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PMG Chapter 2160: Fighting Against Lei Dong Tian

PMG Chapter 2160: Fighting Against Lei Dong Tian

“Brother Lin, you killed many of our people. Do you think Golden Mountain can still protect you only because you’re wearing their robe? Do you think the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan won’t dare kill you?” said Lei Dong Tian in an ice-cold way looking at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

“I really do think so. Am I wrong? Would the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan really dare kill me?” said Lin Feng with a smile yet not a smile looking at Lei Dong Tian. He then said in a calm and serene way: “However, if you want to exchange views on cultivation with me, Brother Lei, we can. We are both potential candidates for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, nothing prevents us from exchanging views on cultivation. We can ask for the four influential groups to supervise the battle, and we can agree on a battle to death. ”

When Lei Dong Tian heard Lin Feng’s mocking tone, he looked even more furious. He waved and the strong cultivators of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan moved towards the strong cultivators of the Pellet Kings Clan. Suddenly, the sky was filled with terrifying Deva-Mara Kalpta strength.

“Interesting. I’d love to see, Brother Lin, what makes you so confident.” said Lei Dong Tian in a calm and serene way. He stretched his hand and Kalpa lights appeared and surrounded his own body. The Kalpa lights contained a terrifying destructive strength.

Lei Dong Tian was the strongest young man of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. He was probably extraordinary. He was also curious to see how strong some geniuses in Godly Clouds City were.

Terrifying demon cosmic energies surrounded Lin Feng’s body. However, he didn’t use Kalpa lights to do that. He used pure demon strength. He suddenly looked like an ancient demon. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. The two cultivators’ demon energies collided in the air. It looked incredible.

Lei Dong Tian’s eyes gradually became pitch-black. They looked more and more terrifying. His eyes were filled with Kalpa strength.

“Slash, slash…” sharp lights emerged from his eyes and moved towards Lin Feng, they turned into Kalpa light beams. He wanted to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyebrows looked like swords. Sword determination condensed in his eyes, Wisdom King Holy Spirits condensed too and turned into indestructible Wisdom Kings. The energies emerging out of the two fighters’ eyes collided. Their energies could easily kill ordinary emperors.

Lei Dong Tian made a step forwards and a demon appeared. His blood started boiling. The atmosphere became dark. Everything seemed like it was going to be destroyed under their energies. Demon Kalpa swords appeared above Lin Feng’s head, they were much more powerful than Lin Feng’s Kalpa swords. That was a special kind of strength the members of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan had. They had the full version of the Kalpa Indestrutible Deva-Mara Skill. They had all sorts of demon skills. They were experts.

A gigantic sword demon sword appeared. It seemed to be alive.

“Die!” shouted Lei Dong Tian in an ice-cold way. Demon Kalpa swords moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. They looked like pitch-black thunders. Lin Feng was surrounded Sword determination, all sorts of Holy Spirit swords condensed. He also bombarded the atmosphere with physical strength. The terrifying energies astonished the crowd. That guy’s punch was filled with demon sword energies, how insane.

“Dong!” The crowd was shaking. Crackling sounds spread in the air. The demon lights pierced through the demon sword, the oppressive Deva-Mara strength was destroyed. The sky became normal again. However, at that moment, Lei Dong Tian moved again, he tried not to look worried. He didn’t want to show how he felt. Lin Feng was strong, that was a fact.

Suddenly, Lei Dong Tian’s wings appeared, they were gigantic Deva-Mara wings. They contained terrifying demoniac marks, his hands turned into demon Kalpa claws. He looked terrifying. The crowd was scared. His Qi became more powerful. A terrifying demon appeared in the crowd’s field of vision. Demons then moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. If Lin Feng had been an ordinary cultivator, he would have died already.

“Bzzz…” He flapped his Deva-Mara wings and suddenly disappeared. A Demon Kalpa hand moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng felt under pressure as if the claws had been about to lacerate him.

However, Lin Feng looked calm and serene as nothing could affect him. He also punched the atmosphere in his enemy’s direction. The atmosphere kept shaking violently. Demon deployment lights rolled in waves. However, Lei Dong Tian disappeared and then claws moved towards Lin Feng from above.

“Dong, dong, dong…” terrifying energies made the earth and the sky shake. People’s hearts started pounding. The two fighters had already collided a few times. Behind Lin Feng, deployment lights started intertwining. Very quickly, they turned into dazzling deployment wings.

“That Lin Feng is really strong. No wonder he defeated Wang Jie back then.” thought the crowd when they saw that, their hearts started beating faster. Lei Dong Tian was a member of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, his physical strength was incredible, his spells were incredible. However, Lin Feng looked calm and serene. His physical strength was incredible too.

Lin Feng definitely had the potential to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He would maybe even end up in the top hundred.

After all, Lei Dong Tian was the first young man of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. Not many people could compete with him. In Godly Clouds City, only 50-60 people could compete with him, but he was probably as strong as them, not weaker. He also had the potential to end up in the top hundred.

Since Lei Dong Tian had that potential, then Lin Feng did too.

Lei Dong Tian attacked again but that time Lin Feng disappeared. Lei Dong Tian reappeared in the sky and descended and said to Lei Dong Tian: “You’re not the only one who’s fast. ”

“Very good, let’s see the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan’s spells.” Lei Dong Tian jumped forwards. Demon determination rolled in waves. Lei Dong Tian’s determination was getting more and more powerful.

Lin Feng looked at the Demon Kalpa lights. He released demon strength which turned into sharp swords, they seemed to be able to conquer every obstacle.

Lei Dong Tian closed his eyes. He looked like an enlightened being. Demons appeared around him.

“Kalpa!” said a voice in an ice-cold way. At that moment, Kalpa lights surrounded Lin Feng. They were extremely powerful.

The Kalpa lights surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s muscles shook violently. His blood started boiling. It was only the beginning.

“Slash…” Lin Feng disappeared and threw himself at Lei Dong Tian. However, Lei Dong Tian disappeared, demons appeared everywhere, they were made of Kalpa strength.

Lei Dong Tian reappeared in the sky, he opened his mouth and sucked in energy. He absorbed all the Kalpa strength. He turned into a Kalpa demon.

The crowd was shaking. A Kalpa demon. Lin Feng looked at him and smiled. If he used the Kalpa Indestrutible Deva-Mara Skill, maybe that it would him become a Saint in terms of physical strength. Lin Feng didn’t have time to play around.

Lei Dong Tian had the potential to become a participant of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, could he kill him in front of everybody?

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared. The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng stopped fighting? Lei Dong Tian put him under pressure it seemed.

The crowd looked at Lei Dong Tian, the first young man of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan. He had absorbed Kalpa strength, he could easily kill ordinary great emperors, as expected, he was terrifying.

a strong cultivator of the Pellet Kings Clan attacked, but Lin Feng turned into a hurricane and his cauldron’s death strength invaded the atmosphere. At the same time, strength surrounded him, it destroyed his physical body and absorbed his soul, then Lin Feng smiled: “Brother Lei, I’m sure we’ll meet again. ”

Then, he turned into a light beam and left. Lei Dong Tian jumped and looked at him in an ice-cold way with murder in his eyes.

When the crowd saw that, they were astonished. During the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, would Lin Feng lose against him?

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