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PMG Chapter 2144: Pellet Kings Clan’s First Young Man

PMG Chapter 2144: Pellet Kings Clan’s First Young Man

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan looked tense. They had lost face. And Lin Feng was aggressive. They hadn’t expected such a thing would happen. They had thought that Wang Sheng would manage to kill Lin Feng and in the end, that was another failure.

Lin Feng was insisting, he wanted Wang Sheng to slap his own face three times. How audacious. After all, Wang Sheng was right, they were in Godly Clouds City, the Pellet Kings Clan’s territory. There were many strong cultivators there. And Red Clouds was another region.

“Let’s go.” said Ru Feng , they landed next to Lin Feng, they were worried about him.

“Brother Wang Sheng, you accepted the bet, now you regret and you want the Pellet Kings Clan to oppress us, but if you do that, you won’t be the only one to lose face, all your friends will, the whole Pellet Kings Clan. ”

said Yao Yao honestly. But the members of the Pellet Kings Clan shuddered and trembled. He had accepted Lin Feng’s bet and now he wanted to take back his words, that was shameless.

What a humiliation caused by crushing defeats.

“Wang Sheng.” said someone at that moment in the distance. The crowd shivered. Wang Sheng was shaking violently too.

People turned around and gazed into the distance. They saw someone, he looked slim and slender. He was wearing a doctor’s robe. When the crowd saw him, many people frowned. Wang Sheng looked petrified.

“Wang Shi. ”

“He surprisingly came. What’s going to happen? ”

Wang Sheng was in the air, his robe was fluttering in the wind. He looked at Wang Sheng in a calm and serene way. He said indifferently: “Wang Sheng, since you bet with him and lost, you can’t take back your words. ”

Wang Sheng was astonished when he heard that and shuddered with anger. He wanted to say something but he didn’t.

“That guy is an emperor of the top of the Huang Qi layer but his position must be higher than Wang Sheng’s in the hierarchy. He sounds indifferent but he’s actually giving an order to Wang Sheng.” thought Lin Feng when he saw that young man. He could sense that he was strong. Wang Sheng couldn’t compete with him.

“Roger.” said Wang Sheng. After that, he didn’t dare say anything else, he just nodded. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and the others with murder in his eyes.

“Slap!” Wang Sheng slapped his own face, his cheek turned red, was it because of he slapped his cheek violently? or was it because of the humiliation? Wang Sheng was slapping himself in front of everybody.

A first time, and then a second, and then a third. After that, he glanced at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way, then he turned to Wang Shi, he looked furious.

“You hate me?” said Wang Shi indifferently. Wang Sheng replied: “You’re the first emperor of our clan. How could I harbor a grudge against you? I have no choice but to accept. ”

“You bet with him, you lost, you’re a disgrace for the Pellet Kings Clan, if you hadn’t slapped yourself three times, it would have been even worse for the clan.” said Wang Shi smiling indifferently yet coldly. When Wang Sheng saw that smile, he felt even more humiliated. He couldn’t say anything to Wang Shi.

At that moment, Wang Sheng’s heart was pounding. He was waiting. The young man in front of him looked calm and nice, but Wang Sheng knew that he was cold and detached, and maybe even bloodthirsty. He had killed his own uncle with his own hands.

“From now on, you’re not a member of the Pellet Kings Clan anymore. I will destroy your clan plate, if someday you surpass me, you’ll be able to come back and replace me. I’ll even destroy my own clan plate. ”

said Wang Shi in a calm and serene way. Wang Sheng’s heart was pounding violently, it was painful, he felt as if he was going to collapse. His muscles stiffened.

“You agree, right?” said Wang Shi in a calm and serene way. However, at that moment, Wang Sheng was petrified, as if paralyzed. His legs were shaking violently. He raised his head and looked at Wang Shi, his eyes were red, however, he said: “I agree. ”

“Alright.” Wang Shi nodded, he looked calm and serene as if he had just done something ordinary. However, the crowd around was speechless. Wang Sheng was famous in Godly Clouds City, he was considered as a strong young man. He was even amongst the best young people of the city. But because of one sentence Wang Shi had said, Wang Sheng had slapped his own face three times and had been expelled from the clan.

However, at that moment, none of the members of the Pellet Kings Clan thought Wang Shi was wrong, he had power and influence in their clan.

Wang Shi slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng and the others. He first looked at Lin Feng.

