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PMG Chapter 2157: Time Passes

PMG Chapter 2157: Time Passes

Golden Mountain was the strongest weapon manufacturing clan, they were unmatched in Godly Clouds City. Their disciples were all powerful weapon makers. They first had to understand deployment spells and then they had to study weapon manufacturing techniques. Such people couldn’t be weak.

In the continent, people who were alchemists, weapon makers and so on had to be extremely strong. In order to become powerful weapon makers or alchemists, they first had to improve their own strength, it was difficult. Therefore, really powerful weapon makers and alchemists were usually quite old. And even if they were really talented, at the same cultivation level as other people, they were usually a bit older because it took time to improve their weapon and pellet manufacturing skills.

When people saw Golden Mountain, they had the impression it had been created like an imposing and magnificent weapon. It looked extraordinary. There were many dazzling and golden buildings floating in the air there. When watching those buildings, they could almost here the narrations about Golden Mountain’s splendid and glorious past in their heads.

“That’s where emperors will gather.” said the strong cultivator of the Ye Clan pointing at a place in the distance. There was a floating stage. Many people were there already. Lin Feng and the others arrived and slowly descended from the sky. They looked at the other deployment palaces, Qi still emerged from there.

“Godly Clouds City is in the central part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Golden Mountain’s halls are made on the same basis as indestructible weapons. Such buildings are terrifying.” thought Lin Feng. That was the secret of Golden Mountain. Lin Feng had been to the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, they also had secrets. They had a Deva-Mara Kalpa fortress floating in the air, it looked dignified and majestic, vast and boundless. However, Golden Mountain’s buildings looked even more spectacular than the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan’s ones.

“Holy Cultivation Tower, Demon Sect, Ghosts and Spirits Temple, what do those places look like?” thought Lin Feng. The Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City was extremely vast. The four influential groups had different positions there. Without incredible achievements, it wasn’t easy to go to the four influential groups.

Lin Feng looked at the other deployment palaces, it was as if time could be modified around them. There were a dozen palaces, three hundred people which meant that more than three thousand people had been eliminated. Those three thousand people were extremely strong, otherwise, the Ancient Holy Clans wouldn’t have accepted them in the first place.

At that moment, in the distance, sharp whistling sounds spread in the air. The crowd turned around and saw gigantic discs move towards them. There were strong cultivators on those golden discs. It was as if they had been able to travel across time and space. Very quickly, they gathered together and their discs turned into one gigantic golden disc. Some strong cultivators were on it and the crowd  could see them clearly.

“What a terrifying speed. That disc is a very powerful Great Imperial Weapon.” thought the crowd. The gigantic disc then divided into several parts again and turned into a spiral flight of stairs. Those few people walked forwards and looked at the crowd. The leader of the group was a middle-aged, he was wearing a golden robe, he looked clean and noble. He first looked at the leader of the deployment palaces and nodded: “Thank you for your hard work, everybody. ”

“That’s my duty.” said the cultivators one after the other bowing respectfully.

The middle-aged man looked at the crowd and smiled: “Everybody, you’re here in Golden Mountain which means that you have the potential to be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will start in three months from today. In two months, my group, Golden Mountain, will start the selection process. The most outstanding cultivators will be selected. During these two months, apart from forbidden areas, you can go anywhere. If you need help, just ask. ”

then he waved, golden robes appeared in the air and he said: “Those are the golden robes we prepared for everybody. For your safety, please wear them. If you wear them, it means you are temporary members of Golden Mountain and you will participate to the selection process. Nobody will dare attack you that way. Besides, if we have announcements to make, we’ll also be able to contact you. ”

Everybody put on the robe. They could already see that those robes weren’t ordinary. Even though they weren’t useful to them, at least, people outside would recognize them as people from Golden Mountain and wouldn’t dare attack them. Besides, pale lights undulated on them, as the man had said, those robes contained receptors which allowed the wearers to receive messages from Golden Mountain.

