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PMG Chapter 2143: Insisting

PMG Chapter 2143: Insisting

“You lost,” said Yao Yao smiling at Wang Sheng.

“It’s not over yet. I just failed once!” said Wang Sheng unhappily. He could try two more times. That’s what people usually agreed on.

“Brother, with your level, you won’t be able to make a better pellet than me. Or maybe you could, but it’d take you a very long time. It’d be boring to wait,” said Yao Yao giggled at him. Ru Feng and Ru Yun burst into laughter.

“That little girl is going to piss him off even more.” Ru Yun kept laughing while looking at Wang Sheng’s face. He was really good, better than Ru Feng, and therefore, when he saw the pellet Yao Yao had made, he understood that making such a great pellet was extremely difficult. If he wanted to make one of the same level, the success rate would very low. He stood no chance at all!

“You lost and that’s all. You can’t win. The Pellet Kings Clan lost,” stated Ru Feng neutrally. Wang Sheng pulled a long face. He flipped his hand and took out a yellowish pellet. It could help people recover when their soul was injured.

“Grab it!” snarled Wang Sheng, throwing it at Yao Yao. A magnificent light shone as a yellow light beam moved towards Yao Yao.

“Hihi!” Yao Yao spat out some fire which surrounded the pellet, her silhouette flickered and she left the tower. She landed next to Lin Feng, smiled and said, “Brother Lin Feng, it’s for you. It’s a level three soul recovering Great Imperial pellet, I can help you make it even better with my fire.”

Her fire dispersed and the pellet landed in Lin Feng’s hand.

“Thank you for your hard work, little girl!” said Lin Feng, caressing Yao Yao’s hair and putting the pellet away. He’d be able to heal Mu Chen with it; Mu Chen was just a high-level emperor, after all.

At that moment, someone stared at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng noticed it was Wang Zhan, standing behind Wang Sheng. He was looking at Lin Feng and really wanted to kill him.

“Second bet. You can start!” said Wang Sheng coldly.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked over at Wang Sheng. He smiled coldly. That guy had lost the alchemical competition again, it was a crushing defeat. He was furious and wanted to regain face.

“You remember the bet?” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He could sense that Wang Sheng wanted to kill him.

“It’s not that important because everything you own will be mine, including the Heaven Dragon Cauldron and the fire!” said Wang Sheng coldly. “Wang Zhan, you know what to do!”

“I do!” Wang Zhan nodded. He jumped towards Lin Feng and released deadly bestial energies, which surrounded Lin Feng.
From what Wang Sheng had just said, he wanted Wang Zhan to kill Lin Feng!

If Lin Feng died, he would obtain Lin Feng’s possessions. Even though the cultivators from Red Clouds were powerful alchemists, they couldn’t prevent him from killing Lin Feng!

“Brother Lin Feng, be careful. His Dao is extremely powerful. His attacks must be terrifying. Don’t collide with him,” Yao Yao warned Lin Feng. Ru Feng and Ru Yun had seen Lin Feng in the Ye Clan. People from the Dark Night Region held the greatest esteem for Lin Feng, he seemed famous there. He was also very strong. They were soon going to see how strong he could be!

Wang Zhan’s Qi was formidable, and he was a deadly fighter. At least, he definitely had the potential to be selected for the next step of the procedure for the Meeting of Nine Clouds!

Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air and stopped at the same level as Wang Zhan. Wang Zhan’s Qi was growing more and more powerful. He looked as strong as a mountain, and extremely focused. He didn’t intend to let Lin Feng win.

“Wang Zhan’s strength is terrifying. He practices bestial skills and techniques. He learned them from an ancient beast. Now he’s furious because Wang Sheng lost, he’ll want to kill Lin Feng even more.”

“Yes, Wang Sheng is already a symbol of the Pellet Kings Clan, and he’s very influential. Since they just lost, the members of the Pellet Kings Clan are all furious. They want to kill that guy to regain face.”

Everybody was talking, they could already imagine Lin Feng dead.

“Today, the Pellet Kings Clan is going to be humiliated for the third time,” said someone else. He had an ancient sword in his back, and looked steady and composed. Many people looked over at him.

