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PMG Chapter 2137: Groups of Different Levels

PMG Chapter 2137: Groups of Different Levels
“What a powerful fire, I wonder what they used to obtain such a fire.” Thought Lin Feng when he saw Ru Feng and Ru Yun’s fire, he was impressed. They could easily burn two great emperors to death. However, their fire didn’t look aggressive and brutal, it was just deadly. Many cultivators had their own secrets, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry was like that, too. They had their own deployment spells, and the strong cultivators from Red Clouds were like that, also.
The two other great emperors stopped moving. Their faces had turned deathly pale. Two great emperors had just been burned to death. Even though they were guards in the Pellet Kings Clan, they weren’t related to the clan by blood. They weren’t as strong and talented as the direct descendants of the clan, but they were still great emperors from Godly Clouds City, so they were really strong, and now two great emperors had been killed so quickly…
“Go back and inform Wang Sheng that if he has more sly methods to deal with people, he can wait three days and use them then. I can’t believe he sent assassins to steal things, that’s so pitiful!” sneered Ru Feng coldly. The two great emperors glanced at one another, turned around, and left. They had underestimated their enemies’ strength. Two great emperors had been killed, and if they continued fighting, they’d die too!
Many people had noticed that battle and sighed. Those people from Red Clouds were real geniuses, no wonder they dared fight against people from the Pellet Kings Clan. They weren’t only strong in terms of medicine, but they were also terrifyingly strong fighters.
Ru Feng and Ru Yun turned around and looked at Lin Feng, not hiding their surprise. “Lin Feng, your deployment spells are so powerful. You can condense cosmic energies to cast deployment spells so quickly, you’re already a Great Scholar!”
Lin Feng’s deployment spells were as advanced as their medical skills. They were already quite strong at their level. Lin Feng wasn’t just from a wealthy and powerful clan, he was also extremely talented. A bright future awaited him as a deployment spell caster!
“Your fire is also very aggressive,” Lin Feng returned the compliment. He knew he was already a Great Scholar in terms of deployment spells, but it was nothing exceptional in his eyes.
“I wouldn’t have thought your deployment spells would be so powerful, brother Lin Feng!” Yao Yao grinned. “It seems that we’re going to succeed in the Ye Clan!”
“Yes, Brother Lin Feng’s deployment spells are incredible, he’s a Great Scholar already. He’s also very talented. We can all join hands. However, if we want to become genuine participants of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, we still need to practice. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds takes place every hundred years, there will be many geniuses. Some of them are beasts, but won’t be qualified,” Ru Yun told them.
They all needed to make efforts. Many people didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, including some people who were considered incredible geniuses. It was normal though. There were geniuses among geniuses!
Besides, Wang Sheng, these four people, the strong cultivators of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, all those people were geniuses, but in Godly Clouds City, were they the best? Not necessarily. Even if they didn’t manage to stand at the top of the flight of stairs, they could stand on the second.
But there were strong cultivators from all regions in Godly Clouds City these days, so many people could stand at the top. Geniuses from the other regions were also the best geniuses in their regions, so how strong were they in comparison to other geniuses in Godly Clouds City?
Ru Yun was confident he was a great alchemist and a great fighter, but he didn’t overestimate himself. He was sure he didn’t have the potential to stand at the very top of the flight of stairs in Red Clouds, so he had even less chances in the other regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
Their group left the area quickly.
The Ye Clan was an Ancient Holy Clan in Godly Clouds City. They were a Level Three influential group.
The Shrines had already told everyone who the Level One influential groups were: the four major groups of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They were at the very top of the Eastern Town, and the Shrines acknowledged them. It meant that those four groups, when they joined hands, were dangerous powers in Godly Clouds City. The Shrines didn’t try to favor anyone, they did things properly. Those four clans could send some people to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they had allocated positions. They could also go to the inner city to spectate.
However, numerous people had come to Godly Clouds City from abroad. They couldn’t rely solely on strength to select them, it was too difficult and almost impossible to evaluate. They needed to collaborate with smaller clans to choose people, people who were strong enough could then be evaluated by the four biggest clans. Those smaller clans were the so-called Level Three groups.
