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PMG Chapter 2155: Selection

PMG Chapter 2155: Selection

Yang Xiao had disappeared, many of the guests of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan were surprised because of that. Those people gathered together again and at the same time they were stupefied to see Lei Dong Tian and Lin Feng come back.

Lei Dong Tian had said he’d take Lin Feng to one of the four influential groups, but now he was back with Lei Dong Tian.

At that moment, Lei Dong Tian turned around and smiled at Lin Feng: “Brother Lin, where’s Yang Xiao? You probably know where he is, right? ”

“Yang Xiao has hands and feet, he can go wherever he wants. Besides, he has some terrifying deployment items, he’s extremely fast. Even if he runs away, I can’t catch up with him.” said Lin Feng smiling, he sounded like it was all a game. Lei Dong Tian was furious. Everybody had seen that there were tensions between Lin Feng and Yang Xiao on the day before. And when he had taken Lin Feng’s clone away, Lin Feng’s real body had probably taken Yang Xiao away. Lin Feng was the only suspect.

But how could Lin Feng admit he had done it?

“Brother Lin, you must be joking.” said Lei Dong Tian, gradually, demon lights appeared and surrounded Lin Feng. He was furious.

However, Lin Feng was even more furious, the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan had promised him something and then they wanted to sell him out to the Pellet Kings Clan. He would definitely settle accounts with them at some point, and properly. If they hadn’t accepted to act as referees and promised to protect him and send him to the four clans, it would have been fine, but they had voluntarily accepted to do that, Lin Feng couldn’t understand such a behavior.

“Brother Lei, are you joking? I followed you this morning. If I had attacked Yang Xiao yesterday, people would have sensed the energies of the battle, don’t you think so?” asked Lin Feng glancing at the crowd. He sounded calm and serene. Those people were in the same area as him, if a big battle had taken place, they would have noticed it. However, he had absorbed Yang Xiao into his spirit’s world, so nobody could detect it.

Lei Dong Tian was speechless, he said in an ice-cold way: “Since it’s that way, I will investigate and find out the truth myself. ”

After that Lei Dong Tian’s silhouette flickered and he left. However, at that moment, the crowd looked amused. Something was wrong, Lei Dong Tian and Lin Feng looked strange. What had happened on the way to the four clans?

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled with cold lights. His silhouette flickered and he entered a palace and didn’t come back out.

During the following days, some legends spread in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City which made the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan furious.

The legends were about the Pellet Kings Clan and the members from Red Clouds. Back then, Lin Feng had killed Wang Jie, then Lei Dong Tian had accepted to protect Lin Feng and to take him to the four influential groups. Then, Lei Dong Tian hadn’t kept his promise and the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan had tried to sell Lin Feng out. Lin Feng had gone through hardships and he hadn’t managed to go to the four influential groups safely.

It didn’t matter whether the rumors were true or not, they were just unfavorable for the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. Even though most people did things for their own benefits, such behaviors were still considered as despicable, they had gone a bit too far. After the rumors started spreading in Godly Clouds City, , some people also told how things had happened when the members of the Pellet Kings Clan had surrounded them and everything. So the crowd believed the rumors even more, otherwise, how could such a strong clan as the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan fail to protect Lin Feng, how had they bumped into the Pellet Kings Clan on the way?

The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan didn’t refute the rumor, the Pellet Kings Clan didn’t say anything either. Those two groups had lost face. Back then, the Pellet Kings Clan had had the occasion to have a fair battle, and then they had sent some cultivators to the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan to get their revenge and now everybody thought both clans’ behavior were outrageous.

Many people were talking about those things in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City. Many cultivators were speechless, even extremely strong cultivators could act in a despicable way. How hypocritical. Many people understood even more that all that mattered were personal gains in life. But many other people also distinguished strength and personal gains and placed strength above all.

Lin Feng went back to the Ye Clan and there he took of his mask and used the face he had used there, it was similar to his real one. His face was similar but his Qi was different. He was surrounded by demon lights. He looked clean and demoniac. He also looked older, he looked like someone who had gone through lots of hardships in life, but at the same time he also looked honest.

He didn’t looked handsome in his own way. Cultivators were handsome because they took care of their bodies. Women were pretty, men looked handsome, however, Lin Feng looked handsome but differently according to standards.