“You killed Wang Zhan? ”

Lin Feng looked at Wang Shi. Wang Shi looked calm and serene. He didn’t proud too. People around were whispering so Lin Feng knew that that young man was the best young emperor of the Pellet Kings Clan, both in terms of alchemy and cultivation. He sounded self-confident too. And he had said that if Wang Sheng surpassed him someday, he would be able to come back and Wang Shi himself would leave the clan.

Lin Feng nodded. Wang Shi then disappeared and turned into a shadow. A terrifying energy invaded the atmosphere. Lin Feng raised his fist, a silhouette appeared in front of him and a fist crashed against Lin Feng’s. Lin Feng was propelled backwards violently, not because the enemy was extremely strong, but because in his finger, there was fire strength which penetrated into his fist. His whole arm felt sore. His clothes even burnt instantly. His arm was red.

Lin Feng’s arm kept shaking violently. He instantly released terrifying life cosmic energies, his blood boiled and after a short time, he recovered. However, he sighed, that fire Qi was terrifying.

“He surprisingly is safe and sound after Wang Shi’s attack?” the crowd was astonished and frowned. The Pellet Kings Clan was a level-two influential group in Godly Clouds City. They were terrifying. And Wang Shi was the first emperor of the Pellet Kings Clan. He was extremely strong, few people knew how strong he was exactly, but they knew he could definitely appear at the top of the rankings after the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

However, not only didn’t Wang Shi manage to kill Lin Feng in one strike, but he didn’t even injure him either. That was astonishing and amazing.

Wang Shi moved back and looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. He had sensed an aggressive strength bombard his fist when he had attacked. His fire had penetrated into Lin Feng’s fist but he hadn’t managed to injure him. He suddenly thought highly of Lin Feng.

“You’re quite strong. No wonder you killed Wang Zhan.” said Wang Shi in a calm and serene way. Then, he looked at Yao Yao who walked to Lin Feng and said: “You’re a descendant of one of Red Clouds’ kings? ”

“Mind your own business, will you?” said Yao Yao rising her head and looking at Wang Shi angrily.

“I have the blood of a doctor king, I should be your opponent. Do you want to try and fight against me? We could bet on our own personal fire, what do you think?” said Wang Shi in a calm and serene way. Lin Feng smiled in a cold way and fixedly stared at Wang Shi, he said indifferently: “You attacked me by surprise and now you want to attack a young girl who’s younger than you? The descendant of a king doctor? The first member of the Pellet Kings Clan is amusing. ”

When Wang Shi heard Lin Feng, he looked amused and smiled: “You don’t know when to stop it seems, my first attack wasn’t enough. ”

“I see, there’s no different between Wang Sheng and you it seems.” said Lin Feng in a calm and serene way. He looked at Wang Shi indifferently. Wang Shi smiled in a cold way: “If I killed you, people would say the Pellet Kings Clan is shameless. ”

Then, he looked at Yao Yao again and said: “You’re younger than me. I can give you more time. That way, people won’t say the Pellet Kings Clan bullies young kings’ descendants from Red Clouds. ”

Lin Feng groaned in an ice-cold way. That guy was even prouder than Wang Sheng. Lin Feng looked at him in an ice-cold way, he wanted to jump and attack him, however, at that moment, someone appeared in the distance and said: “The members of the Pellet Kings Clan are ridiculous. ”

“Eh?” When the members of the Pellet Kings Clan heard that, they looked stupefied, they gazed into the distance and saw someone appear behind the crowd. He was walking slowly. He had long black hair, his eyes were pitch-black but it was as they could see stars in those pitch-black eyes.

“What is ridiculous?” asked Wang Shi in a calm and serene way. He could sense that that person had something in common with him.

The newcomer smiled and looked at Wang Shi in a calm and serene way: “Let ordinary people talk about how ridiculous you are. You want to compete with someone in terms of alchemy or cultivation? I’ll play with you. ”

That person sounded calm and serene but the crowd was astonished and kept shaking. There were so many strong cultivators in Godly Clouds City, nobody dared say they were stronger than Wang Shi, people even dared compare the first Master of Godly Clouds with Wang Shi. Who dared talk that way to him?

Wang Shi was stupefied, he looked at his interlocutor in a sharp way: “Who are you? ”

“You should be able to guess.” said that person in a calm and serene way. When Wang Shi heard that, he looked astonished, he even smiled and whispered: “Red Clouds’ first Master: Jiu Ling Huang. ”

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