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PMG Chapter 2150: Friend

PMG Chapter 2150: Friend

The tall and sturdy cultivator was stupefied and fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He shouted: “Good boy! You’re stronger than me! No wonder that Lei Dong Tian took you to the clan. ”

Then, he shook his arms, demon lights twinkled, crackling sounds spread in the air, he was recovering.

At that moment, whistling sounds spread in the air. Many people looked at Lin Feng.

“Lei Dong Tian, who is he? He injured our friend. His physical strength is incredible. Is he from Godly Clouds City? He has a similar strength to yours it seems? ”

“As expected, the situation gets really funny when the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds approaches. Recently, a terrifying deployment spell caster arrived, now, a terrifying cultivator with a terrifying physical strength is here. And there’s that girl too. She’s strong and beautiful. Only in the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, we already have some terrifyingly strong people. ”

said a young man smiling indifferently, he had a fair and clear face smiled. When the crowd heard him, they nodded, indeed, the the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds hadn’t started yet but the atmosphere was lively in Godly Clouds City. Many strong cultivators had gathered there.

“Lei Dong Tian, weren’t the two boring doctor clans supposed to have a competition today? Who won? You went to watch but actually it’s just a bunch of little people. Really strong cultivators haven’t started fighting yet.” said someone else in the fortress. Suddenly, a dozen people had appeared around them. They all looked incredible. They all had different types of strength.

Lei Dong Tian smiled indifferently and said to the crowd: “If I told you what happened today, you’d regret not having come. ”

“Oh? Tell us. ”

“First, regarding the medical competition, the cultivators from the Pellet Kings Clan lost against the cultivators from Red Clouds. A little girl won against Wang Sheng. But it’s not over, Wang Shi showed up. ”

“Oh, Wang Shi showed up? How shameless! He’s the first young man of the Pellet Kings Clan, did he want to bully the little girl? So he humiliated the cultivators from Red Clouds? ”

“I’m not done.” said Lei Dong Tian smiling: “The little girl’s brother showed up, guess who it is? ”

Everybody was listening carefully, the suspense was unbearable but Lei Dong Tian was deliberately mystifying. Someone asked straightforwardly: “Who? ”

“Jiu Ling Huang. ”

“Red Clouds’ first Master: Jiu Ling Huang!” many people frowned. Their eyes twinkled. One of them said slowly: “Red Clouds’ first Master and the first young man of the Pellet Kings Clan fought and I missed the battle, what a pity! ”

“No, Prince Wu Qing and Xian Ren from Holy Mountain also showed up.” continued Lei Dong Tian while laughing. Everybody was so sad to have missed that. Someone said: “Lei Dong Tian, cut it with the suspense, tell us the whole story. ”

“Hehe.” Lei Dong Tian laughed: “Wang Shi refused to fight against Jiu Ling Huang or to have a medical competition. He made Wang Jie fight, the fighter could be anyone but Jiu Ling Huang. Finally, someone volunteered and killed Wang Jie. ”

“Killed Wang Jie?” the crowd took a deep breath. They all knew who Wang Jie was. They wanted to know who had done such a thing.

“How audacious! Surprisingly, someone killed Wang Jie, he’s extremely strong. Amongst those people from Red Clouds, who, apart from Jiu Ling Huang, could have killed Wang Jie? The Pellet Kings Clan won’t let him off for sure. ”

“Of course, so they chased us until a few minutes ago.” said Lei Dong Tian smiling. The crowd was astonished and fixedly staring at Lin Feng who was next to Lei Dong Tian.

“Interesting, he killed Wang Jie? ”

“Haha, no wonder your physical strength is so incredible. I even lost against you. But it was fun. However, you’re brave.” said someone looking at Lin Feng. He now understood Lei Dong Tian’s story.

People from abroad didn’t know who Wang Jie was but people in Godly Clouds City all knew him. Lin Feng was extremely strong. Those people wanted to try and see how strong Lin Feng was.

“Why are you all so happy?” said someone at that moment. A silhouette appeared in the air. That person didn’t move quickly, he even stopped in the air.

“Hey, you’re here, Yang Xiao. Your deployment spells are incredible but that guy’s physical strength is incredible too. You should have a fight to compare.” said the tall and sturdy man smiling.

When Lin Feng saw him, he was astonished and looked at him in an ice-cold way.

