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PMG Chapter 2138: First Master

PMG Chapter 2138: First Master
After that, many people smiled. They understood what he meant. Everything was important on the path of cultivation, the three energies he spoke of were blood strength, physical strength, and Dao strength. They couldn’t lack any of it, but it was normal that cultivators had to focus on one of them sometimes. Everybody progressed differently. Many people liked to focus on one and considered it the most important.
Maybe some people just tried to convince themselves, too…
“Without good physical strength, how can you have the body of a Saint, how can you transcend worldliness and attain holiness?” spoke up someone else, smiling indifferently and not sparing a glance for the person who had just talked.
The one who had just talked said nothing, but stared at him. He was waiting.
“Cultivators seek enlightenment. The chiliocosm of the Great Dao contains the ten thousands things of creation. Only people who break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Dao can transcend worldliness and attain holiness,” said that person calmly.
He was talking about Dao and principles. He sounded emotionless. He was saying something completely different from the first one who had just talked. The first one sounded free and unrestrained, he looked like a person like that.  The other one was was handsome and had no expression, looking cold and emotionless.
“So what you mean is that your Dao is more powerful than mine?” said the first person, looking at the one who looked emotionless. He sounded indifferent.
“Stronger than yours, at least!” replied the second in the same tone. He sounded confident and sure.
“So let’s try and we’ll see,” smiled the first one coldly. He knew the other really wanted to try.
“In the Ye Clan, you can’t kill people. We are guests here. I’ll give the Ye Clan face, because when I fight, I’m emotionless,” said the second one. He was saying that he didn’t want to fight because he wanted to give the Ye Clan face; when he fought, it was to kill. The other one was surprised and pulled a long face, he looked at Ye Ning and said, “Ye Ning, can we battle to death, please?”
“Eh…” Ye Ning pulled a long face. He looked at them, smiled wryly and nodded, “Since you are both so determined, please do. But the best would still be not to kill anyone.”
The crowd understood that Ye Ning was saying that to be polite. Actually, he didn’t really care about those people’s death. He was there to select fighters. Losers were eliminated. For him, whether those people died or were eliminated, there was no difference. He was just the leader of the Eastern Part. The Ye Clan prohibited battles to death just to avoid ending up in a chaotic situation; if both sides agreed, they had no objection.
That cultivator suddenly stood up when he heard that, and suddenly, his three energies surged explosively towards the other young man.
He jumped forwards and a terrifying energy moved towards his opponent. He wanted to attack his enemy’s heart and soul. His energies were explosive.
“That guy is extremely strong. He must be as strong as the strong cultivator of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan’s cultivator. He’s a real genius,” observed Ru Feng calmly.
However, Yao Yao laughed and said, “Brother Ru Feng, you’re definitely stronger than him.”
Ru Feng laughed, giving a noncommittal reply. The emotionless cultivator finally stood up and released his Qi calmly. There was no terrifying Qi. However, at that moment, he took a step forwards and emotionless energies started humming.
“How cold.” The emotionless fighter’s energies were icy-cold. Everybody felt chilled. People had the impression they were becoming heartless.
“Emotionlessness Dao.” Ru Feng and the others looked startled. This guy was extremely strong; he was stronger than his opponent, who thus had to be extremely vigilant. The emotionless fighter’s energies had fused together with the earth and sky, resonating with the cosmos.
“On the path of cultivation, Dao is the most important thing, being emotionless is a perfect way to achieve enlightenment.” said that person calmly. His energies continued resonating with the earth and sky. He took another step forwards, Emotionless intent emerging from his body and piercing through his opponent’s body, sapping away his emotions.
The one who attached more importance to the three energies was oppressed, his face turned deathly pale. The Emotionless intent surrounded him.
“On the path of cultivation, Dao is the most important thing, being emotionless is a perfect way to achieve enlightenment!” That was arrogant, wild, and violent. It resonated all around the stage.
