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PMG Chapter 2136: Traveling Together

PMG Chapter 2136: Traveling Together
Lin Feng watched those people leave and smiled indifferently. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan weren’t easy to talk to, especially since they were furious because of that previous defeat. But most people were probably like that in Godly Clouds City.
The strong cultivators from Red Clouds were also proud and arrogant but they didn’t provoke people first. They weren’t at home, after all.
The strong cultivator of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan hadn’t left yet. A young man from Red Clouds looked at him and said, “Your Excellency, don’t worry, that guy resorted to trickery and used hidden fire. It’s normal if you’re injured. In terms of pure physical strength, you are much better.”
“Yes, I understand. But be careful too. Wang Sheng is sly. It won’t be easy in three days,” replied the cultivator of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. The young people from Red Clouds nodded. The one who had just talked smiled happily and said, “Even though the Pellet Kings Clan is based in Godly Clouds City, we are also descendants of medical kings. We don’t fear them. Since we won against them once, we can win twice.”
The Thunder Clan cultivator nodded and looked at Lin Feng, “You just refused to trade your beast with Wang Sheng. Even though he said nothing, you have to be careful. He will probably dispatch people to steal it from you. He loves fire beasts. After all, he could use a fire-type Great Imperial Beast to modify its fire and use it himself.”
“Thank you for warning me,” Lin Feng replied politely.
Those people from Red Clouds looked at Lin Feng and smiled. “Your Excellency, are you a foreigner, too?”
Lin Feng nodded, “I’m from the Dark Night Region.”
“Great, we’ve already been recommended to an Ancient Holy Clan. If you want to take part in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you can come with us!” said the leader of the group with an open smile.
When Lin Feng heard that, he understood what the other  meant and smiled too. He didn’t refuse. Finding a place to stay was a good thing. He could also inform his fellow disciples. Being recommended to a place was great too. And these people seemed nice. Staying with other people was a good idea considering some people could attack him anytime…
“Great, I’d love to,” Lin Feng agreed.
“Alright, let’s go then!” that man grinned. The five of them left together.
“My name is Ru Feng, what’s your name?” the leader of the group asked.
“Lin Feng.”
“My name is Ru Yun.”
“Zi Ling.”
“My name is Yao Yao.” The youngest woman of the group kept staring at Lin Feng and grinning. Actually, she kept looking at Lin Feng’s fire lion, her beautiful eyes were twinkling as she said, “I want to steal your fire lion too, his fire makes the atmosphere so cozy. Brother Lin Feng, your clan is so nice to you, they gave you a cute Great Imperial Beast.”
Lin Feng realized how nice and easy-going these people were.
“If you like him, you can have him, no problem!” Lin Feng smiled. He had captured this Great Imperial Beast to travel. Wang Sheng wanted him to kill him and use his fire, Yao Yao was different so Lin Feng didn’t mind giving him to her.
Yao Yao’s eyes twinkled. She looked at Lin Feng and said, “Nah, it’s alright. Wang Sheng wanted to trade for him, but you refused, why could I have him?”
“Haha, what a nice little girl,” Lin Feng grinned.
“Am I little?” shot back Yao Yao, sticking her tongue out. Lin Feng laughed. Ru Feng and Ru Yun smiled wryly. Their little female fellow disciple had a good temper, and they all liked her. She was their teacher’s only daughter, too. She was nice and well educated, otherwise, their teacher wouldn’t have let her come to Godly Clouds City.
“Who’s watching us? No need to hide!” said Ru Feng at that moment. In the sky, a few people had appeared. They had been watching Lin Feng and the others with their godly awareness, therefore Lin Feng and the others quickly noticed their presence. Of course, those people initially didn’t intend to hide.
“Things happen quickly in Godly Clouds City. Who are you, which clans are you from?” asked Ru Yun, he grunted coldly and stepped forwards. His robe fluttered even though there was no wind.
However, those people were looking at Lin Feng. They glanced at Ru Feng and Ru Yun in a cold and detached way and said, “This has nothing to do with you. Don’t forget the challenge in three days.”
“People from the Pellet Kings Clan. You want to steal people’s possessions that much?” When Ru Feng heard that person, he understood what he wanted.