He easily went into the Ye Clan by oppressing many people with his terrifying demon cosmic energies. He just needed to sit the exam now and then they’d send him to one of the four influential groups. Besides, that time, Lin Feng tried to remain discreet. He just practiced cultivation and did as if worldly affairs had nothing to do with him. Of course, he didn’t forget about Yang Xiao who was in his spirit’s world.

Regarding Yang Xiao who was trapped like a turtle in a jar, even if he had many hidden abilities, in Lin Feng’s spirit’s world, he couldn’t use cosmic energies. He was in a dead end. Just like Wang Jie, Lin Feng would make him turn into a Demon Puppet. That guy’s special abilities would be really helpful to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was meditating in seclusion and didn’t draw people’s attention. The day of the selections for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was approaching quickly. More and more strong cultivators gathered in the twelve towns of Godly Clouds City, including in the Eastern Town. Prince Wu Qing from Dark Night and the Jiu Ling Huang from Red Clouds were both in the Ye Clan. Many strong cultivators paid attention to them.

On that day, the Eastern Town was stirring up with excitement and agitation again. Jade Clouds’ first Master, Yu Qing, arrived as well. Surprisingly, there were three of the first Masters of the continent in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City. Besides, some powerful groups of the Eastern Town sent some people to check Yu Qing’s strength. The results of the battles were all the same, without any exception, Yu Qing was terrifying, he killed all of them by destroying their seven apertures. His reputation wasn’t undeserved. The number of first masters was limited and even though there were many geniuses there, those first masters probably had the potential to rank in the top during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They were terrifyingly strong.

Besides, three days later, it was time to select fighters. Three days later, it’d be time for them to go to the four influential groups. So the different groups started the exams, many would be eliminated and the rest would be sent to the four influential groups.

The Ye Clan also started the exams. On a gigantic field, a hundred people had gathered. They were all guests who were going to compete to get qualified. Only those who would manage to go to the four clans would have the opportunity to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

On the field, many strong cultivators from the Ye Clan gathered as well. In the bleachers, there were some senior officials of the Ye Clan, they wanted to watch the exam. It was an important event for them. They couldn’t select people who weren’t strong enough, otherwise, what would they say to the four influential groups to justify themselves?

“This time, people from everywhere came to the Eastern Town to compete and get qualified to go to the four influential groups and then participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You probably all know about the four influential groups already: Holy Cultivation Tower, Golden Mountain, Demon Sect and Ghosts and Spirits Temple. You can imagine what it’d be like even if those four different groups chose ten people. So many people have to be eliminated, there are twelve towns in Godly Clouds City after all. We have to eliminate many people and keep real and heroic geniuses only. Therefore, we have to impose strict rules. This time, we’ll select thirty people only. Therefore, most people will be eliminated. Sorry for this. ”

“We are so many people and only thirty will be selected. That’s nothing.” people’s eyes twinkled. They were under pressure. They were real geniuses, none of them was weak. They had come from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds and they were competing at the level of the Huang Qi layer.

“And then those thirty people will go to the four influential groups, in the four influential groups, there won’t only be three-hundred something people, plus the people of the four influential groups, that’ll be a thousand, plus with the people of the twelve towns, that’ll be ten thousand. So the selection will be as strict as here again. ”

thought many people. Concerning those who would participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, out of a hundred people, one only would be selected.

Lin Feng was in the crowd too and when he heard that, he was surprised. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was for people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were too many geniuses in Godly Clouds City.

“Besides, Prince Wu Qing and Jiu Ling Huang are already selected which means only twenty-eight people can still be selected. I think none of you minds.” said the strong cultivator of the Ye Clan. The crowd was angry at those two people. They had done nothing to be selected directly, according to most people.

“Alright, now, everybody, please gather on the martial arts stage, I’ll select candidates.” said the senior official. The first round wasn’t going to be too complex. After all, heroes couldn’t be eliminated, and those eliminated, even if they were a bit unlucky, stood no chance anyway so reaching the four influential groups would be useless for them.

Therefore, for the different small groups of Godly Clouds City, choosing the geniuses was a small thing yet important. Many people were going to have to give up their dream of participating to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds though!

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