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PMG Chapter 2139: Wu Qing’s Words

PMG Chapter 2139: Wu Qing’s Words
Holy Mountain was a legendary place for Godly Clouds.
The name itself showed how incredible they were… Holy! The ultimate goal of Holy Mountain’s people was to become a Saint!
Even some people from other regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had heard of Holy Mountain.
The First Master of Godly Clouds was from Holy Mountain!
“Their Saints, Buddhist monks, Confucianist monks, sword cultivators and so forth. are all famous. People from Holy Mountain who are not extraordinarily strong can’t come down the mountain, and if they do, they’re not allowed to say they’re from Holy Mountain. Therefore, when people from Holy Mountain show up, they are all incredibly strong and talented. The First Master of Godly Clouds is not just a Confucianist or a sword cultivator, he’s a Confucianist sword cultivator,” explained Ye Ning solemnly. People were startled. A Confucianist, that was extremely rare in the continent. Their strength was particular, and their spirit was rare. Confucianist monks mostly had book spirits and studied Confucian’ scriptures. They strictly enforced the principles they learned in the Holy scriptures, and they studied the origin of the ten thousand things of creation. Confucianist monks were even rarer than Buddhist monks!
The three most famous types of cultivators in Holy Mountain were Buddhist monks, Confucianist monks, and sword cultivators. The First Master of Godly Clouds was both a Confucianist monk and a sword cultivator!
“Hua Qing Feng practices both Confucianism and sword cultivation. At the same time, he also understands two types of Dao strength. The first one is Celestial Sound Dao, one word can turn into the ten thousand things of creation, one word can kill thousands of people. His voice is his Dao. The second one is deadly; his sword obeys, his speech protects his sword. He’s a killer, he can make anything change in the world. King Ning Re doesn’t even dare offend Hua Qing Feng. People think he’s going to be a Saint.”
When the crowd heard about Hua Qing Feng, they frowned. How formidable! King Ning Re didn’t even dare offend Hua Qing Feng, a future Saint!
Many people looked at Prince Wu Qing. He was the First Master of the Dark Night Region, was he weaker than Hua Qing Feng? Many people started thinking they were weak. They had the impression they would never be able to compete with people like those First Masters.
Actually, they were right, none of them could compete with the First Masters!
Two types of Dao, the First Master of Godly Clouds must be terrifyingly strong, considered Lin Feng thoughtfully He thought about his opponents.
This time, at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he would see the nine First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he would also see the First Ladies, although he didn’t know whether they could compete with the First Masters though. There would also be those strange creatures who had come back to life, like the one with the spiritual deployment body or Saint Tianhu; those people were also terrifying, and then there were also the thirteen Young Beast Masters, and Chu Chun Qiu.
Lin Feng felt more determined when thinking about them. He was rising alongside such people!
Those people were going to fight, and their battles would be magnificent and spectacular.
“Of course, even though the First Masters are extremely strong, many geniuses will come and participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and some people might defeat them. Every time, some Masters are defeated. The best showing for the Masters was one time when four of them ended up in the top ten, which is less than half of them. Maybe a potential First Master is among us today!” said Ye Ning, smiling happily when he saw that everyone remained silent.
Everybody came back to their senses and stopped daydreaming.
Four Masters in the top ten, that was their best performance? There must be terrifying cultivators at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!, thought many people. But they didn’t take Ye Ning’s words seriously, either. Even if the ten Masters didn’t manage to all end up in the top ten, they probably all ended up in the top twenty or thirty, which was already incredible. Many of them couldn’t even imagine achieving that. After all, even though they were strong, they didn’t consider themselves the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
“The First Master of Red Clouds is a genius. Naturally he’s also an alchemist. He’s a great fighter and a great alchemist, Jiu Ling Huang! He has studied nine sorts of spirits, and nine sorts of fires, He can make the skies burn, and when his nine fires fuse together, his spirits change. His powers are explosive. He can burn many ordinary great emperors to death,” said Ru Yun.
Many people were startled. Alchemists understood fire really well, everybody knew that, as without a powerful fire, people couldn’t become alchemists. Since those people were from powerful clans of alchemists, they couldn’t be weak. The First Master of Red Clouds was probably terrifying strong.
“Hihi, Jiu Ling Huang’s medicine techniques are also incredible. Many alchemists of the Di Qi layer often ask him for pieces of advice,” said Yao Yao, giggling next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng laughed when he heard her. These people were kings’ descendants. They probably knew the First Master of Red Clouds quite well. They all seemed to have the greatest esteem for Jiu Ling Huang.
