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PMG Chapter 2133: Arriving in Town

PMG Chapter 2133: Arriving in Town
Godly Clouds was the center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and had borders with the eight other regions. It was extremely vast. It was difficult to imagine how vast it was, and impossible to know how many inhabitants lived there.
Godly Clouds City was in the center of the region. It was a famous place. Many strong cultivators gathered there, especially for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. People from the twelve districts of Godly Clouds City were there to greet them.
East of Godly Clouds City and up in the sky, were groups of cultivators. Some of them were on beasts, some of them were flying in the clouds, some of them were on the ground, some of them were even walking slowly. Some of them were alone, some of them were in groups, but the people didn’t stop.
At the same time,  from under a lake, someone raised their head and saw the numerous people all around and above them. It had started a while ago, it was like that every day, during the day, at night, at any time of the day. The number of people from the twelve cities who had arrived was incredible.
The cities of Godly Clouds had therefore made a public announcement. People who weren’t emperors couldn’t go to the twelve cities of Godly Clouds City. At the same time, they had to take a small exam to enter the city. Godly Clouds wanted to eliminate some people. Otherwise, the city wouldn’t be able to accommodate everyone!
Every hundred years, it was the same thing there. Many people went there, determined to succeed. Every hundred years, many geniuses gathered in Godly Clouds!
“How lively!” whispered an old man at that moment, up in the sky. He was at the top of the Huang Qi layer, but he felt tiny there. All the cultivators in the sky were all emperors of the top of the Huang Qi layer or great emperors.
They were all extremely strong!
“Grandpa, so many extremely strong cultivators!” exclaimed a young woman of the Huang Qi layer in a weak voice. In her village, she was considered extremely strong, people said she was a genius; it had taken them a year to arrive here. She had realized that everybody was extremely strong here!
“Yes, my little girl, our small village is not the only place where you can find extremely strong cultivators. In Godly Clouds, there are millions of geniuses. We have to be discreet and avoid fighting anyone,” replied the old man. This kind of place was dangerous, it was better not to offend anyone; one could never know, some people could be extremely strong and kill you.
“Don’t worry, grandpa. Why would I offend anyone?” whispered the young woman.
“People like you came to Godly Clouds City to lose face.” said someone not far from them. It was a group of five young men, making fun of them. The old man and the young woman turned around, they were startled, they had just said they wouldn’t offend anyone and suddenly, someone tried to provoke them. She just gulped it down, though.
“Little girl, let’s go.” said the old man to the young woman, ignoring those people.
“Go? That girl is beautiful, let me help to protect her!” said a smiling young man. The four others surrounded the old man, all of them staring at the young woman. They had overheard the old man and the young woman’s conversation, so they knew that those two were from a small place. They had decided to capture her!
Of course, this was only a small thing which happened to some people who had come to the city. Many people remained discreet and didn’t want to offend anyone, many others tried to cause trouble for no reason. There were all sorts of people, and sometimes things were unavoidable.
Where there are many people, there is always chaos!
Of course, many people plotted against others as well…
A sword streaked across the sky and shot towards one of the young men. The air was filled with Sword intent.
The evil young men were stunned when they saw that. They turned around and saw a young man, like them, mounted on a beast. He slowly came towards them. His Sword intent filled the air. He had just carried out that sword attack a moment before.
Sword lights glittered, it was like time had stopped. The young men all disappeared into the sword lights.
They were unlucky. They had bumped into a young man who didn’t understand what it meant to remain discreet, but even though he killed people in a cold and detached way, he seemed to have at least a little sense of justice and righteousness.
Lin Feng had the feeling his sense of justice and righteousness wasn’t very developed, because he had killed so many people.
The cultivation world was cruel; to become strong, it was necessary to kill people. Lin Feng was no exception. But just a moment before, for justice and righteousness, he had killed a few more people again.
The old man and the young woman only saw a handsome young man, he looked enigmatic and unfathomable. He was mounted on a fire lion, which looked particularly ferocious. The fire lion looked like Qiong Qi, so Lin Feng had captured it in the mountain range. The old man was scared when he sensed the fire lion’s Qi.
What level is that beast?, thought the old man. He looked up at Lin Feng and bowed. “Thank you very much for saving us, Master.”
