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PMG Chapter 2141: Bet

PMG Chapter 2141: Bet
There were nine towers, lofty and reaching for the clouds. At the top of each tower was a huge empty place. When people concocted potions and remedies there, people could stand around and watch.
The previous time, a young man from Red Cloud had defeated a young man from the Pellet Kings Clan using alchemical techniques.
This time, Wang Sheng wanted to fight. Two great families of alchemists: how beautiful would the battle be?
“They’re here.” At that moment, people turned around and gazed off into the distance. Ru Feng, Ru Yun, and the others arrived under many eyes. The cultivators from Red Clouds were kings’ descendants, and didn’t flinch. After all, the previous time, they had won!
“Who’s that guy? He’s not a descendant of Red Clouds’ kings, is he?” asked many people when they saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng noticed that many people were looking at him, but he remained composed. His fire lion was following him calmly. It was funny to see a brutal beast looking so calm.
“Great Imperial Beast, it’s a Great Imperial Beast! That guy is definitely a descendant of Red Clouds’ kings, he has a Great Imperial Beast!”
“Wrong. He’s just a random guy hanging out with them. Last time, Wang Sheng wanted to steal his fire lion, but he failed. People from Red Clouds made friends with him and they stayed together,” said various other people when they saw Lin Feng. The crowd nodded approval.
On the other side, a strong wind started blowing and waves of energies rolled by. Wang Sheng and some people from the Pellet Kings Clan had arrived. He smiled and said, “Good, you are really kings’ descendants, you’re brave. You dared come!”
“You talk a lot for a loser. Sometimes, it’s better not to have a tongue!” rebutted Zi Ling in icy anger.
“Haha, I like it when beautiful women get angry. If we win this time, you’ll come back to the Pellet Kings Clan with me. You won’t go back to Red Clouds!” said Wang Sheng loudly. His group of friends all burst into laughter.
“Don’t provoke me. Alchemists should avoid being flighty and impetuous. People like you stand no chance to win,” spat Zi Ling coldly.
Wang Sheng frowned and smiled icily, “Good, since you’re so confident, let’s bet, alright?”
“We’re in Godly Clouds City, I don’t trust you. Therefore, comparing ourselves in terms of alchemical skills is better,” replied Ru Yun indifferently. The strong cultivators of the Pellet Kings Clan all looked angry. Those people dared doubt about them? What was that supposed to mean?
“Since it’s that way, get ready. Same rules as last time, three rounds. We’ll see who can make the best pellet, alright?” said Wang Sheng smiling coldly.
“Alright!” nodded Ru Feng. The previous time, they had also competed three times, the members of Godly Clouds had won once and lost twice.
“Last time, you lost. This time, we gave you another opportunity to contest, you have to select alchemists first for each round,” said Ru Feng indifferently.
Wang Xiao replied, “Alright, no problem.”
“You like to talk nonsense, don’t you? If we hadn’t given you another opportunity, you wouldn’t have had the chance to try again. Be grateful!” said Zi Ling sharply.
“Hmph!” Wang Sheng grunted coldly. Someone jumped up from behind him and landed on an alchemical tower.
A strong wind started blowing. Ru Feng shot up into the sky like a great roc and landed next to that person on the alchemical tower.
Wang Sheng frowned and said coldly, “You’re starting?”
“Why can’t I?” said Ru Feng smiling coldly.
“Alright, you can, no problem. Even if we lose this round, we’ll see how you intend to win the next ones,” Wang Sheng said coldly. The previous time, they had dueled three rounds, and everybody learned that Ru Feng was the strongest alchemist. Wang Sheng wanted to compete with Ru Feng, but he hadn’t thought these people would make Ru Feng go first. Ridiculous. Even if Ru Feng won the first round, so what? They had two more rounds to oppress them!
Cauldrons appeared. The two contestants released special fires, which surrounded the cauldrons. The two contestants were both kings’ descendants. They had access to as many cauldrons and ingredients as they wished, so naturally they could use the best ones. If they were skilled enough, they could concoct the best remedies. Of course, they had agreed on three rounds; if they failed to make a pellet, then they lost. Therefore, few people tried to make pellets they weren’t used to making.
