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PMG Chapter 216: Lack of Pure Qi

Here is Tuesday’s release. I have caught up on my sleep so I missed yesterday and overslept today 🙂 sorry xoxo
Editor: Hakubruh
Note: Pure Qi in the following chapters refers the the Pure Qi of heaven and earth that cultivators absorb during cultivation to strengthen themselves. Xuan Qi layer and above is where cultivators can control Pure Qi as energy to form attacks.

A horse-driven carriage was moving down an ancient road.

Three horses were pulling the carriage. Behind that carriage, there were many people riding horses and acting as guards.


The person driving the carriage pulled back on the reins and came to a stop.

Then, guards on the right and left of the carriage continued moving forwards. A person was lying on the ground. That person was wearing the armor of a soldier.

“Fu Bo, his heartbeat is normal, there is no irregularity at all. He’s alive but unconscious.” said one man to the driver of the carriage while checking the person’s body.

“Move him to the side of the road. We have to hurry.” said the driver of the carriage indifferently. The man was about to execute the order, but at that moment, a pair of lily-white hands opened the curtains of the carriage. A delicate face appeared from behind the curtains. It was a beautiful young girl, she was very young. Lights were flashing in her eyes.

“Fu Bo, how could a soldier end up here lying on the road?” asked the young woman whose voice was clear and limpid. Fu Bo shook his head and said: “I’m not sure, but in our country, Mo Yue, ordinary soldiers are not that strong. Except for soldiers whose rank is lieutenant or above, the others are not considered strong on the battlefield. That person must be extremely weak which would explain why he was abandoned on the road.”

“Oh.” said the young girl while slightly nodding. A light flashed in her eyes and she said: “Take him with us in the carriage.”

“Miss, this is not appropriate.” said Fu Bo who was surprised.

“It doesn’t matter, Fu Bo.” said the young girl while ignoring him and smiling. She then talked to the man who was standing at the soldiers side and said: “Carry him over here and put him inside the carriage.”

That guards glanced at Fu Bo. However, Fu Bo had no choice but to nod. The guards had no other choice but to carry the unconscious soldier into the carriage.

The carriage then slowly continued moving forwards. In the carriage, there was delicate young woman and young girl who was about ten years old. She was also very pretty.

“Zi Ling, why did you bring a stranger into the carriage?” asked the young woman. She was curiously looking at the young soldier lying down in the carriage. She could help but frown.

“Zi Yi, big sister, look, he looks so young, can you guess his age?” said the young beautiful little girl as if she hadn’t heard the original question. She looked very curious as well.

Zi Ling glanced at Zi Yi and slightly shook her head. She then looked at the lying young man and frowned. Suddenly, she looked perplexed.

“What a delicate and handsome young man.” thought Zi Yi while sighing. Even though that young man was unconscious, his face was delicate, he had dashing eyebrows and his cheeks looked extremely delicate. His entire body was covered with dust from the road.

That young man didn’t look like a soldier, why was he wearing armor?

“Zi Yi, sister, that young man and you seem to be the same age. He’s very handsome. You would be a perfect couple.” said Zi Ling.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” said Zi Yi.

“Zi Yi, sister, I’m just joking, I know that your husband would have to be stronger than you. You have already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer, you’re a genius. He’s very young and he’s a soldier, how could he be stronger than you?” said Zi Ling while smiling. Zi Yi was just shaking her head.

“Zi Ling, instead of talking about me, you should be talking about your cultivation, especially your sword skills.”

“Hee hee.” laughed Zi Ling.

Zi Ling then said: “Zi Yi, sister, why does Zi Qiong suddenly want to get married? I didn’t think that he had a girl he liked.”

When Zi Yi heard Zi Ling, she frowned and immediately said: “The day of the offerings for the gods and ancestors is approaching. Zi Qiong needs to be married to gain access to the forbidden area. Therefore, his wedding is a very normal thing. Concerning the girl, I heard that they’ve only known each other for a few days. Otherwise, I don’t much more than you.”

A light flashed in Zi Ling’s eyes and then she shook her head as a sign that she didn’t understand such complicated things.

But at that moment, the young man lying in the carriage moved his finger. Zi Ling was surprised and said: “He’s awake.”

Then, the young man’s hand started to move. Immediately after, he opened his eyes.