The Level Two groups were strong, but the Shrines hadn’t acknowledged them. They didn’t want to belittle themselves and make concessions. The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan and the Pellet Kings Clan belonged to the category of the so-called Level Two groups.
The Ye Clan had many strong cultivators, but many of them had a cultivation level which belonged to the third level; they had few high-level emperors, great emperors, and Celestial Emperors. But why did they need Level Three people and not other emperors? Because if you hadn’t reached that level, a hundred years from now, you couldn’t possibly have the opportunity to join, even geniuses. If someone hadn’t become a high-level emperor at the time of the meeting, then a hundred years later, they had to be Celestial Emperors. Few people became Celestial emperors, and if anyone managed to become a Saint Emperor within a hundred years, they could just go directly to a Shrine.
How lively. I’m sure the other Ancient Holy Clans are also as lively, thought Lin Feng when he entered the Ye Clan. There were many strong cultivators present, and their Qi was extraordinary. Among the people who wanted to join the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, none were weaklings.
“Brother Ru Feng, you came back!” exclaimed a young man at that moment. Ru Feng and the others smiled happily to see him. They all looked close.
“Brother Ye, let me introduce you, it’s my new friend Lin Feng. He’s like us, he came here to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. We recommended him to the Ye Clan,” said Ru Feng, smiling at the young man. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, “This is Ye Ning from the Ye Clan.”
“Since Brother Ru Feng wants to recommend him, I’m sure Brother Lin Feng is trustworthy. But we need to explain a few things to him. No matter who comes to the Ye Clan, they must go through an application process so that we can recommend them to the four biggest groups. We have to be responsible, the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is very important. Don’t feel offended, Brother Lin Feng.”
“Please abide by the rules, Brother Ye,” replied Lin Feng with a polite smile. He couldn’t get offended because of the rules. The Ye Clan would be the first step, so he had to go through the application process. Then, he’d have to take the exam of the four clans and if he succeeded, he’d be authorized to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
“Thank you very much for your understanding, Brother Lin!” said Ye Ning, shaking hands with Lin Feng. He grinned and said, “Come, there are more and more geniuses in the Ye Clan these days. They can all gather and talk freely about cultivation. There are people from every region of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they all have a different understanding of cultivation. Exchanging and learning from one another is very beneficial for all.”
“Alright, let’s go!” Ru Feng nodded. Ye Ning took them to a vast place with a martial arts stage. Many people were seated cross-legged in front of it. Ye Ning smiled and told them, “The atmosphere is spectacular when so many geniuses gather around a stage like this.”
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He studied all those people seated cross-legged. They all looked extraordinary. Seeing so many strong cultivators around a stage was only possible in Godly Clouds City. There were hundreds of geniuses here. They were talking about cultivation, some of them about things they didn’t agree on. Some people were also standing on the battle stage and fighting. Those who lost naturally left.
“Lin Feng, when the Ye Clan tells us to exchange views on cultivation with others, it means that if we fail, we are eliminated and we can leave,” said Ru Feng to Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng understood that. So many geniuses were here, all of them ambitious and proud. If they disagreed on something, they could compare themselves, and the losers could leave.
Ru Feng and the others were foreigners. They sat down. Ru Feng talked about fire and medicine. Lin Feng talked about deployment spells, how could they not want to compare themselves?
“Brother Lin Feng, it’s your first day here, have a seat,” said Ye Ning smiled. Lin Feng nodded, nature would take its course. Lin Feng sat down somewhere with Ru Feng and the others. Lin Feng’s Great Imperial Beast was seated behind him, calmly and peacefully.
“Cultivators’ three energies determine their temper. If their three energies are powerful, they are talented, such people can practice cultivation free from inhibitions and happily. Such people can progress without hindrance. Breaking through is easy for them. If a cultivator’s three energies are not harmonious, if they are distracted, how can they progress? Only people who are talented can fight properly.” said someone at that moment slowly. He didn’t talk loudly, but everybody heard him. It was his own view of cultivation.


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