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PMG Chapter 2158: One Month Passed

PMG Chapter 2158: One Month Passed

A month passed. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was approaching. People were getting excited in Godly Clouds.

On that day, in the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, Lin Feng’s clone suddenly opened his eyes and his silhouette flickered. He moved towards the exit of the palace. In all the palaces surrounding that one, he was the only person left. The others had all left and gone to the Holy Cultivation Tower, they would maybe be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan’s strong cultivators were watching his clone but now he had to leave.

At night, a few people followed Lin Feng. When he arrived on the periphery of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, a few people prevented him from leaving.

“I went to Golden Mountain a month ago. I might be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Why continue that little game of yours?” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. That was those people’s fear, since Lin Feng had joined one of the four influential groups, nobody could attack him anymore.

“Make your real body come out to talk.” said one of them in an ice-cold way. However, when that person said that, they gazed into the distance and saw someone wearing a golden robe. That golden robe was Golden Mountain’s robe.

“Are you looking for me?” said Lin Feng indifferently. The members of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan frowned and stared at Lin Feng. One of them said in an ice-cold way: “You’re Lin Feng? ”

“Indeed. My clone is made of my soul. Back then, I had changed my face. Therefore, my clone looks different from me. Now, he’s mine again.” said Lin Feng smiling. His clone moved towards him, they stood next to each other, suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with ice-cold lights and murder.

Two great emperors frowned. They could see that Lin Feng wanted to kill them, however, at that moment, Lin Feng groaned in an ice-cold way and the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron appeared. A terrifying death sound made them shake. At the same time, the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron diffused dazzling lights which surrounded them. Instantly, the two people had the impression their souls were going to be sucked in. Suddenly, their facial expressions changed drastically.

“Die!” said Lin Feng moving like the wind, a sword appeared and lacerate the space.

“No…” one of the great emperors released Qi, terrifying Deva-Mara lights appeared, and he punched the atmosphere. His punch was incredibly quick and contained terrifying demon cosmic energies.

“Dong!” Lin Feng jumped, deployment lights appeared, his silhouette disappeared. He reappeared in front of the great emperor, a sword Holy Spirit which seemed like it could lacerate anything appeared, rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air, his face looked ferocious, but his physical body exploded, his soul turned to smoke and moved into the cauldron, then the cauldron modified his soul at full speed.

“Insolent!” shouted the other great emperor. Lin Feng smiling in an ice-cold way. His clone fused together with his body. At the same time, he shook his hand, the cauldron moved back to him, another sword moved towards that great emperor but he blocked it.

“You dare assault and murder people from the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan?” said that strong cultivator extremely loudly. His Qi rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. Demons appeared around Lin Feng.

“I’m a potential candidate for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back then, there were no tensions between the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan and me, the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan promised me to bring me to one of the four groups, but then they sold me out. And now you kept my clone for such a long time. How insolent is that? Such a behavior should naturally be punished. said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way.

“Bastard!” The strong cultivator of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan punched the atmosphere in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng didn’t dodge. The fist bombarded his chest. His golden robe fluttered and Lin Feng was bombarded away and coughed blood. However, Lin Feng smiled in an ice-cold way. The strong cultivator of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan didn’t understand and his facial muscles stiffened. He suddenly looked scared. How insane. Surprisingly, he hadn’t blocked the attack at all, he had endured it all. What if he had died, what would have happened…?

Lin Feng coughed a few times. And then he landed in front of the cultivator again. His eyes were pitch-black and he said in an ice-cold way: “I’ll record what happened here with my godly awareness and I’ll spread it in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City. At the same time, I will also tell Golden Mountain that the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan bullies me. I’ll also tell them that from now on I’ll kill people from the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan when I meet them. ”

Then, Lin Feng turned around and left. The strong cultivator of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan was astonished.

“Bastard!” shouted that strong cultivator explosively and staring at Lin Feng leaving. His eyes were filled with murder. Lin Feng had provoked him on purpose, now he was injured. In the future, he’d be able to act insolently when meeting cultivators of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. He would be able to justify himself and he did those things with good reason.

