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PMG Chapter 2146: Another Bet

PMG Chapter 2146: Another Bet

“Wang Shi, since everybody is so excited. You should do something. Show us how strong you are. Who’s better between the alchemists of Godly Clouds and the alchemists of Red Clouds who are also kings’ descendants? ”

said Lei Dong Tian insisting. He really wanted those two to battle.

Now, so many strong cultivators were there, he couldn’t flinch. It wasn’t between two groups of people anymore, it was about two kings’ descendants from Godly Clouds and Red Clouds. It was about alchemy and cultivation. The geniuses of the top of the Huang Qi layer had gathered there, something had to happen.

Jiu Ling Huang looked calm and serene as before as if nothing had been happening. He was the first Master of Red Clouds, how could he fear Wang Shi? He didn’t fear fighting against people stronger than him anyway.

“I also want to see medical techniques. I’d love to see you have a medical battle.” said Xian Ren smiling as if it was sure that those two were going to have a medical battle.

“Those guys are funny, Wang Shi and Jiu Ling Huang have to fight.” thought the crowd when they saw that. Wang Shi looked at Jiu Ling Huang, his eyes kept twinkling. He hated that kind of feeling, he liked to decide himself whether he wanted to fight or not. He didn’t like it when people forced him to do anything. He hated it more than anything.

Since he didn’t like it, nobody could force him to do anything, therefore, he looked at Jiu Ling Huang and said: “You’re the first Master of Red Clouds, you have nine spirits and nine flames, I really want to fight against you but I don’t like it when people force me to do something. We’ll fight during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, are you alright with that? ”

“Eh?” When the crowd heard Wang Shi, they were surprised. That guy surprisingly decided to flinch. Wang Shi wasn’t worried that people would make fun of him?

Lei Dong Tian and Xian Ren all hoped he would battle, that’s why they insisted, but Wang Shi didn’t want to. People wondered why.

“You wanted to fight against my sister and now you’re here and you’re telling me you don’t like it when people force you to do something, do you mean you only like fighting against weaker people?” said Jiu Ling Huang, he didn’t want to give up. Before he arrived, Wang Shi wanted to fight against Yao Yao and bet on their respective fires. He had tried to force her, as if Yao Yao couldn’t refuse.

Jiu Ling Huang couldn’t give up. Wang Shi had nothing to say.

“You have a sister, and I have a brother. They are also kings’ descendants.” said Wang Shi. People remembered someone, a monstrous cultivator: Wang Jie.

However, everybody knew that Wang Jie didn’t like making pellets, he was a fighting monster. He was insane. Wang Jie and Wang Shi had completely different personalities.

Therefore, Wang Shi was talking about his brother which made many people doubt about his intentions. If Wang Jie and Yao Yao had a medical battle, Wang Jie couldn’t win, he hated making pellets.

“And then?” asked Jiu Ling Huang.

“My brother isn’t good in alchemy, however, he likes to fight.” said Wang Shi slowly. Everybody knew that. He didn’t lie about that. If Wang Jie and Yao Yao fought properly, Yao Yao wouldn’t stand a chance. And even if he won, so what? It would be no surprise and thus nothing glorious.

Jiu Ling Huang didn’t say anything, he just waited for Wang Shi to continue.

“My brother is really bad in alchemy, however, he’s an amazing fighter. He can’t fight against your sister. Therefore, it would be stupid to compare them. However, since we’re in such a situation today and I don’t want to fight, I can ask my brother to get involved, he’s four years younger than me, he must be younger than some of your people from Red Clouds, therefore, your people who are kings’ descendants can fight against him, of course, you’re the first Master of Red Clouds, you can’t fight. ”

“You aren’t the only people from Red Clouds who are kings’ descendants, there must be some others. As long as they are emperors, they can fight against my brother, if my brother loses, I am willing to make a bet with fire at stake. ”

Them, flames appeared in Wang Shi’s hand, it was a pure white fire. It wasn’t scorching hot, but it was extraordinary.

