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PMG Chapter 2156: Golden Mountain

PMG Chapter 2156: Golden Mountain

People jumped onto the martial arts stage one after the other. They made a big circle just like the senior official had asked them.

“In a short while, I’ll oppress everyone, if you fall off the stage because of the pressure, you can leave the Ye Clan, of course, you can also stay here and watch if you wish. You’re welcome here, as before.” said the senior official of the Ye Clan slowly. Then, he jumped forwards and a terrifying pressure oppressed the martial arts stage.

“Dong!” He jumped to the center of the martial arts stage, rumbling sounds spread in the air, lights dashed to the skies and surrounded everybody. Everybody sensed the terrifying pressure. That kind of pressure contained a special kind of strength. It kept attacking their mind.

Besides, that special strength seemed to operate according to rules, each waves of strength was more powerful than the previous one. Very quickly, many people had cold sweats, their heartbeats accelerated. It was more and more difficult to resist.

Lin Feng stood there and looked calm and serene. His physical strength was incredible, he could naturally sense the oppressive energies but they didn’t affect him at all. It wasn’t sufficient at all.

But not everybody was like Lin Feng. Lin Feng had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength a few times, he was extremely strong for an emperor, not to mention that those days, only the emperors of the very, very top of the Huang Qi layer could compete with him.

“Dong!” The senior official of the Ye Clan jumped again. Terrifying oppressive energies kept making the crowd shake. Someone was bombarded off the martial arts stage. He pulled a long face, his silhouette flickered and he left. He was the first one to be eliminated, he felt too ashamed to stay and watch.

“With such a pressure, I won’t be able to resist much longer.” thought many people panting. In their respective hometowns, they were considered as extremely strong, people called them geniuses and respected them. But there, they had the feeling they were ordinary.

They realized that the world was too big, there were too many geniuses.

The pressure became more and more intense. More and more people fell too oppressed. Each time a new wave of oppressive energy oppressed them, their heartbeats accelerated. Indeed, selecting people that way was quick and efficient.

After a short time, less than a hundred people were left. However, the strong cultivator didn’t stop.

Even though Prince Wu Qing and Jiu Ling Huang didn’t sit the exam, they were also on the martial arts stage, they also sensed the pressure but they stood them in a calm and serene way as if the strength couldn’t affect them.

The pressure became more and more oppressive. At that moment, the senior official jumped again. Rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air. The atmosphere shook violently. Lights flashed.

“Dong, dong, dong!” That time, he jumped three times. Many people groaned with pain or coughed blood. Some people were propelled away from the battle stage. Besides, it didn’t stop, more waves of energies rolled in waves. After the ninth wave, many people were bombarded away. Then, they looked at the battle stage and noticed only around fifty people were left.

Some people left the Ye Clan, some others continued watching. They looked desperate and disappointed. They hadn’t even passed the Ye Clan’s exam. How sad. Many people had traveled across the world to come there, but in the end, they wouldn’t be able to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

The senior official of the Ye Clan glanced at the crowd and smiled in a calm and serene way. Only around fifty people were left. They were all extremely strong. It was going to be easier for him.

“If you manage to bombard someone off the battle stage, then you’ll be selected and those who are bombarded off will be eliminated. Prince Wu Qing and Jiu Ling Huang, don’t participate.” said the senior official of the Ye Clan smiling. People’s eyes twinkled. They glanced around unhappily. They could bombard anyone off the battle stage to be selected? Of course, if a person had the chance not to be targeted at all and to end up in the remaining thirty cultivators, they’d pass too. It all depended on people’s choices.

If they had the initiative, they’d be able to choose their target, it depended on luck, how could they know who was strong or weak?

It wasn’t really fair but the senior official of the Ye Clan didn’t mind. Amongst the thirty people who were going to be selected, maybe that five only would be selected to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Therefore, if five such people were there on the stage, they wouldn’t be eliminated.

“Bzzz!” Finally, someone moved, he had blood on the corner of his mouth. He moved at the speed of light, a sharp golden spear appeared, the atmosphere was distorted around. It was Dao power. In the twinkling of an eye, the atmosphere seemed to be petrified. The face of the person who was targeted turned deathly pale. He couldn’t dodge. He had to counterattack with even more strength to stay on the stage. Otherwise, he’d be bombarded off it and would be eliminated.

Many people moved towards the center when they saw that, they couldn’t afford to give the enemy a chance. His attack was powerful, if they stayed on the edge, it could reach them. If they fell off accidentally, they’d be eliminated too.

Lin Feng didn’t move. He was self-confident. However, someone looked at him, then that person ran towards him and an oppressive strength surrounded him. That person’s eyes were pitch-black. Then, they became empty, it was as if he had been trying to hypnotize Lin Feng. He was extremely strong and had a powerful vision technique.

However, that person saw that Lin Feng looked calm and serene, and then cursing strength emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes. Wisdom King dharmalaksana strength appeared and blinded him. He was being cursed.

“Piss off!” shouted someone explosively. He groaned with pain.

When he came back to his senses, he moved backwards. He had to move back without having reached his goal. Lin Feng still looked there on the edge of the battle stage and he looked confident.

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi emerged behind him, he didn’t attack Lin Feng anymore so someone else attacked him, he suddenly turned around and saw a terrifying fist. It contained bestial strength. It crashed onto his chest and a whole appeared. He was bombarded off the battle stage.

“Bastard!” shouted that person explosively. However, the other one looked at him in a cold and detached way and said: “Since you attacked other people, you should have gotten ready to get attacked by other people. ”

After that, that cultivator moved towards someone else.

People kept shouting unceasingly on the martial arts stage. The senior official of the Ye Clan smiled and said: “It’s enough. You’re exactly thirty people left. ”

Everybody stopped. They weren’t enemies. They just wanted to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Since the first round was over, they could stop.

The first round was really easy indeed. They didn’t need much time, those qualified to go to the four influential groups had been selected already. Those who had been eliminated would have stood no chance at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds anyway.

“Congratulations to those who succeeded. We collaborate with Golden Mountain so in three days, early in the morning, we’ll gather there. Some cultivators from the Ye Clan will take you to Golden Mountain. Get ready to compete for the next round which will determine whether you can participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds or not.” said the senior official of the Ye Clan smiling. People nodded. Some people looked excited, some others looked indifferent as if nothing had happened. Their goal wasn’t to be selected for the next round but to be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Many people sighed at the foot of the martial arts stage, they thought: “I failed in the first round. There’s another round in the four influential groups and then there will be the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. What kind of people will end up at the top of the rankings of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? ”

Thinking about that made them sigh. No wonder that some people said that the top hundred cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were powerful and influential in the whole Continent of the Nine Clouds.

The crowd gradually dispersed. Lin Feng also left. He looked calm. During those few days, many of the groups of Godly Clouds City organized exams. Then, they’d go to the four influential groups. It meant that the date of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was approaching quickly.

Lin Feng followed some people slowly and gazed into the distance. He saw a golden empty space castle in the distance. It reached the clouds. It looked unique.

“That’s Golden Mountain.” said someone. Around them, whistling sounds spread in the air. Some people were moving towards Golden Mountain at full speed in the distance. Even though those people were far from Lin Feng and the others, they could sense the Qi of the people in the distance. Before entering Golden Mountain, some people glanced at each others, they were maybe going to become enemies inside.

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