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PMG Chapter 2147: Who’s Insane?

PMG Chapter 2147: Who’s Insane?

Wang Jie was Wang Shi’s biological brother. They were both direct descendants of the Pellet Kings Clan’s king. Besides, they were incredibly talented. Even though he didn’t like to make pellets, he was an incredible genius. If he died, what would the Pellet Kings Clan do?

The problem was that Wang Jie was allowed to kill Lin Feng, but what would happen if Lin Feng killed him? Lin Feng wasn’t from Godly Clouds City, the Pellet Kings Clan was from Godly Clouds City. Foreigners couldn’t do what they wished there. Even if Jiu Ling Huang and the others wanted to protect him, they wouldn’t be able to.

That battle wasn’t that fair.

Of course, Lin Feng was brave to say that: what would happen if he killed Wang Jie?

“Ridiculous!” said Wang Shi bursting into laughter when he heard Lin Feng: “If you can kill Wang Jie, the Pellet Kings Clan will definitely not chase you. ”

“Can I trust you though?” asked Lin Feng indifferently, he smiled in a cold way: “If I kill Wang Jie, you will send more elders to kill me, they’ll tell me what? I kill young people from the Pellet Kings Clan so they can kill me and I have to die. I learn from my mistakes. You’re joking. ”

“What do you want then?” asked Wang Shi in an ice-cold way with murder in his eyes.

“First, make all the great emperors next to you leave. I don’t want great emperors to shamelessly attack me by surprise during a battle.” said Lin Feng in a calm and serene way. Wang Shi looked at him in an ice-cold way and waved, he said: “All the great emperors, go back. ”

“Hmph!” The great emperors groaned in an ice-cold way and left.

“Is it good now?” asked Wang Shi playing with the fire he had in his hand.

“Besides, does anyone from Godly Clouds City accept to act as a referee during the battle?” asked Lin Feng glancing around, he looked calm and serene. He didn’t hope anyone would attack him by surprise before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“And now, let me ask you again, are you sure that what you just said represents your entire clan’s, the Pellet Kings Clan, opinion?” asked Lei Dong Tian in an ice-cold way. He was fixedly staring at Wang Shi with his demon eyes.

“Of course.” said Wang Shi pulling a long face. He was getting furious, why were those people wasting so much time for a simple battle?

“Alright good, since Wang Shi said it, the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan is willing to act as a referee. If you kill Wang Jie, you can come to the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. We’ll protect you and you’ll immediately be qualified for the next round in the four main clans without going through any sort of test.” said Lei Dong Tian slowly: “When you go to one of the four clans, it means that you can possibly participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Then, even if the Pellet Kings Clan is shameless, they won’t dare attack you, because it’s against the rules. ”

People knew the rules of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Those who had been chosen couldn’t be attacked anymore.

It was for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds to remain fair. Nobody could influence the meeting. Otherwise, powerful clans from Godly Clouds City could send terrifyingly strong cultivators to kill powerful foreign fighters and prevent them from participating. That way, clans from Godly Clouds City would have had more chances to rank better.

Nobody dared violate the rules in Godly Clouds City because the shrines had law enforcement officers. Some people had tried to violate the rules to help some of their people, they had disappeared on the same day in the evening. Nobody dared violate the rules again.

“Since it’s that way, leave some space for the battle, thank you. Besides, people from the Pellet Kings Clan must stay away, they can’t get involved.” said Lin Feng in a calm and serene way. Wang Shi looked at him in an ice-cold way and said: “How insolent! What kind of people do you think we are? ”

“You perfectly know what kind of people you are. I don’t need to say anything about that.” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way.

“Interesting.” said Pellet Kings Clan in a cold way. Then, he made a step forwards and landed next to the members of the Pellet Kings Clan.

“Hehe, indeed, interesting.” said Xian Ren, he looked calm and serene as before. He then jumped and landed next to Prince Wu Qing. They both stood before Wang Shi and the others members of his clan to prevent them from getting involved in case.

After that, many people moved away to give Lin Feng and Wang Jie some space to fight. They wanted to see how powerful Wang Jie was. Unfortunately, Wang Shi had refused to fight as well, otherwise, it would have been even more interesting. But actually he probably made his brother fight for his clan to regain face, first by winning, and second by killing Lin Feng who had killed one of their people.

Wang Shi didn’t think the battle was fair, Lin Feng’s life was less important than his fire in his opinion. He just wanted to regain face, but Lin Feng was still amusing.