The young man’s eyes were big and beautiful but at that moment, his eyes revealed uncertainty.

That young man was Lin Feng.

On that day, after the conversation with Duan Xin Ye, he left her and walked for a great distance. He didn’t get the impression that something was wrong with his body but suddenly, he fainted and did not know what happened after that.

He had no idea what happened. He didn’t even know how many days had passed since that moment.

Zi Ling and Zi Yi were surprised when they saw Lin Feng. What a handsome young man! At that moment, his eyes were open as he laid on the floor of the carriage.

“Where am I?” asked Lin Feng while looking at the two girls. He looked perplexed.

“You’re awake. My name is Zi Ling. You were lying on the road and we accidentally came across you so we took you into our carriage.” said Zi Ling while blinking unceasingly. She then said: “Oh by the way, how did you faint on that road? And are you a soldier? What is your military ranking? How strong are you?” Zi Ling was unceasingly asking questions which cause Lin Feng’s mind to spin. He said in a weak voice: “Is it ok if I get up first?”

“Oh, ok.” said Zi Ling a bit embarrassed. Immediately after, Lin Feng, who was lying on the floor, stood up and sat down opposite the girl.

“My name is Lin Feng. I fainted because I was injured. I am just an ordinary soldier. My strength is…….”

While talking, Lin Feng tried to gather some of his pure Qi but then, he suddenly looked astonished. He just had the feeling that he was empty inside and there wasn’t even a trace of pure Qi.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. His eyes were turbulent. He remembered that he had become stronger. He should have become much stronger but at that moment, he surprisingly couldn’t manage to condense any pure Qi. There wasn’t any pure Qi inside of his body any longer.

“What’s wrong” asked Zi Ling when she saw that Lin Feng’s facial expression change so drastically. She then asked: “You were just about to tell us how strong you were?”

Lin Feng glanced at Zi Ling and immediately after, he closed his eyes. He could still clearly perceive everything around him.

Even without releasing the first layer of his Celestial Spirit, he was still able to perceive every part of his body, the muscles, the flesh and the blood vessels. He could perfectly sense everything that was happening within his body.

If Lin Feng wanted, he could perceive everything that was happening around him to a circumference of a thousand kilometres, the whole world would become an image within his mind.

“Indeed, I have become stronger and it even seems that my bones, flesh and muscles are much stronger than before.”

Lin Feng opened his eyes and used one hand to violently punch the palm of his other hand. He had gained impressive strength. Even though there was no pure Qi, while considering his body’s strength, he was much stronger than he was before. That meant that he now had a stronger constitution.

However, Lin Feng persistently tried to control pure Qi, but something was wrong, it seemed like there was absolutely no pure Qi within his body.

“What the hell has happened to me?” thought Lin Feng while frowning. He had become stronger but did not have any pure Qi, what was that supposed to mean?

Could it be that, after he became stronger and mastered his sword fusion, something strange happened to his body? Why would his pure Qi have run dry?

Lin Feng tried to absorb pure Qi into his body again but it would only circulate within his body, it wouldn’t penetrate inside or be absorbed. It seemed like the external world and the inside of his body were completely separated. Whatever he tried, it seemed like the universe did not agree.

Lin Feng had never heard of such a condition, let alone seen it. He didn’t understand what was happening to him.

Lin Feng was firmly frowning for a long time and then tried to relax. His cultivation was unlikely to have been crippled.

Maybe it was something good, maybe he had entered an unknown path on the road to cultivation.

While thinking that, Lin Feng felt a bit relieved. At that moment, there was no amazing energy inside of him but it wasn’t a bad thing. He still had the Qi that an ordinary person who did not practice cultivation would have. He even looked even more handsome.

“Why are you not talking?” asked Zi Ling while looking at Lin Feng after seeing that his facial expression didn’t stop changing while he remained silent.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Zi Ling, he then said: “It seems like I have no strength at all.”

“No strength?” sighed Zi Ling surprised. She had a strange expression on her face.

“A piece of trash then?” said Zi Yi straightforwardly. She frowned. A person who had no strength was obviously a piece of trash. In the continent, nobody could gain a high place within society if they weren’t strong. They would systematically thrown aside even if they were handsome.

At that moment, she looked at Lin Feng with disdain.

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