That person grunted coldly but didn’t even look at Ru Feng. He stared at Lin Feng and said, “We’ll give you a level three Great Imperial Weapon, and you give us the fire lion. That’s easy and fair, what do you think?”
Lin Feng frowned. The young man from the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan was right. Wang Sheng wanted to cause trouble!
“Does Wang Sheng not understand our language?” said Lin Feng indifferently. Those people looked at him with murder in their eyes. Qi filled the air. Those people were all great emperors. The people from Red Clouds were extremely strong, and the fire lion was a Great Imperial Beast, the Pellet Kings Clan couldn’t possibly send emperors to do this.
“Really insolent. Since it’s that way, let’s take it ourselves!” the man speaking  smiled coldly. Ru Feng and Ru Yun released fire energies towards those people. Their fire was daunting!
“Brother Lin Feng, get behind me.” said Yao Yao, jumping forwards. She also released fire into the air. Her fire was strange and magnificent.
“How could I let a little girl protect me?” Lin Feng shrugged and stepped forwards. He landed next to Ru Feng and Ru Yun and said, “If you attack them with your fire, can you destroy them?”
Ru Feng and Ru Yun were surprised. If their fire did reach those great emperors, they were going to die indeed. They were from a clan of alchemists, their fire strength was terrifying, and they also had a fire-type Dao.
“Naturally!” Ru Feng nodded, “If our attack reaches them, they’ll die, yes.”
“Alright, I’ll release wind cosmic energies,” whispered Lin Feng. Ru Feng and Ru Yun didn’t mind. A terrifying hurricane started roaring. Their robes were flapping in the wind, and their speed accelerated. Empty space wind strength and their energies fused together. They frowned. What a powerful wind cosmic energy! Even the great emperors were surprised!
At the same time, golden empty space wind energies appeared up in the sky.
The great emperors were startled and glanced at one another. Two great emperors shot forwards at the same time, and as they did, an invisible and intangible Dao strength filled the air and moved towards Lin Feng.
“Get ready to attack!” shouted Lin Feng. Then, his godly awareness glittered. At the same time, golden cosmic energies started intertwining. At the same time, Ru Feng and Ru Yun moved faster than the eye.
“Constriction!” shouted Lin Feng loudly. In a flash, an empty space hurricane surrounded the two great emperors and constricted them. They both raised their hands to break the deployment spell. At the same time, they started forwards and dazzling fire lights glittered.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. The two cultivators’ faces stiffened. A terrifying sword strength lunged towards them from behind at that moment… no, two gigantic golden swords! Their expressions changed…
Ru Feng and Ru Yun jumped forwards and broke their attacks, and at the same time, the two cultivators accelerated and drew closer to them.
“Explode!” shouted the two cultivators loudly. Their fireballs exploded, and the two golden swords broke apart. However, more whistling sounds spread in the sky.
“Deployment spell!” The two cultivators’ faces stiffened. That deployment spell wasn’t extremely powerful, and couldn’t pose a threat to them, but Ru Feng and Ru Yun oppressed them. Their fireballs could destroy them!
One of them pointed at Ru Feng and a fireball shot towards him. At the same time, the other stretched out his arm and the atmosphere started burning.
“Die!” Lin Feng smiled coldly. In a flash, a death sword moved towards the two great emperors. It was his Nihility Sword, a deadly sword. At the same time, empty space deployment lights appeared and evolved. Behind them in the sky, deployment lights started intertwining and blocked their way.
“Help!” shouted one of them. In a flash, the other two great emperors frowned and darted forwards to help.
“Die!” An invisible and intangible death soundwave strength moved towards the first two great emperors and pierced through their eardrums. At the same time, Ru Feng and Ru Yun also arrived, their fireballs shooting towards the great emperors’ heads at full speed.
“Piss off!” The two cultivators’ faces had changed drastically. However, their enemies were faster, especially with the deployment spell and the death sword. They could only fight back, they couldn’t escape.
The two fireballs turned into two terrifying dragons and destroyed their attacks. The fireballs even absorbed their souls as they burned away in a flash

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