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PMG Chapter 2148: Absorbing

PMG Chapter 2148: Absorbing

“Insolent!” shouted Wang Jie when he saw the result. He pulled a long face. He was desperate and crushed. His muscles twitched. He was furious. He was about to burst out.

Wang Shi would have never thought such a thing was possible, his brother, the little insane cultivator of his clan was being bombarded by Lin Feng.

Wang Shi had refused to fight, he had proposed to bet on his own fire, because he had thought nobody could defeat his little brother, he hadn’t thought a defeat would be possible. He initially thought his brother was going to humiliate all those people. He had thought they’d regain face. However, the result was different. His brother was being crushed.

Wang Jie hadn’t thought such a thing could happen to him. Nobody had. Wang Jie had thought nobody could compete with him in terms of physical strength there. He had even thought Lin Feng would be much weaker than him.

“I’m insolent? You looked proud and arrogant a moment ago as you considered everybody and everything beneath notice, you change quickly.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He punched Wang Jie again, Wang Jie’s heart was pounding violently.

“Let him go and you won’t die.” said Wang Shi in an ice-cold way. However, Lin Feng just smiled mockingly and said in a calm and serene way: “That’s why I didn’t kill immediately, I wanted to wait and see how your facial expression would change, you see the difference between now and a few minutes ago? You’re a shameless moron. ”

“Dong!” Wang Shi released an explosive fire. However, Prince Wu Qing made a step forwards and prevented him from passing. He released Three Thousand Threads of Emotionlessness Strength which turned into a deadly technique, each thread of emotionlessness strength could kill someone. Wang Shi suddenly stopped and fixedly stared at Prince Wu Qing. He just pulled a long face.

“You don’t care about your promises, we all now that. But you can’t ignore us, witnesses.” said Prince Wu Qing in an ice-cold way.

“He’s right, we saw something wrong.” said Lei Dong Tian with his arms crossed before his chest. He was fixedly staring at the members of the Pellet Kings Clan and smiled in an ice-cold way: “I’m also a witness, a referee. If Lin Feng wins, he can kill Wang Jie. ”

Wang Jie’s face was distorted with hatred. His eyes became dark. When he saw how calm and serene Lin Feng looked, he was even more furious, he understood how Lin Feng had killed the great emperors he had sent. He had been getting ready to kill Wang Jie.

In Wang Shi’s opinion, Lin Feng had planned all that, including Wang Jie’s death.

“Remember, you buried your little brother, you killed him. But YOU should have died, Wang Shi.” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. His voice resonated in Wang Jie’s brain like a demon’s voice. Wang Shi had killed his little brother. It made the two brothers’ hearts pound violently.

When Wang Shi had proposed that battle, Lin Feng had already planned he’d kill him. So Wang Shi had indirectly killed his brother by refusing to fight.

Wang Shi looked at the nine dragons which roared furiously, his face was deathly pale: “No…”

His eyes were bloodshot. A dragon behind Lin Feng opened his mouth and suddenly ate Wang Jie alive. Wang Jie’s face was distorted. His heart was pounding. The most talented emperor of the Pellet Kings Clan, because of a little bet, had been killed.

In other words, he had been killed because of Wang Shi’s pride and arrogance. He regretted now. Wang Shi was desperate. But now it was too late and Wang Jie disappeared from his field of vision.

“You will die!” shouted Wang Shi explosively. However, Prince Wu Qing smiled in an ice-cold way and looked at Wang Shi: “You’re pathetic and ridiculous. ”

Wang Shi slowly turned around and looked at Prince Wu Qing. He was furious.

“At the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there will be many geniuses from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Apart from the first master of Godly Clouds, how many geniuses have you ever heard of? How can you act so arrogantly? You don’t even know who your opponents should be. You dare act so arrogantly, do you think you will become the first Master of Godly Clouds? ”

said Prince Wu Qing mockingly. Then, he turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He smiled in an ice-cold way: “Imagine if you were the first Master of Dark Clouds and if you were that arrogant when facing someone stronger than him? ”

said Wu Qing in an ice-cold way, his words pierced through Wang Shi’s eardrums like sharp swords. The first emperor of the Pellet Kings Clan considered that Jiu Ling Huang was the only person who could fight against him. And then Lin Feng had joined hands with Jiu Ling Huang and the other people from Red Clouds, he didn’t matter initially, but did he really know how strong Lin Feng was at the beginning? Did he know what kind of relation Lin Feng and Jiu Ling Huang had?

He knew nothing at all. He had only relied on his opinions to make a decision. And the result was tragic. He had bet putting his young brother’s life at stake. He had neglected the enemy’s strength, how stupid, how ignorant.

However, it wasn’t over.

Jiu Ling Huang rose up in the air and faced him and said: “Fire. ”

He sounded calm and serene but that voice made Wang Shi tremble with fear and remorse. How stupid. How humiliating. However, he couldn’t forget he had promised to give his fire.

What a tragedy. His brother was dead, the most talented young man of their clan. And now the enemy was stretching his hand and waiting for the loot.

How cruel. However, he had made a bet with Jiu Ling Huang. Jiu Ling Huang didn’t need to take his mood into consideration. Jiu Ling Huang couldn’t have compassion, he wasn’t sad and furious like him.

Impossible. Therefore, Jiu Ling Huang went to him without hesitation. He wanted the fire. It felt as if he had been wounded and someone had put a knife in that wound.

Before Jiu Ling Huang arrived, Wang Shi had challenged  Yao Yao so Jiu Ling Huang couldn’t be merciful.

Wang Shi’s mouth twitched. His face was distorted with ferociousness and hatred. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan landed next to him, they were all furious. But the enemies didn’t care, for them, the members of the Pellet Kings Clan were just losers. If the members of the Pellet Kings Clan had won, they would have killed Lin Feng.

“Since you bet, don’t act like that, you’re just making a fool of yourself now.” said Xian Ren indifferently. Since Wang Shi had proposed to bet, he had to control himself, he should have anticipated the consequences.

Wang Shi raised his hand and released fire. He was even more furious. He looked at Jiu Ling Huang with murder in his eyes. Jiu Ling Huang smiled in a cold way and took the fire. Then, his silhouette flickered and he went to Yao Yao, he gave it to her and said: “Since your friend wants to give you the fire, take it. ”

“Hihi!” Yao Yao nodded and looked at Lin Feng: “Thank you, Brother Lin Feng. ”

“Little girl, you helped me obtain a pellet. said Lin Feng smiling. His nine dragons were still roaring behind him, they looked particularly ferocious.

“We should go.” said Lei Dong Tian in the distance. Then, he jumped and landed next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. The battle had been very short but there were still some extremely strong cultivators from the Pellet Kings Clan around, they had to leave as soon as possible, especially that the great emperors who had left just before could come back anytime.

Lin Feng had saved so much in his spirit’s world, he had never believed in rules and promises. Strength was a rule. They had agreed on something but now if they killed Lin Feng, so what? If Lin Feng died, nothing else would be important for him.

Therefore, Lin Feng always made decisions considering strength and power first.

A strong wind started blowing. The two cultivators disappeared in thunders and reappeared far away. Lei Dong Tian had promised Lin Feng that if he won, he’d take him back to his clan and would make him qualify to move on to the next step which was going to one of the four most powerful clans.

“Chase him!” said Wang Shi ferociously. He looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. The crowd gazed into the distance, as Lin Feng had thought, they didn’t care about rules.

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