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PMG Chapter 213: Fearless

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“Hu Qiong!” shouted the three other lieutenants at the same time. The three other lieutenants were looking at Hu Qiong’s collapsing silhouette, their faces were red with anger.

They then raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng with boiling killing intent.

“You dared to kill Hu Qiong?” said one of the lieutenants sounding ice-cold while fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

“Did you not see it?” asked Lin Feng fearlessly.

Lin Feng had an opportunity to kill his opponents; he wasn’t going to miss it. Hu Qiong possessed the strength of the seventh Ling Qi layer. Hu Qiong’s axe was incredibly powerful to the extent that Lin Feng had been injured by the shock from his attack. If he hadn’t killed Hu Qiong, it was the same as committing suicide.

During a war, while two sides were fighting, all battles were a matter of life and death.

“Grr…” The lieutenant gnashed his teeth. He hated Lin Feng and wanted to kill him but Prince Mo Jie had given the order to capture Lin Feng alive.

Nobody dared disobey Mo Jie’s orders.

“You four, go and capture him.” said the lieutenant while turning around to look at the four who had their faces covered. He sounded cold and commanding.

“No, we can’t do that.” said one them. That lieutenant was surprised. His facial expression became even colder.

Lin Feng was also surprised. It seemed like the relationship between them was not that good. But what kind of relationship did they have?

“We are willing to send out three but two of you have to help them to capture him. How does that sound?” continued the man whose face was covered. He sounded like he was the leader of those four.

“Alright.” said the lieutenant after being unable to make up his mind for a brief period. He then nodded and said: “If you don’t fight with all your strength, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

These five people moved towards Lin Feng, two lieutenants and three of the black guards with their faces covered. When these people released Qi and force, Lin Feng felt that he was suffocating.

How strong. These people had all broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer.

Looking solemn, Lin Feng’s eyes slowly turned dark. His eyes became cold and expressionless.

He gave the impression that he could control everything around him. He could perceive everything clearly, even each individual leaf rustling in the wind.

While facing five strong cultivators of the seventh Ling Qi layer, Lin Feng was completely focused. What seemed like an endless quantity of battle energy was surrounding his body.

The ground beneath Lin Feng was shaking and his armor was emitting metallic clangs. Lin Feng was firmly holding his sword. Even when facing five cultivators at the seventh Ling Qi layer, Lin Feng didn’t flinch.

On the path of cultivation, one of the best traits was a strong willpower and unwavering determination. Even if Lin Feng was facing five cultivators at the seventh Ling Qi layer, he wouldn’t flinch. The only way out was a battle and everything else was destiny. That was the only path to reaching the clouds.

Fearlessness led to supreme achievements.

They could feel the powerful battle energy that Lin Feng was releasing, so the five cultivators remained vigilant.

He had killed Hu Qiong, who had broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer, with a single strike. They couldn’t let their guards down and give Lin Feng an exploitable opportunity.

“First, injure him severely. You don’t need to be merciful. Just don’t kill him.” said one of the lieutenants coldly. Their horses neighed as they all rushed towards Lin Feng. They were all attacking Lin Feng at the same time.

Lin Feng’s body flickered and just like a shadow moved backwards and avoided the attacks.

These five people continued to move forwards and suddenly, Lin Feng’s silhouette suddenly disappeared without trace.

“Impossible!” these five cultivator were astonished. There was only a blurry, dark light which looked like a specter in his place. At the same time, a sensation of danger rose within their hearts. He has a shadow spirit.

Unable to change the situation, the five people continued rushing towards the spectre with regret in their hearts.

“Dark Shadow, die!” a subtle sound spread through the atmosphere and blood splashed into the air. The shadow passed by two of the black guards and immediately after, Lin Feng became visible again.

These five people had not grouped together effectively. Lin Feng had his back towards two of the black guards who were charging towards him at full speed. However, as they got closer to Lin Feng, their bodies trembled and they fell down from their horses, they were already dead.

That was the second part of the Di level skill Cross Shadow: Dark Shadow. The cultivator could transform into an almost invisible and inaudible shadow. This was also the part which Protector Kong had never managed to master. However, Lin Feng, when releasing his Celestial Spirit, could use it with a small degree of mastery. Even though it wasn’t perfect, he could still transform into a shadow which made him look like a transparent spectre, barely visible. Besides, using that skill, he had easily killed two cultivators who had a higher cultivation than him.