“How brave. Wang Shi is surprisingly willing to give up his fire, however, the little insane cultivator of the Pellet Kings Clan can’t lose unless the first Master of Red Clouds, Jiu Ling Huang, fights him personally. Nobody dared offend him. ”

People who knew Wang Jie knew that wasn’t a fair proposition. Everybody understood that such a battle would be beneficial for Wang Shi. He didn’t want to figth against Jiu Ling Huang because he knew he couldn’t win against him.

Jiu Ling Huang had never heard about Wang Shi’s younger brother and he didn’t know how strong he was, however, he knew that if Wang Shi was willing to bet on his fire, it meant that his younger brother’s fighting abilities were terrifying. Wang Shi knew they’d definitely win. That’s why he dared bet on his fire.

A powerful fire was priceless for alchemists, they all practiced fire cultivation. Without fire, they couldn’t concoct remedies, just like weapon makers couldn’t do anything without deployment spells.

Extremely valuable remedies could be made in certain conditions only, they also required a terrifying temperature and an incredible cauldron.

“What if your brother wins?” asked Yao Yao.

Wang Shi smiled and said: “Since I refused to fight, I can’t ask for anything, my only requirement is that the one who killed a member of my clan should die. ”

When Wang Shi said that, everybody looked at Lin Feng who was next to Yao Yao. He had killed Wang Zhan.

However, Wang Shi had said he had no requirement before that though which meant that in his eyes, Lin Feng’s life wasn’t a requirement, it was comparable to his fire. For him, Lin Feng’s life was actually even less precious than his fire because he had said he wanted nothing.

Jiu Ling Huang looked at Lin Feng, Yao Yao looked at him and said: “Bro. ”

“He’s not from our clan.” said Emperor Yu calmly: “And since I can’t capture him, we can bet. ”

“Therefore, if you don’t get involved, that’s fine, I will take care of the rest.” said Wang Shi smiling.

“Interesting.” said Prince Wu Qing. The crowd looked at him. He looked cold and detached. He just looked a little bit amused too. Lin Feng was from Dark Clouds, he was famous there, he wasn’t less famous than him. However, they were somewhere else now and someone wanted to bet his fire for his life. It was interesting.

“Indeed, interesting.” said Mo Yu smiling in an ice-cold way. He looked furious actually.

“We’re in Godly Clouds City, you can attack him as you wish, we can’t stop you, so why such a request?” said Jiu Ling Huang looking at Wang Shi.

“I just hope he can win to stay alive, simple, right?” said Wang Shi smiling.

“Bastard, brother you can’t accept!” said Yao Yao looking at Jiu Ling Huang.

Lin Feng remained silent. He had killed Wang Sheng, that wasn’t enough. Could he have a rest before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

“Accept.” said Jiu Ling Huang. Jiu Ling Huang looked amused and said to Lin Feng: “Are you sure? I’m not sure we can win, actually, we’re probably going to lose. ”

“I won’t let you decide of anything when it comes to my life. I will fight myself.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Jiu Ling Huang was surprised. He remained silent for a few seconds and then nodded and smiled: “Since you don’t mind, I won’t refuse. ”

“Yao Yao won a pellet for me, if I win, that fire will be for Yao Yao.” said Lin Feng. Jiu Ling Huang looked even more amused and said nodding: “Alright, if you win, give the fire to Yao Yao. ”

Wang Shi smiled, could Lin Feng win?

Wang Shi knew that his brother Wang Jie was astonishingly strong. He was famous in Godly Clouds City. In their clan, in terms of strength and alchemy, Wang Shi was first, but in terms of talent, Wang Jie was first. Actually, they were both first.

“Whom do you want me to kill?” asked someone loudly in the distance. It was a young man as well. However, he didn’t look as calm as Wang Shi. He looked aggressive and wild.

After that, Wang Jie arrived, he stopped in the air and released a scorching hot Qi. He glanced at the crowd.

Lin Feng jumped forwards. However, he didn’t hurry to attack, he looked at the crowd and smiled: “If I kill him, what will happen? ”

When Lin Feng said that, everybody looked astonished. What would happen if Lin Feng killed Wang Jie?

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