“Of course, if you use that social status to kill people recklessly and insolently, we won’t protect you.” said the middle-aged man, he suddenly sounded cold. It meant that some people had probably used those robes to steal treasures or kill people, that’s why the middle-aged man warned them. Golden Mountain protected though people because they were maybe going to be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and not to allow them to kill people recklessly in Godly Clouds City.

“We understand.” said everybody nodding but they also understood that as long as they didn’t act too recklessly, people in Godly Clouds City wouldn’t dare attack them.

“Alright, today, everybody gathered here but it’s just for an introduction and to give you a designation, during these two months, if there’s anything, Golden Mountain will contact you.” said the middle-aged man nodding at everybody and then he looked at those who had brought them there: “Thank you for your help, everybody. ”

After that, the middle-aged went back onto the top disc. However, some people stayed there.

It was a simple introduction meeting for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“If you want to live in Golden Mountain, follow me and I’ll show you your headquarters.” said one of the strong cultivator of Golden Mountain who had stayed there.

“Since I’m here, I can find a place where to stay. ”

“Right, we’ll be able to spend time here and enjoy Golden Mountain. ”

said people. Nobody wanted to leave quickly. They didn’t lack time. The members of Golden Mountain took them to different golden halls and showed them where they could stay. Everybody had a great room and a courtyard. They were all splendid.

“Bro, let’s go and see weapon makers, we’ve seen pellet makers but we haven’t seen Great and respected scholars yet.” said Yao Yao to Jiu Ling Huang. She sounded excited. Jiu Ling Huang and the others had come to Golden Mountain. They were really strong too. They had been able to withstand the Ye Clan’s senior official’s oppressive strength so they had had gotten qualified. Jiu Ling Huang was already qualified anyway. So they had had the opportunity to come to Golden Mountain.

Lin Feng looked at Yao Yao. She was an extremely strong pellet maker and she wasn’t a bad fighter either. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to withstand the pressure. No wonder that she was a king’s descendant in Red Clouds.

“Alright.” said Jiu Ling Huang nodding. As a great and respected scholar, he also wanted to see how people made Great Imperial Weapons.

Lin Feng had seen people make powerful weapons. He had helped Mu Lin Xue to make weapons. Back then, they had made powerful weapons together. But now, at his cultivation level, he wasn’t interested in Imperial weapons anymore. He was also interested in Great Scholastic Masters of Weapon Manufacturing Arts and how powerful their deployment spells were.

Lin Feng arrived in his hall, he went to a cultivation room to practice cultivation. There were a few people in his spirit’s world: Yang Xiao, Wang Jie, Ye Que and some others. Those three people were extraordinarily talented, especially Yang Xiao and Wang Jie. Yang Xiao could steal people’s memories and Wang Jie was an extraordinary fighter.

However, now, their eyes were filled with demon lights. They had turned into Lin Feng’s Demon Puppets.

“The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are yours already. Practice cultivation as hard as you can. Wang Jie, you’re from the Pellet Kings Clan, you have many medical recipes and your physical strength is terrifying. I’ll give you the Kalpa Indestrutible Deva-Mara Skill, make your physical body even more powerful. Ye Que, you can study the Three Thousand Great Deployment Spells and my deployment spells. Use your full strength to practice cultivation. ”

said Lin Feng slowly to the three cultivators.

“Roger, Master.” said the three people nodding. Those three Demon Puppets were Lin Feng’s best ones. He had to take good care of them.

“Yang Xiao, continue developing and improving your memory stealing ability. I may need you anytime.” said Lin Feng to Yang Xiao.

“Go now.” said Lin Feng indifferently. In the twinkling of an eye, the three people dispersed to practice cultivation. Lin Feng also closed his eyes and started practicing cultivation. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was going to start soon. Lin Feng needed to become stronger, he needed to be sure he could defeat the geniuses of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, how strong were the Third and Fourth Beasts of the Animal District? And how strong was Saint Tianhun? And what about that terrifying cultivator who had a spiritual deployment body? And what about the first Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? How strong were they? How strong had Chu Chun Qiu become? What about those people who had king type bodies? How strong would they be on the stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t know those things!

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