“You think Wang Zhan will lose?”

“Of course, and it will be a crushing defeat, worse than the one they just had,” said Mo Yu calmly. He was convinced that Lin Feng could easily defeat and kill Wang Zhan. He remembered everything Lin Feng had told him. After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds which he wanted to watch ended, he wanted to meditate in seclusion and sword cultivation. He didn’t care about participating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After talking to Lin Feng, he had the impression he wasn’t strong enough to be on the battle stage.

“Well, I can’t wait to see the result!” someone smiled. He didn’t sound as confident as Mo Yu, he just smiled mockingly. Why was that guy convinced Lin Feng would win?

Wang Zhan’s Qi was becoming more and more powerful. However, he didn’t attack yet. He wanted to condense as much Qi as he could before attacking and then he wanted to kill Lin Feng in one strike.

At that moment, Lin Feng moved his hand, making a short chop. Sword Holy Spirits emerged from his arm and condensed into a sword.
Lin Feng closed his eyes and focused. He visualized everything, he didn’t want to be influenced by the outside world. Back in Qi Tian Holy Town, he had seen the Saints’ battle. He had also sensed the Saint’s Sword intent, the Kasyapa sword. That sword seemed like it could even cut through time. That sword was like a dream, that kind of sword didn’t exist.

Who could cut apart time and space? Sword, Sword intent!

Sword attacks had to be carried out naturally. A sword wasn’t a sword, it was consciousness.

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted to try and see whether he could achieve that state of mind or not. Someday, his intent would be like a sword, a sword beyond deadly.

“Die!” shouted Wang Zhan explosively. Even though his attack was explosive, Lin Feng didn’t move, the sun shone upon his sword. He brought his hand down, his eyes still closed. Lin Feng wasn’t too satisfied, his sword contained empty space and death strength, all golden and black.

That sword made Wang Zhan stop halfway up in the air. He didn’t look as determined anymore. Abruptly, wounds appeared everywhere on his body, and he turned grey and fell limply down from the sky.

One sword, one corpse.

“That’s real Sword intent?” whispered Mo Yu. At his level, he had thought he understood what a Sword cultivator was. After Lin Feng’s explanation though, he had understood a lot more. A real sword didn’t exist, and Lin Feng already understood the rudiments.

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan all grimaced, they had lost again, again… in front of everybody! They were furious!

Brother Lin Feng’s sword techniques are incredible!, thought Yao Yao with a sigh, her beautiful eyes twinkling. She had seen very strong cultivators, but Lin Feng was extremely strong. That was the deadliest sword attack she had ever seen.

Lin Feng didn’t care about what the crowd thought, he had killed someone insignificant. He didn’t feel proud, he hadn’t achieved anything. At the very least, he made Wang Sheng shut up, one more humiliation!

Therefore, Lin Feng looked at Wang Sheng and said indifferently, “You lost the bet.”

Wang Shen’s face twisted. Nobody knew what he was thinking, but his eyes were gleaming. He took out another pellet and threw it at Lin Feng. “Level three Great Imperial pellet, take it!”

Then, he turned around and started to leave, humiliation hanging over him like a cloud.

“Wait!” said Lin Feng grimly.

Wang Sheng’s legs were suddenly stiffened. He turned around and glared at Lin Feng, saying coldly, “Beware if you want to avoid trouble, Godly Clouds City is not your region! The water is deep here!”

Lin Feng looked at him strangely. Wang Sheng had lost, he didn’t do what Lin Feng had asked him to do in case he lost, and now he was threatening him?

“Slap your own face three times,” said Lin Feng calmly.

Wang Sheng frowned and glared at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, “Are you sure? You insist?”

Lin Feng jumped forwards and condensed an invisible and intangible Sword intent which surged towards Wang Sheng. He looked deathly as he repeated, “Slap your own face three times.”

Wang Sheng frowned and glared at Lin Feng in an evil way. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan looked just as angry. They had lost the alchemical competition, now Lin Feng had defeated their cultivator, and he wanted to humiliate Wang Sheng even more, as if he were little more than a buffoon!


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