Of course, Lin Feng had to pay a huge price to do so.

Lin Feng coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth. He hadn’t mastered Dark Shadow, so he wasn’t able to turn into a perfect shadow, which is why Lin Feng had been damaged by the opponents’ attacks. However he managed to kill two of them which could be considered a great achievement.

However, Lin Feng felt that his internal organs were badly injured.

“Lin Feng.”

Duan Xin Ye was looking at Lin Feng and her cheeks were rosy. Why was Lin Feng doing all of this to save her? He was fighting so many strong opponents to save her.

“Bastard.” furiously shouted the lieutenant who had not yet got involved. He immediately charged towards Lin Feng while throwing his most powerful punch.

Lin Feng could perceive everything around him and could see that fist rushing towards him. Lin Feng quickly punched the ground with his right hand and propelled himself away from the attack. However, he was still affected by the power from that punch. Another mouthful of blood was coughed up as he landed. Lin Feng supported himself on the ground with one hand, but his face was incredibly pale.

Eighth Ling Qi layer!

That lieutenant was also the strongest. He surprisingly had the strength of the eighth Ling Qi layer.

“You killed my brothers, you must die!” As before, that lieutenant wasn’t going to give up. He slammed his powerful foot into the ground and jumped through the air. He was launching another punch towards the injured Lin Feng.


Lin Feng’s body was propelled backwards. His injuries this time were much more severe. A moment before, he had already been severely injured but now he had just received two punches from a cultivator of the eighth Ling Qi layer.

“Lin Feng, today you will die.” piercingly cold, deadly energy emerged from the lieutenant’s body. He was slowly walking towards Lin Feng.

“The prince wants him alive. If you kill him, you are disobeying the prince’s orders.” said one of the men with the helmet covering his face. The lieutenant was surprised. He then immediately said in a cold way: “He killed two of my brothers, if I cannot kill him, I will cut off his arms.”

“Cut off my arms?” said Lin Feng while raising his head. His dark and expressionless eyes looked even more determined. He stood up and an incredible quantity of battle energy emerged from his body. This battle energy was insanely fluctuating around Lin Feng’s body.

Suddenly a gigantic ice spirit appeared behind Lin Feng and it seemed to reach the sky. It seemed like the entire area was instantly frozen. The temperature immediately dropped.

Sword Qi was whistling through the atmosphere. It was sharp and deadly.

When the others saw that, they were stupefied. Lin Feng was still able to release such incredible battle energy, his willpower and determination was incredible.

He took a step forward looking calm and detached, but after that step, the battle energy around Lin Feng’s body turned into a violent tempest which started to rage in the center of the ice.

The lieutenant was astonished. He narrowed his eyes. Lin Feng was incredibly dangerous. It seemed like his two types of energy had fused together with the energy from heaven and earth. It seemed like Lin Feng could take on anyone, including the lieutenant.

He was showing the traits of a true hero. He had incredible will power and zeal. His heart was fearless, filled with determination and he felt like he could annihilate everything in his path.

“Die!” said Lin Feng with a calm voice. However, he didn’t use his sword. He used his finger and formed it into a sword. It seemed like his finger had become a real sword. More and more force fused together with the other energy, he was using an energy attack.

When Lin Feng raised his finger, it sounded like the air was being pierced by a sword.


The lieutenant quickly released his Fierce Beast spirit which released an incredible power. It was an extremely strong spirit, a huge fierce beast that looked like a small mountain.

He had the impression that Lin Feng was extremely dangerous. Even though he had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer, he was sure that he needed to use all his strength against Lin Feng. He used his most powerful attack ‘Oblivion Fist’ and launched himself toward Lin Feng.

“BOOM!!” the ground was shaking. An insanely strong wind rose between them, clouds of dust were fiercely blown in all directions.

“Come back!”

Lin Feng was violently pushed back but ignored the blood coming from his mouth. Besides, as if his energy was inexhaustible, more piercingly-cold Qi, more sword Qi and more battle energy emerged from body in what seemed to be an endless supply.


The ground immediately caved in and a huge crater appeared where Lin Feng stood. Lin Feng was blown backwards once again and he unceasingly continued to cough up mouthfuls of blood. Duan Xin Ye couldn’t stand watching this scene any longer.

However, it seemed like the quantity of Qi emerging from Lin Feng’s body didn’t stop increasing. All the energy he released was fusing together.

That fearless battle energy was becoming as powerful and majestic and the earth and the heavens.

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