“Die!” the first one shouted explosively, his three energies surging out as his rage spiked. He wanted to destroy the emotionless energies, but the emotionless cultivator took another step, millions of threads of emotionless energies piercing through his body.
“Emotionlessness Dao is unstoppable. Not even the earth and sky can stop it,” said the emotionless cultivator flatly. His energies still resonated with the earth and sky. He took another step. The opponent’s three energies and Dao power were instantly destroyed. Finally, he was left standing there without any Qi.
“How strong.” When the crowd saw that, they were astonished and frowned. This guy was terrifying. They were all geniuses, they came from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But they all thought this guy was a real genius. He had just killed another genius easily: nothing could stop Emotionless Dao!
The emotionless energies disappeared. Lin Feng finally understood why Empress Xi had made Qiu Yue Xin practice emotionless cultivation. Qiu Yue Xin hadn’t managed to become that strong, but emotionlessness cultivation was extremely powerful and terrifying. This guy had just proved it!
“Three thousand threads of emotionless strength, the Three Thousand Deadly Technique, Prince Wu Qing, you’re Prince Wu Qing!” exclaimed someone at that moment,  looking rather stunned. Everybody’s expression changed, and were staring at him. Those people came from the Dark Night Region, so they recognized him, but people from other regions didn’t, was Prince Wu Qing very famous?
In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were nine regions, with little communication between them. Therefore, even though Prince Wu Qing was famous in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, few people knew him in other regions.
Wu Qing glanced at the speaker indifferently and went back to where he was seated before. He looked calm and aloof. Even though he didn’t confirm it, everybody understood who he was.
Prince Wu Qing was the First Master of the Dark Night Region. No wonder he was extremely strong. That young man stood at the top of the Dark Night Region among emperors. Even on the stage of the Ye Clan, he had displayed his strength.
“Prince Wu Qing is very famous?” Yao Yao’s eyes twinkled. Lin Feng said, “Prince Wu Qing is the First Master of the Dark Night Region, so he’s famous, yes.”
“First Master of the Dark Night Region? No wonder he’s so strong. He killed a genius with Dao power!” Ru Feng looked stunned. That guy’s strength was really impressive!
“Brother Lin Feng, you’re also from the Dark Night Region, who is stronger between you and Prince Wu Qing?” asked Yao Yao, smiling.
“Yao Yao!” rebuked Zi Ling, rolling his eyes. She didn’t think before talking. Since Wu Qing was the First Master of the Dark Night Region, how could there be anyone stronger than him at the same cultivation level?
“We’ve never fought, so I don’t know,” replied Lin Feng with a smile. Yao Yao grinned and gave Zi Ling a mocking look.
Many people remained silent because of Prince Wu Qing. Ye Ning had already asked someone to dispose of the corpse. However, nobody said anything. They hadn’t thought the First Master of a region would be there, in the Ye Clan!
“Don’t feel awkward, continue talking about cultivation. If you don’t feel like talking, please tell me about the First Masters of each region, I’d be happy to know more.” said Ye Ning breaking the silence and smiling.
“Brother Ye Ning, who’s the First Master of Godly Clouds?” asked someone.
“Right, Godly Clouds is the central region, geniuses mostly come from here. There are many geniuses here. I also want to know about the First Master of Godly Clouds.” said someone else. They all wanted to know more about the geniuses of Godly Clouds. After all, so many strong cultivators of the Huang Qi layer had gathered there, people of other cultivation levels were together.
Godly Clouds was the central part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so of course, there were more geniuses there. Were the strongest cultivators of Godly Clouds stronger there? For example, who was the strongest master of the nine regions?
“The First Master of Godly Clouds?” Ye Ning smiled and gazed into the distance in a solemn and respectful way. One could see he admired the First Master of Godly Clouds as well.
“The First Master of Godly Clouds comes from Holy Mountain, almost everyone who comes from there is a genius. Most of our apex geniuses also come from there,” said Ye Ning, smiling thinly. Everybody looked solemn and respectful at his words. Holy Mountain, some people had heard about it before.

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