Lin Feng said that and quickly, the news about the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan’s behavior spread in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City.

“The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan is a level two group in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City and surprisingly, they dare act like that. Back then, Lei Dong Tian had promised Lin Feng he’d protect him and in the end he betrayed him. They sold him out to the Pellet Kings Clan. But then they imprisoned Lin Feng’s clone so Lin Feng was right go and pick up his clan with his real body. But as before, they tried to prevent him. The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan and the Pellet Kings Clan really have no values. ”

“The Pellet Kings Clan was furious because of Wang Jie, they wanted to avenge him. Even though it’s not something they can be proud of, it’s understandable. But the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan really sucks. ”

Many people in Godly Clouds City were making of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan because of their behavior. After the news spread, some strong cultivators of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan bumped into Lin Feng. Lin Feng killed them and everybody in town thought it was justified. Lin Feng was on a killing spree and he really enjoyed it.

A few days passed and the news that Wang Jie hadn’t died spread. He had shown up in the Eastern Town of Godly Clouds City. Besides, he had killed two young men from the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan but the most astonishing thing was that he knew how to use Kalpa strength and the skill he he seemed to be using was the Kalpa Indestrutible Deva-Mara skill.

When hearing that, many people didn’t believe a word of it, but then they saw him use it with their own eyes. Some people even recorded the scene with their godly awareness to show it to other people.

The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan was furious.

The Pellet Kings Clan was more discreet yet had doubts.

In the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, in a palace, people all pulled a long face. The leader of the group was the one who had negotiated with the Pellet Kings Clan back then. He looked at the crowd and said “What do you think? ”

“Many of our people have been killed these days. We can’t exclude the option that they may have transmitted the Kalpa skill, especially that he doesn’t have the full skill. However, Wang Jie has it now…” that person didn’t finish their sentence.

“Last time, the Pellet Kings Clan paid a very high price to capture Lin Feng and save Wang Jie, however, they failed. They asked us to give what we had obtained back but we refused. Everybody probably remembers that.” said someone else.

“Everybody knows that Lin Feng came to the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan a few days ago, the Pellet Kings Clan won’t get their revenge. However, Wang Jie hasn’t died. So is Wang Jie back in the Pellet Kings Clan? Who knows. ”

“But why has he recovered so quickly?” asked someone.

“Don’t forget that it’s the Pellet Kings Clan, they have incredible remedies. They would spend all they have to cure him. It’s Wang Jie after all. ”

“Maybe but it’s only been a few days. Even if the Pellet Kings Clan exchanged Wang Jie against something with Lin Feng, and then killed our people and stole our skill, how could Wang Jie study it so quickly? ”

“Wang Jie is extremely talented, everybody knows that. And he’s at the top of the Huang Qi layer. He can easily learn such skills. Besides, the Deva-Mara Kalpa skills aren’t really useful for him, he already has a terrifying physical strength. ”

The members of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan kept talking about those things. Their conclusion to explain all that was that the Pellet Kings Clan had forced their people to hand over their skills and techniques and that they had taught them to Wang Jie. The Deva-Mara Thunder Clan was furious.

In Holy Cultivation Tower, two people looked furious.

“Very good, the members of the Pellet Kings Clan surprisingly dare kill people from my clan and steal our skills and techniques, very good. Wang Shi, I’ll remember that.” said Lei Dong Tian in an ice-cold way.

“Ridiculous. Back then, you didn’t do what you had promised. You joined hands with Lin Feng to bully my clan. Now you’re accusing us? How insolent.” said Wang Shi aggressively. The two of them were wearing the robes of Holy Cultivation Tower. Their Qi kept rolling in waves. They couldn’t fight before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and they were furious.

“You’ll see, everybody will learn the truth. The Pellet Kings Clan stole our skills and techniques, we won’t leave the matter at that.” said Lei Dong Tian in an ice-cold way.

“We’ll see then.” replied Wang Shi in an ice-cold way.

Then the two left in opposite directions.

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