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PMG Chapter 2132: Coming Back

PMG Chapter 2132: Coming Back
The cauldron slowly descended from the sky. Lin Feng could see many beasts in the mountain range below. As a cauldron, Lin Feng had an all-around field of vision.
Some of the beasts were extremely strong. When the ancient cauldron descended from the sky and landed on the mountain, many beasts looked at him coldly. In the mountains, spiritual beasts usually liked keeping their animal forms, they didn’t mind having a beast form. However, they were still sentient and enlightened. When they saw the cauldron, they immediately understood that it was a precious treasure!
The beasts started roaring greedily. Many beasts raced over to the cauldron, snarling and eager. However, Lin Feng merely smiled icily. He let the beasts get near and did nothing.
The beasts were vigilant. When they saw that that cauldron was alone and nobody around, they drew closer. When they did, deadly lights appeared around the cauldron and filled the air. The beasts couldn’t control their souls anymore. The cauldron had been trying to absorb their souls!
Dead beasts appeared at the top of the mountain, their souls sucked in by the ancient cauldron.
The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron released some evolution strength, which filled the air. The beasts’ souls started shaking violently, trying to resist, but it was useless. Very quickly, their souls were destroyed and modified.
“What powerful evolution strength!” praised Lin Feng. He was astonished. The beasts weren’t too strong, but still, absorbing their souls and modifying them was something exceptional, and he realized it was different than when he modified weapons or other things. The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron was a better “pilot” than he was and could easily modify souls. He had turned into the cauldron’s soul, but he hadn’t become a cauldron, he could just act as the cauldron. He didn’t fuse together with the souls he absorbed them, however; he just wanted to use them to “drive” the cauldron.
“Those souls can help me drive the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron. So can my soul leave it now?” he wondered. He tried to bring his soul out of the cauldron.
“How painful! It’s my soul is being flayed!” he grimaced when he felt the pain. He stopped and thought, “That ancient cauldron needs my soul to deploy its explosive strength. If my soul leaves the cauldron, the other souls will disperse, becoming an ancient cauldron isn’t easy! The best way is to absorb many beasts’ souls and turn them into the cauldron’s strength.”
When Lin Feng realized that, he stopped moving aimlessly and brought his body away. He needed to kill some beasts!
Very quickly, a gigantic tiger appeared and ran towards the cauldron, brandishing his claws. Of course, when he touched the cauldron, a fearsome strength instantly absorbed his soul, and he died.
“I need to modify the cauldron’s strength with my own soul; using the beasts’ soul to drive the cauldron requires too much strength,” thought Lin Feng. His soul was the cauldron’s soul, he could recover his own soul strength but not that of the beasts, but it didn’t matter. His own soul strength was enough for now.
Lin Feng didn’t need to hunt for beasts, they came to him automatically, Lin Feng just welcomed them and absorbed their souls. If he encountered powerful and extremely strong cultivators, he didn’t need Qin Shan’s help anymore, he just used the cauldron to attack them.
Lin Feng sensed that the ancient cauldron’s souls were becoming more and more powerful, and felt more confident. He even became excited to hunt beasts. When beasts took a human form, he didn’t want to hunt them; but if they had an animal form, he didn’t mind, it was open season!.
He moved rather quickly, crossing a forest and making sure he drew nobody’s attention; after all, there were some truly dangerous beasts in the continent, so he had to be careful! He emerged from the forest and arrived above a beautiful river, the sounds of splashing water filling the air.
Lin Feng was amazed. The river was quite beautiful…  and a silhouette appeared indistinctly on its shores. She had wet jet-black hair, looked quite meek and mild, very pretty with extremely white skin… and her Qi was incredible, too! She was wearing simple white clothes, and looked extremely desirable.
“Eh?” When the beautiful woman saw the cauldron, she looked interested. That ancient cauldron looked powerful, it was probably a high-tier Great Imperial Weapon. When the cauldron saw her, it stopped! How strange!
The woman came out of the water; she had a perfect body, absolutely flawless, and her clothes were transparent! Luckily, Lin Feng was a cauldron, so he had thoughts, but his body didn’t react since he was a cauldron at the moment.
“What a beautiful seal!,” he thought when he saw the necklace with a seal between her breasts. It looked extremely life-like.
The woman suddenly laughed, a robe appeared around her and she released hot Qi, drying her clothes instantly. She looked at the cauldron and smiled, “You’re a perverted cauldron. Do you have the same mental abilities as a human?”
“Eh…” Lin Feng almost had cold sweats. What would the woman have thought if she had known he was a man?
“You’re a cauldron without a master?” the woman asked Lin Feng gently. Her smile was magnificent. Lin Feng just rotated twice as if he was trying to shake his head, and the woman looked disappointed, “Interesting cauldron, you are self-aware, but unfortunately, you have a master. Otherwise, I would have taken you and we would have explored the world together.”
Lin Feng was speechless… mostly because he couldn’t talk.
However, at that moment, a hurricane started howling, bestial Qi filled the air and rose to the skies. The woman frowned as she released an ice-cold Qi. She didn’t look so nice and gentle anymore. Lin Feng was surprised at how fast her demeanor changed.
It was good that he was a cauldron; if he had been a man, he wouldn’t have seen her smile, he would have just seen her furious…
Powerful beasts were rushing over. The leader of the group of beasts had a human form and he was staring at the woman. He looked at her coldly and his bestial Qi was impressive.
“Capture her!” ordered that man coldly. The beasts started running at her, making the earth and sky tremble. The force of the stampede even made Lin Feng tremble. They looked fierce and powerful.
However, the woman just took out a soft sword in response. She was extremely fast, invisible and intangible Qi filling the air. Lin Feng just saw blood splash, and in the blink of an eye, all the beasts were dead. She put her soft sword on the leader’s throat, blood dripping from it.
“How fast! Her attacks are so precise. She killed those beasts in one sword strike each time!” praised Lin Feng. The woman put her sword away and recalled her Qi.
Her silhouette flickered. She landed in front of the cauldron and caressed it. Lin Feng moved back in surprise.
“Eh, you’re shy?” asked the woman, giggling at him. Her beautiful eyes kept twinkling, she looked particularly interested in the cauldron. She continued caressing it and smiled, “Eh, you have a physical body and many deployment marks. Who’s your master? Unfortunately, I can’t take you with me, it would have been fun. See you!”
Then, the woman turned into a beam of light and disappeared.
“How fast, who is she?” Lin Feng was amazed. She had the same cultivation level as him, and was so strong. Lin Feng sighed… there were so many geniuses in Godly Clouds!

Lin Feng didn’t dwell on it too much. He absorbed more beasts’ souls and finally stopped after reaching a certain point.
The cauldron contained a great many more souls now. Lin Feng sensed that it would be much easier for his soul to leave the cauldron now. Even though it was painful, Lin Feng finally managed to leave the cauldron and move back into his body, which was still inside the cauldron.
His physical body in the cauldron slowly stood up. His muscles were definitely sore after being dead for several days! He took a deep breath and enjoyed being back in his body again. He whispered, “I’m finally back!”

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