In his eyes, this young man had to be a disciple from a wealthy and powerful clan. He was very strong, talented, had a powerful beast, and with only a few sword attacks he had instantly killed a few young men of the same age; they belonged to two different worlds!
The young woman’s eyes twinkled. She looked at Lin Feng and said, “How strong!”
“It’s nothing, really,” Lin Feng smiled. He looked quite impressive. The old man sighed. No wonder this young man was extremely strong, he had a completely different personality from the people he had just killed. He still thought Lin Feng was an extremely strong genius from a wealthy and powerful clan.
“Thanks to your slight effort, you saved my granddaughter and me,” said the old man humbly. He knew that if this young man hadn’t helped them, his granddaughter would have been kidnapped and he would have been killed.
“I can’t tolerate anything like that happening in front of me,” Lin Feng assured him, “In front of us is the eastern entrance of the twelve cities, right?”
“Indeed, we’re almost there!” said the old man nodded.
“Come,” Lin Feng smiled. He was in a good mood. The old man was surprised and the young woman looked excited, she jumped onto the beast and smiled cutely, “Thank you, brother!”
“Thank you very much, Master, please forgive my granddaughter, she’s stubborn and obstreperous. Don’t blame her,” said the old man respectfully. Even though Lin Feng’s cultivation level was similar to his, he knew he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng’s sword. Therefore, he didn’t dare let his granddaughter call him “brother”. He had to remain vigilant!
“It’s alright. Just call me Lin Feng, Mister. This young girl is nice, and I am young, too. She can call me brother,” said Lin Feng politely. The young woman made a face and the old man laughed, also jumping onto the fire lion. He wasn’t worried that Lin Feng would do anything to them or request anything. Lin Feng was too strong. He didn’t need to make them mount his lion to attract them. He found he trusted the young man, he was definitely honest and kind-hearted.
The fire lion sped forwards, his bestial Qi filling the air around them. In the sky, many people watched the beast strangely, wondering at its strength. Just like the old man, everybody thought the young man had to be from a wealthy and powerful family, or, he wouldn’t have had such a powerful beast even though he was still a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer.
The fire lion was a Great Imperial Beast! When Lin Feng captured it, it took great efforts. Finally, the lion had submitted. It was no wonder the crowd had the same thoughts as the old man.
“Brother, you come from a city near Godly Clouds City?” asked the young woman. “No. I’m from the Dark Night Region.” replied Lin Feng.
The young woman’s beautiful eyes twinkled, “How far! You actually come from another region. Is the Dark Night Region the same as Godly Clouds?”
“The same goal can be reached using different routes. The Dark Night Region is less complex. There aren’t millions of clans fighting and competing all the time. The average strength is also lower than in Godly Clouds.”
“Godly Clouds is in the center of the continent, so of course it’s the most powerful region. But you come from the Dark Night Region, and you’re extremely strong, brother. You must be an incredible public figure,” smiled the young woman.
The three people chatted freely before they arrived at the eastern gate. The people who were flying all landed there. People had to pass through the gate, entering the city while flying was prohibited.
“We’re at the eastern gate, the most important one. Once you cross the gate, you’re really in town. I hope we’re not too late!” said the old man, looking at the gate. There was an empty space gate there, and he naturally understood what it meant. Many people had gathered there. Some people managed to cross the gate, while many others were refused entry.
“Go, you can go,” Lin Feng smiled
The old man nodded, “My granddaughter is quite talented, I’ll try first, and if I can go in, she’ll definitely be authorized entry, too.”
Then, the old man walked to the gate but unfortunately, he was refused access, he came back disappointed and said, “We’ve been traveling for a year, and unfortunately, I was refused entry.”
“Never mind. Let’s walk around the city and enjoy the landscapes,” said the young woman to cheer him up. She didn’t want to go into the city without her grandfather.
“I’ll take you in,” said Lin Feng, releasing Qi around the two people. He had  them enter his spirit world. He walked up to the gate with the lion, they crossed over and entered the central city of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
The old man and the young woman reappeared, now inside the city. As they stood there, Lin Feng and the fire lion were already far away. They hadn’t even had time to react to what had happened…

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