And from Yao Yao’s facial expression, it was easy to guess she liked him!
“I’m from Supreme Clouds, the first First Holy Taoist Temple, we train terrifying cultivators there. The First Master also comes from there,” said someone solemnly next. He looked at Prince Wu Qing and said, “The First Master of Supreme Clouds, Wu Ya Zi, is sly and evil. He practices supreme skills and techniques, such as the Supreme Emotion-Destroying Technique. He destroys people’s seven emotions and six sensory pleasures; in other words, he destroys their personalities and turns them into puppets.”
“Supreme Emotion Destroying Technique.” The crowd frowned, another terrifying cultivator who could destroy people’s seven emotions, six sensory pleasures, and personalities. A cultivator from the First Holy Taoist Temple? So his cultivation was similar to Wu Qing’s. No wonder he was looking at Prince Wu Qing.
“It’s alright, let’s stop talking about those things. We’ll see those people on the stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said someone at that moment calmly.
Everybody looked at him, but Ye Ning smiled and said, “Good, I’m sure everybody has the potential to pass the exam, you’ll see the First Masters. Maybe some people here can even defeat them.”
“There are many geniuses in the nine regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The First Masters aren’t the only ones. For example, I come from the Dark Night Region Before I came to Godly Clouds, in Qi Tian Holy Town, the Animal District, an Ancient Holy Clan, showed how strong they were. They have seven people who are at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and they’re terrifyingly strong,” spoke up someone.
People from the Dark Night Region all nodded. Indeed, it was said that apart from Wu Jue and some others who could compete with the Young Beast Masters, all the geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town couldn’t, which proved how terrifyingly strong those Young Beast Masters were.
“Don’t forget the two geniuses from the Holy City: Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng! They both stepped onto the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Holy Way Stage! They’re terrifyingly talented. When the Young Beast Masters showed up last time, Lin Feng fought against one of them in a furious battle.”
“Yes, Lin Feng is really terrifying. Back then, even Ji Chang and seven other geniuses didn’t manage to kill him. He’s almost invincible!” said the people of the Dark Night Region. People from the other regions didn’t know him, they only knew geniuses from their own regions. The Dark Night Region wasn’t the only place which had such geniuses.
“The geniuses of the Dark Night Region are famous in the Dark Night Region only. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, maybe they won’t be considered geniuses anymore,” rebutted someone indifferently. Some people didn’t care about other people’s regions.
However, Ru Feng and the three others were staring at Lin Feng. Everybody was talking about him!
Ye Ning was peering at Lin Feng. That was the Lin Feng those people were talking about?
“Brother Lin Feng, are they talking about you?” asked Yao Yao, smiling and giggling.
When the members of the Dark Night Region heard her, they all looked surprised and looked over at Lin Feng. They looked at Lin Feng’s face and cold lights appeared in some people’s eyes.
“Lin Feng, that’s you.”
That person had already seen Lin Feng during a battle back in the days. He was surprised to see both Lin Feng and Prince Wu Qing there!
“Indeed, I’m Lin Feng,” said Lin Feng nodding. He didn’t lie.
At that moment, Prince Wu Qing looked over at Lin Feng. Everybody knew Lin Feng in the Dark Night Region, he was famous.
“Lin Feng!” said Prince Wu Qing suddenly. Everybody was surprised. Prince Wu Qing was cold, and surprisingly he took the initiative to talk.
Lin Feng looked over at Prince Wu Qing. Prince Wu Qing said indifferently, “Lin Feng, after you became famous, I heard that some people said you were probably as strong as Wu Jue. They also compare you and Wu Jue with me. They say you both have the potential to replace me as the First Master of the Dark Night Region.”
Then, he smiled indifferently and suddenly burst into laughter. He didn’t look nice at all though, he looked cruel and sly.
Lin Feng laughed. He couldn’t prevent people from talking. Some people had compared Wu Jue with Wu Qing in front of him in the past.
“Even though I think they’re ridiculous. I hope that people like Wu Jue and you won’t disappoint me. At least, I won’t be the only one from the Dark Night Region to stand at the top, I hope other people from the Dark Night Region will stand by my side at the top,” said Prince Wu Qing unconcernedly. Then, he stood up and walked away. He said calmly, “Ye Ning, if there’s nothing important, don’t disturb me.”

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