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PMG Chapter 2142: Crushing Defeat

PMG Chapter 2142: Crushing Defeat
What a filthy mouth!, thought Wang Sheng when he heard Lin Feng. He was infuriated again.
“Who will fight on your side?” Wang Sheng asked Lin Feng.
“Since both of us bet, I’ll fight, you can also fight if you want,” replied Lin Feng calmly.
Wang Sheng’s eyes glittered and he smiled, “If you get injured or killed during the battle, nobody can blame the Pellet Kings Clan and say that we bully foreigners like you.”
“If I lose and die, of course nobody will blame you. The same applies for all of you,” said Lin Feng indifferently, “You haven’t told me if you accept the bet yet.”
Wang Sheng stared at Lin Feng. After remaining silent for a few seconds, he smiled indifferently and said, “Since you really want to fight, no problem. Shall the fight start now?”
“No rush,” said Lin Feng smiling. He looked up at the alchemical tower. Ru Yun was very self-confident. They were sure they were going to win. He first wanted to obtain the soul pellet for Mu Chen, and then he’d see.
Wang Sheng was watching the two contestants at the top of the alchemical tower. Ru Feng was still concocting a pellet. He wanted to concoct a Great Imperial pellet, which wasn’t easy. The recipe was complex, the ingredients had to be perfectly mixed, and then the fire needed to be at the perfect temperature. The alchemist also had to stir the concoction perfectly. Strong alchemists had all sorts of methods to improve their concoctions. It also took some time to concoct a Great Imperial pellet. And the result was never certain.
There was an explosion on the other tower. “He failed for the second time. Ru Feng is going to win!” The members of the Pellet Kings competitor had just failed for the second time. He was under great pressure now. After all, Ru Feng was extremely strong. The previous time, three people had contested on each side, they needed to make the best pellets possible!
At that moment, Wang Sheng heard someone say, “Alright, you lost the round.” His face twitched… they had failed. Wang Sheng thought it didn’t really matter, as they initially didn’t intend to win the first round.
His clansman on the tower left in defeat.
Wang Sheng jumped up and landed on the alchemical tower. He looked at Ru Yun and smiled, “Second round, who’s coming?”
“They just lost, Wang Sheng wants to regain face. Those people from Red Clouds are kings’ descendants. Ru Yun was the strongest one. They’re going to lose this round,” murmured the crowd. They couldn’t wait to see the last round.
Ru Feng smiled at Wang Sheng broadly and said indifferently, “This time, you won’t even have the opportunity to move on to the third round.”
Ru Feng left the alchemical tower and descended from the sky. Wang Sheng looked furious.
Ru Feng came up next to Lin Feng and the others, they all smiled. Then, Yao Yao looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Brother Lin Feng, I am also an alchemist. I’ll help you win a pellet.”
When Yao Yao rose up into the air and landed on the alchemical tower, the crowd was astonished. A young girl?
“What’s going on?” The previous time, Ru Feng, Ru Yun, and Zi Ling had participated, Yao Yao had just watched. And now, surprisingly, they sent a little girl to compete with Wang Sheng? The crowd didn’t understand.
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He glanced at Ru Feng and the others. Ru Feng smiled and said, “Lin Feng, Yao Yao is our teacher’s only daughter. Yao Yao’s brother takes good care of her. She’s more skilled than any of us.”
“I see!” Lin Feng smiled. Age and skills were two different things. Those people were Red Cloud kings’ descendants, Lin Feng didn’t understand what that meant. After all, he had never been to Red Clouds. However, if Yao Yao was a king’s descendant, she was probably extremely talented.
Wang Sheng couldn’t afford to be careless. On the contrary, he was quite vigilant. He had just heard Ru Feng, that little girl smiled confidently, it made him panic a little. Of course, it was only for a few seconds. Wang Sheng kept calm and got ready.
“Hee hee, the Pellet Kings Clan is going to lose face now,” Yao Yao giggled. A cauldron appeared in front of her, it was small and red. A magnificent red fire appeared and entered into the cauldron. She did some hand seals and started her alchemical technique. She looked confident and quite at ease. It was rare to see young people looking so calm and confident.
Wang Sheng glanced at her and pulled a long face.
“That’s an Alchemical King Technique, only people who are kings’ descendants practice those techniques in Red Clouds. That little girl is definitely a king’s direct descendant. The Pellet Kings Clan’s strategy wasn’t that good,” murmured some people when they saw that. They were definitely amused.
It’s an art, she does things in a beautiful way, sighed Lin Feng when he saw Yao Yao at the top of the alchemical tower. Her movements were graceful, she was dancing around the cauldron. Yao Yao put ingredients in the cauldron and chopped them down. Then she burned the ingredients slowly, and after a short time, a sweet fragrance filled the air. Many people took deep breaths, it smelled so good…
“How fast. The pellet has already started appearing.” the watchers were astonished. Bright lights flashed in the cauldron. Nine colors appeared and intertwined there. People’s hearts started pounding, they were amazed and speechless. That little girl was skilled, even more skilled than Ru Feng! And her fire was even better! She had probably refined it with many sorts of flames…
Wang Sheng didn’t look as calm and easy as before. He looked nervous and angry, it was difficult to keep steady. He still had to make the best pellet possible.
“Silly boy. Your technique is too pure, you’re only using hand techniques to control your fire. You’re not even using your consciousness. You can’t control fire that way. Are you really an alchemist?” spoke up Yao Yao, looking at Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng coughed, trying to hide his anger. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan looked angry, too. A little girl was telling Wang Sheng he didn’t understand alchemy! How humiliating!
The members of the Pellet Kings Clan were all grimacing by now. They had the impression Wang Sheng was going to lose. If he lost, they’d lose the whole competition for the second time. How horrible! They couldn’t lose, they were the Pellet Kings!
“And your fire is so-so as well. It’s explosive, but you can’t control it, that kind of fire is good for fighting, but not to make pellets. Brother Wang Sheng, you should come to Red Clouds with me and I’ll teach you how to make pellets,” Yao Yao giggled. Wang Sheng’s face turned deathly pale. That little girl was pointing out all his weaknesses in front of everyone. He didn’t say anything as he had nothing to say. Even if she was making fun of him, he had to focus on the pellet!
“I’m almost done. Take your time,” said Yao Yao, laughing softly. She continued controlling her fire. It smelled extremely good. Lights shone around her.
“Such bright lights. And it smells so good.”
Some extremely strong alchemists closed their eyes and took deep breaths, trying to guess the level of the pellet that way.
“Level three Great Imperial pellet, almost level four. That little girl is extremely strong. Even some great emperors can’t make such pellets.”
“It even seemed easy for her, that’s the most terrifying part.”
When Lin Feng heard the people, he was a bit surprised and asked, “Yao Yao is that good at making pellets?”
“Lin Feng, you think that we don’t deserve our reputation? It’s our specialty!” Zi Ling said gravely. Lin Feng nodded. He had underestimated these people!
A pellet suddenly rose up into the air, Yao Yao’s fire blossomed around her. She chopped down, and there was a rumble of power.
Wang Sheng’s cauldron exploded, and his face went dark. He had lost. He wanted to make the best pellet possible, and in the end he had lost and broke his cauldron!
“The Pellet Kings Clan lost twice and this time it was a crushing defeat,” someone sighed. The faces of the Pellet Kings Clan’s members paled, and they grimaced in humiliation!

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