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PMG Chapter 2130: Another Saint-Like Cultivator

PMG Chapter 2130: Another Saint-Like Cultivator
After that, the spiritual body finally had a real body, with ears, feet, hands…
However, he looked evil and terrifying. He looked extremely clever, too. He glanced at the crowd and smiled icily, “I’ve transmitted everything to him. He’s me now and I’m him. Of course, the difference is that I am now your king. Remember that.”
He looked dignified and majestic like a king. He was still on the mahoraga’s head and looked at the crowd in a disdainfully.
Then he slowly turned around and looked at Yang Xiao. “Where’s the cauldron?”
Yang Xiao didn’t understand, the cauldron?
When Yang Xiao had entered the tomb, the cauldron and Lin Feng had already disappeared. He had just found Lin Feng’s body.
“My King, he doesn’t have the cauldron. The cauldron absorbed a soul and left. I don’t know where he is,” said the mahoraga icily.
The spiritual body frowned. The mahoraga looked at Yang Xiao and said, “Show me that person’s body.”
Yang Xiao was astonished, his face twitched. Initially, that person had the same position as him in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, and now he had turned into their king. A Great Deployment Master had stolen his body. He was also annoyingly proud and arrogant.
But Yang Xiao had no choice, but to obey. He took out Lin Feng’s body. The spiritual body looked at Lin Feng’s body calmly. The mahoraga surrounded Lin Feng and said to the spiritual body, “My king, that’s the one, his soul was absorbed by the cauldron. That’s his physical body.”
“Alright,” nodded the spiritual body nodding. Then, a strong wind moved to the body to destroy it. However, Lin Feng’s body seemed unaffected, the power just rang off it. The spiritual body was stupefied and frowned, “What an incredibly strong physical body. What a pity, I could have used it! But I guess an innate spiritual deployment body is not bad, either.”
At that moment, the cauldron emitted whistling sounds in the far distance. The spiritual body was stupefied and looked at the cauldron. His eyes twinkled, he smiled and thought, What a guy, you’ve been following me for so many years, you can always find me.
Lin Feng didn’t know what the spiritual body was thinking. At that moment, he was staring at his own body, but he was annoyed, as there were so many strong cultivators around once again. He could only float in the air since he was a cauldron.
“Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron, come back!” shouted the spiritual body. Lin Feng was startled. That person was talking to the cauldron, was he the owner of the cauldron before?
Lin Feng slowly flew over next to the spiritual body. The spiritual body smiled, turned around and said to the crowd, “Even though I am an innate spiritual deployment body, I’ve already transmitted my knowledge to this body and I’m your king. Don’t worry, I will make the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry rise and become really strong.”
Innate? Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s king?, thought Lin Feng. He tried to understand what was going on.
“Alright, everybody can disperse, I will choose a palace,” said the spiritual body. The mahoraga left and the crowd dispersed. Only a few strong cultivators from the Supreme Ministries followed him. The worst thing is that the spiritual body chose a king’s palace from the Gan Ministry. Had he absorbed the body’s memories as well?
Lin Feng followed the spiritual body as well. Even though his body was still there, he couldn’t take it away easily. The mahoraga was too strong.
Once at the palace, the spiritual body glanced around and bellowed. Deployment lights started intertwining. He had cast a deployment spell on the whole palace. He slowly turned around and looked at the deployment beasts, “This is my palace now, so protect it.”
The deployment beasts obeyed and surrounded the palace. Only the mahoraga stayed, taking Lin Feng’s body and throwing it on the ground. Lin Feng was very annoyed.
“Good boy, we haven’t seen each other for tens of thousands of years, and you’ve always been protecting me, thank you,” said the spiritual body, tapping the mahoraga’s head and smiling patiently.
The mahoraga stuck out his tongue and looked happy, he said, sounding like a human being, “Master, that’s my duty. I’ve been waiting for so long and now my king has come back.”
When Lin Feng heard them, he was stupefied. That innate Great Deployment Master had really been born in the depths of the earth and sky?
He heard some little secrets.
“Yes, back then, I couldn’t break free and I fell. Now that I have come back to life through a deployment spell, I will break free from the limits of the past and I will become much stronger,” said the spiritual body, his eyes twinkling. He looked like a king. Tens of thousands of years before, he had also been a king!
“A Great Deployment Master?” Lin Feng was stunned. Another monstrously strong cultivator! Saint Tianhun was a Saint, but he had been badly injured. The person in front of him at that moment had been reborn through a deployment spell and now had innate deployment body. That was really ominous. He had cast a terrifying deployment spell in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, covering the whole palace.
At that moment, the spiritual body looked at the ancient cauldron and smiled, “So many years have passed, the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron has always been my favorite weapon. Now you look less dazzling than in the past.”
He stretched out his hands and touched the cauldron, deployment marks started intertwining. The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron started shining, a formidable Qi rising from it. Lin Feng’s soul trembled. That Qi was indeed impressive! The atmosphere became oppressive.
“Great Deployment Masters use Great Imperial Weapons?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. His current body seemed to be a terrifying weapon, but Lin Feng didn’t even know how to use it, perhaps because he had let the cauldron modify his soul. Lin Feng felt powerless now. He didn’t even understand what the cauldron was. He wanted his physical body back. However, when he heard the spiritual body, he understood this duo was tens of thousands of years old.
“Dragon mahoraga, do you have any Great Imperial Weapons?” the spiritual body asked the mahoraga. The mahoraga nodded and spat out a few. They were all Great Imperial Weapons, but the mahoraga didn’t seem to treat them like treasures, he simply spat them out.
The spiritual body put those weapons in the cauldron and smiled, “So many years, you don’t even have a thread of my consciousness anymore. What a tragedy. Since you forgot your own powers, I’ll help you.”
The spiritual body, who still had his hand on the cauldron, started carved deployment marks on the cauldron in glittering strokes. Lin Feng was trembling, and his soul was twitching. Surprisingly, the spiritual body was transforming the Great Imperial Weapons!
Lin Feng could barely stand it, the cauldron kept trembling. The spiritual body frowned and said, “Eh? I need to modify you again. You’re so weak now. You don’t look like an imposing and awe-inspiring king’s cauldron anymore!”
The lights shone again. Lin Feng was terrified, his soul strength was running out. The process didn’t last too long, however. The Great Imperial Weapons finally transformed and fused together with the cauldron.
Lin Feng was speechless.
The cauldron was now a terrifying Great Imperial Weapon! It was probably a level eight or nine Great Imperial Weapon!
Lin Feng had to study his current body and see how strong it was. He knew about the death soundwaves and the soul absorbing power…
The spiritual body tapped the cauldron and smiled, “Wait and I’ll make you shine again. I need to stabilize a little in this new physical body, then I’ll bring you back to life. Then, we’ll fuse together and try to become the First Cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!”
The spiritual body burst into laughter and left the palace. However, the mahoraga didn’t leave. It was on the ground and Lin Feng’s physical body was left on the ground, too.
Lin Feng was furious. If the mahoraga didn’t leave, Lin Feng couldn’t do anything at all!
Lin Feng didn’t know whether he could leave that cauldron or not, even if he used his full strength. How could he get back into his real body? Besides, the spiritual body had said he was going to modify him and make him come back to life, what was that supposed to mean? Lin Feng had to leave as soon as possible, before he came back!

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