’t a human being anymore…
Yang Xiao was outside and wanted to capture me. The grave collapsed, which means that if Yang Xiao hasn’t died, he must be the one who has taken my physical body, thought Lin Feng and then he rose up into the air again.
In the distance, the people were amazed. Even though the cauldron wasn’t releasing death soundwaves anymore, they were still wondering why it was acting so strange.
It had gone back into the ruins, was it looking for something? Now it had left again. It didn’t look like something a cauldron could do, it was more something a human being would do. The cauldron was acting like it was alive.

Lin Feng continued flying forwards. However, he realized that people were watching him. In the paradise, there were still many people, and when they saw a cauldron traveling on its own, how could they not be interested? Especially those who hadn’t seen how terrifying his death soundwaves were.
At that moment, a great emperor rushed over to the cauldron.
Lin Feng grunted icily in his consciousness. The cauldron released soundwaves in waves, the man turned black and his face stiffened; this ancient cauldron was dangerous?
The death soundwaves kept resonating, filling the air. Lin Feng was very annoyed, as he realized that now that he controlled the cauldron, it wasn’t as powerful as before, otherwise, the man would have died already.
Lin Feng didn’t know that that ancient cauldron initially had its own body, it had been a terrifying cultivator who had sacrificed himself to make this terrifying Great Imperial Weapon. After so many years, it still had a thread of consciousness left, which was why it had been so powerful. Now that Lin Feng’s soul had become the cauldron’s soul, it couldn’t be as strong as before. The stronger the soul, the stronger the cauldron.
Of course, even though that cauldron wasn’t as strong as before, it could still kill great emperors. Very quickly, the people who tried to steal the cauldron all died. They became Lin Feng’s first victims as a cauldron.
Of course, as Lin Feng looked for his physical body, he bumped into many people who wanted to steal him. Lin Feng started killing them methodically; when people got close to him, he slaughtered them in a flash. That way, the people who chased him kept their distance after seeing that.
“That cauldron is alive and cunning,” they hissed in fear.
Back in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, the members of the eighty-one Ministries were astonished, including some people of the Supreme Ministries. The news of the innate spiritual body and the mahoraga had reached them.
A group of strong cultivators surrounded the mahoraga and the innate spiritual body and the group of deployment beasts. It was spectacular to see them in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.
“Your Excellency, who are you?” demanded a strong cultivator of the mahoraga.
“My king needs a physical body!” replied the mahoraga uncaringly. Everybody knew that his king was the innate spiritual body, only the spiritual body could be his king.
However, people didn’t understand why that terrifyingly strong mahoraga was calling that spiritual body his king.
That guy did it on purpose, he wants to choose a physical body!, thought the crowd.
“The spiritual body wants to use body capture?”
“I don’t like that word. Let’s say my king is the future king of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he will also be a Great Deployment Master of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. You should be happy about having a king!” said the mahoraga icily.
The crowd frowned. That strong cultivator retorted “What you mean is that after using the body capture, the spiritual body will join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and become our disciple?”
“He won’t be your disciple, he will be the king of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry!” said the mahoraga, staring at that strong cultivator icily.
The strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry looked pensive. An innate Great Deployment Master? It was rare. If that guy could really become a Great Deployment Master and became their king, why not? The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry would rise at the speed of light. However, they were worried that he would also make them submit, they didn’t want to lose control or become his slaves.
The strong cultivators talked to one another and after a short time, the same strong cultivator asked, “What body do you want?”
At that moment, the mahoraga suddenly looked determined, as if he had been getting ready for the question. Many strong cultivators released Qi when they saw that, but they heard the mahoraga shout furiously, “Who wants to stop me? Do you want my king to join another group?”
Many people were astonished. The mahoraga grabbed someone, that person shouted, “Teacher, save me!”
“Oh no.”
“He surprisingly chose him, how sad.”
Yang Xiao, who was in the crowd, frowned. Surprisingly, they had chosen him: that guy was as famous as he was! It was the cultivator who had the spiritual deployment body, his deployment spells were terrifying and he was extremely talented
“You can’t choose him. Change the body please.”
“Hmph! Why would my king want someone who has no talent and who isn’t extremely strong? It would be useless. He’s lucky to have been chosen!” said the mahoraga, refusing to release the person. The spiritual body immediately penetrated into the hapless man, the crowd was astonished. They were all terrified and didn’t want to stay near him anymore.

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