“Eh?” Lei Dong Tian sensed a cold energy. Yang Xiao’s smile was suddenly petrified on his face. He looked at Lin Feng. Seemingly, those two people knew each other.

“Yang Xiao.” said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He had escaped from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government so he had arrived in Godly Clouds City through the Eastern Town, so it wasn’t surprising that Yang Xiao had taken the same way.

When Yang Xiao heard Lin Feng, he smiled indifferently too but it wasn’t a natural smile.

“Brother Mu Feng, I was worried for you last time in the Gan Government’s Paradise. I thought you had died. I wouldn’t have thought we’d meet again, I’m so happy.” said Yang Xiao smiling.

“Mu Feng, Brother Lin Feng?” Lei Dong Tian looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and said: “When I was in Yang Xiao’s Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government, I used that name. ”

“I see. I wouldn’t have thought you’d know each other. ”

“Yes, he’s a good friend. Back then, Brother Yang Xiao chased me with a bunch of great emperors to kill me. They nearly managed to kill me. Luckily, I was lucky, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.” said Lin Feng smiling. Yang Xiao pulled a long face.

“By the way, last time, you obtained a precious and mysterious treasure in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government, Brother Yang Xiao, you’re extremely strong and talented. You can steal people’s memories and make them become yours, then you can use those memories to learn about a person’s strength and use it for yourself. That’s a terrifying technique. Brother Yang Xiao, back then, you wanted to fight against me and steal my memories.” said Lin Feng smiling. Yang Xiao’s face turned deathly pale. Everybody suddenly looked at Yang Xiao in an ice-cold way. Yang Xiao suddenly looked scared.

Stealing people’s memories was a terrifying ability and it was dangerous. Besides, they suddenly recalled someone who had suddenly become really stupid.

“Yang Xiao, so you did it.” everybody looked at him in an ice-cold way. Shortly before, someone had suddenly become stupid, he couldn’t remember anything. Nobody had found the cause of that calamity. However, now, everybody understood. Initially, someone as dangerous as that was hiding in their palace. He could steal people’s memories.

“He can use deployment spells to steal people’s memories and strength to use them for his own benefits. Besides, he looks modest and amiable, he never argues with people. That’s Yang Xiao.” said Lin Feng. Everybody looked at Yang Xiao furiously. No wonder that Yang Xiao was so kind and discreet. He only showed people how strong he was in terms of deployment spells and he was easy-going and friendly. But now when they thought about that, many people had cold sweats. Luckily, they were extremely strong so Yang Xiao didn’t dare attack them easily. Otherwise, the consequences would have been too dreadful to contemplate.

“Brother Yang Xiao, you’re extremely strong. With your particular ability, you must have stolen so many strong cultivators’ memories. You must be hiding so much mysterious strength in your body. How scary.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yang Xiao pulled a long face. He was furious. But then he smiled at the crowd and said: “I, Yang Xiao, admit I did it. But he’s making impertinent remarks. I didn’t attack him. And I am not strong enough to attack you, guys. Besides, now that you already all know about that, I won’t do it again. Let’s be friends. ”

“How sly.” thought Lin Feng. As expected, when the crowd heard Yang Xiao, they looked at him in an ice-cold way. Even though they had been friendly to him, they had just been friendly, that’s all, he wasn’t important to them. And their memories were precious, they couldn’t afford to have someone who could steal their memories around.

And people always made decisions for their own benefits, that was normal.

“I don’t mind.” said someone in a calm and serene way.

“Since Yang Xiao said it, I can forgive him. However, if anything happens to any of us, we must join hands and kill him. ”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it again, I swear.” said Yang Xiao with stern righteousness to everyone, including Lei Dong Tian.

Lei Dong Tian was the leader of the Eastern group. He was furious, after all, people’s memories were priceless. But punishing Yang Xiao was useless.

However, when Lei Dong Tian saw everybody’s facial expression, he smiled coldly on the inside, but he didn’t show his emotions. “Since it’s that way, let’s forget about it. If it happens again, the members of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan will join hands to kill you though. ”

“Definitely.” replied Yang Xiao smiling. He was out of danger. However, at that moment, an ice-cold energy invaded the atmosphere. People gazed into the distance and saw a beautiful silhouette who looked at as cold and sharp as the blade of a sword.

When Lin Feng saw her, he frowned, it was her!

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      It’s freakin’ Hilarious. If it was the reverse, and Lin Feng was the one who did it, everyone would’ve been at his throat trying to kill him, haha.

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