Therefore, he was happy to watch the battle.

Only Lin Feng and Wang Jie were left in the middle. Wang Jie released Qi furiously. He looked wild and insane. Finally, his Qi exploded.

“You’re really talkative.” said Wang Jie, he didn’t look that mature so when he looked furious it was funny. But his Qi was still terrifying. It made the ground shake. He looked insane. His Qi kept increasing in intensity. People’s hearts started pounding when they looked at him. He looked bestial, brutal, aggressive.

“How strong, he’s insanely strong. Nobody dares challenge him I’ve heard.” whispered someone.

At that moment, Wang Jie was suddenly surrounded by terrifying flames. He looked like a fire god.

“Roar!” he shouted furiously, fireballs moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

Lin Feng sensed all the flames move towards him at full speed. He condensed a terrifying Sword determination in his fingers. Bright lights illuminated the atmosphere and turned into light beams which crashed into the fireballs. At the same time, Wang Jie ran forwards. Rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air. He was surrounded by fire. The atmosphere around him was burning. It was as if a fire god had been throwing himself at Lin Feng. It was as if his energies could destroy everything on his way.

Lin Feng continued condensing Sword determination in his fingers. At the same time, he condensed fire cosmic energies in his fist. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s fire became explosive, it contained thunders and demon lights. It turned into a weird ball which contained all sorts of oppressive Qi.

“What a guy. He wants to collide with Wang Jie. Besides, he knows several sorts of cosmic energies. ”

thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng’s move. A gigantic fire giant moved towards Lin Feng at full speed and emitted whistling sounds. Wang Jie’s fist hadn’t even reached Lin Feng yet but it seemed it could already absorb him.

“Die!” Wang Jie shouted furiously, his strength was explosive. The atmosphere kept exploding around him.

At the same time, Lin Feng also started moving forwards. With his black thunder fire sword fist coupled with his physical strength, Lin Feng was convinced that he could definitely collide frontally with Wang Jie.

When the two fighters collided, a terrifying mushroom shaped flame dashed to the skies. At the same time, a light beam shot up to the sky. The temperature instantly increased drastically. People suddenly started sweating. They used strength to block it. Wang Jie was bombarded away. Lin Feng continued chasing him.

“What?” ”

“His strength is even more terrifying than Wang Jie’s? ”

“How is that possible?” ”

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan were all astonished, they all pulled a long face, their facial muscles stiffened. Their insane little cultivator who had a terrifying physical strength was being oppressed.

Wang Shi pulled a long face. He couldn’t believe it his eyes. Lin Feng was surrounded by nine dazzling dragon lights which kept emitting whistling sounds. He moved like the wind and released Sword determination at the same time. He looked like a furious death god. He looked even more insane than their insane little boy.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. He landed before Wang Jie and a terrifying ancient desolate strength bombarded Wang Jie who roared furiously. He raised his fist which contained fire strength but crackling sounds spread in the air as if his bones had been crushed.

“Roar!” Wang Jie shouted furiously, his Qi rose to the skies. Many people in the crowd realized he was burning and looked more and more like a fire giant. He was releasing Dao power. Some burns also appeared on Lin Feng’s body.

“What a strange Dao power. That Dao has been created using fire.” the earth and the sky Lin Feng. However, no matter what his opponent’s Dao power was, Lin Feng wanted to oppress him. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, Wang Jie used Dao power on his own body to turn into an all-conquering, firm and solid fire giant. Lin Feng continued punching him at full speed though. The earth and the sky kept making the earth and the sky shake violently. Wang Jie’s fire earth body kept breaking. Finally, his arms hanged lose. He felt powerless.

The atmosphere became oppressive. People were blankly staring at the scene. What kind of explosive strength was that? Who was insane?

“Ah…” finally, Wang Jie roared furiously. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan were shaking violently.

“No!” Wang Jie’s face turned deathly pale. Lin Feng bombarded Wang Jie and threw him onto the ground, then he jumped high up and punched him violently again not giving him time to stand up. More and more woods and blood appeared on Wang Jie, he seemed to be waiting for death.

“Stop!” shouted Wang Shi explosively. His face was deathly pale. He hadn’t thought such a thing would happen. He had thought he didn’t neet to get involved, he had thought his brother would win easily.

“I’ve told you, you perfectly know what kind of people you are, you will show everyone what kind of people you are.” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold after having turned around, he was fixedly staring at Wang Shi. Then, he turned around again and punched Wang Jie again, huge wounds appeared on his body and blood gushed.

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