What incredible fire control, thought Lin Feng, watching the two contestants. They had already started. Ru Feng’s fire turned into eighty-one flames and surrounded the cauldron. Ru Feng controlled the fire perfectly. His soul was in the cauldron. He wanted to make the best pellet, which required focus. He couldn’t be careless if he didn’t want to fail.
“You’re here, too!” Wang Sheng smiled at Lin Feng.” Last time, I told you I wanted to trade something for your fire lion, have you thought about it?”
Lin Feng raised his hand and glanced at Wang Sheng, then turned his head away, ignoring him as if he didn’t exist. Wang Sheng was infuriated.
The crowd watched Wang Sheng and Lin Feng, and looked amused. Wang Sheng looked quite pissed.
Wang Sheng glanced at some people, who noticed that and instantly left. Wang Sheng said, “Today, we’re going to have three rounds. You have five people. We could embellish our private cultivation with a cultivation battle, too.”
“We’ve already agreed to duel in terms of alchemical skills. But if you want to fight, no problem,” answered Ru Yun. He stepped forwards and Qi surged around him. Empty space fire filled the air.
“Get ready for the next round. You won’t fight, we could lose if you don’t make a pellet.”
“You don’t need to worry.”
“Since it’s that way, after you. Wang Zhan, you go,” Wang Sheng told someone. The guy looked like a terrifying and brutal fighter. His Qi was swift and explosive, humming around him.
“Dying or getting injured is inevitable. Let’s bet on the fire lion,” said Wang Sheng, staring at Lin Feng’s beast. He had failed to steal it last time, he hadn’t thought that Ru Feng and Ru Yun were such strong fighters as well. Besides, that little boy could cast deployment spells, Wang Sheng had been very surprised. Two great emperors had been killed!
But Wang Zhan’s fighting abilities were incredible, so Wang Sheng had no doubts about him. He didn’t like making pellets, he loved fighting. He even scared Wang Sheng!
“If you lose, what do we get?” said Lin Feng calmly looking at Wang Sheng. He didn’t like offending people but if people wanted to cause trouble, Lin Feng wasn’t scared.
“A great imperial pellet, level three, what do you think?” replied Wang Sheng indifferently.
Lin Feng looked at Ru Feng and asked, “Are you sure you’re going to win the alchemical competition?”
“We are!” said Ru Feng, nodding confidently.
“Brother Lin Feng, don’t worry, we’ll win,” said Yao Yao, clenching her small fists and smiling.
“Good. I’ll put my fire lion at stake then. And a fire lion for a level three great imperial pellet, what do you think? Is it worth it?” said Lin Feng.
“No problem. We’re just worried that these guys could resort to sly methods.”
“They’d just humiliate themselves and it would quickly spread in Godly Clouds City. In the worst case, we won’t get the pellet,” Lin Feng smiled. He then looked at Wang Sheng and asked, “You heard me, right? What do you think?”
“Betting a pellet for a fire lion, no problem. You don’t dare bet on cultivation though, it seems?” observed Wang Sheng, smiling coldly.
“No rush. One thing after the other,” said Lin Feng calmly, “I need a level three great imperial pellet which helps a cultivator recover when their soul is injured, do you have one?”
Wang Sheng frowned. A level-three great imperial soul-recovering pellet? Even for him it was a precious pellet. He had only one. That kind of pellet was extremely difficult to make and required a very high level. The success rate was very, very low, so he didn’t waste time trying to make such pellets.
“Will you bet or not?” asked Lin Feng.
“Alright. As you wish!” agreed Wang Sheng coldly.”What about the bet for the cultivation battle? You probably have something I want.””
“This cauldron and this fire, are you interested?” asked Lin Feng calmly, as a gigantic cauldron with dragon patterns appeared. In his right hand, a perfect fire appeared. It contained different kinds of Qi.
“If I lose you can have these.”
“A Heaven Dragon Cauldron!” Wang Sheng was astonished and staring at the cauldron and the fire. He looked enthusiastic and said, “I wouldn’t have thought you’d have such good things. If I lose, I’ll give you a second level-three Great Imperial Pellet.”
“No, that’s not enough,” said Ru Feng coldly.
“You can add something.”
“You’ll slap your face three times in front of everybody!” said Lin Feng calmly. Wang Sheng was shocked and his eyes glittered with cold lights. This fool wanted him to slap his own face in front of everybody?!

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