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PMG Chapter 2161: Alliance

PMG Chapter 2161: Alliance

In Golden Mountain, in the residences for people who were from abroad, many people came to greet those who had the potential to be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Many of those potential candidates didn’t understand and thought that it had something to do with the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After all, they knew that Golden Mountain was one of the four influential groups since they were there, they had been chosen by the Shrine. And amongst people who had the potential to become candidates of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many of them were already from the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The four influential groups had outstanding disciples.

Therefore, those people were also going to sit the exam like those foreigners. Of course, what the Shrine had done was advantageous for them. It was easier for them to be selected for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. So the foreigners weren’t oppressed by the other foreigners only but also by Golden Mountain’s disciples.

Prince Wu Qing and Jiu Ling Huang had the most magnificent palaces in Golden Mountain. Nobody had gone to see them, they had just heard that about that phenomenon.

At that moment, a few people from Golden Mountain were in front of a palace. They glanced around, one of the young men asked: “Whom have we forgotten? ”

An old man next to him replied: “One of them is Lin Feng. He’s not bad. He’s also in Golden Mountain. You can go and see him. Make him join our group. ”

“Is he in Golden Mountain now?” asked the young man.

“I’ve been watching him. Apparently, he’s back.” said the old man in a calm and serene way. The young man’s eyes twinkled and he smiled: “Good, call Bing, we’ll go and invite him together. ”

“Alright.” said the old man nodding. Then, his silhouette flickered. After a short time, a beautiful woman arrived.

“Brother Zhen. ”

“Bing, let’s go invite someone.” said the young man nodding at the girl. Then, the three people’s silhouettes flickered. The old man took them to Lin Feng’s palace.

When Lin Feng saw them, he was surprised. Those people were wearing different clothes, they were probably authentic members of Golden Mountain.

“Lin Feng, I’m Jin Zhen and that’s my fellow disciple Bing.” said Jin Zhen smiling at Lin Feng.

“What do you want?” replied Lin Feng smiling.

“In a few days, it will be the exam for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Brother Lin Feng, we’re here to invite you to come to join our group.” said Jin Zhen.

Lin Feng looked surprised and said: “I don’t understand. ”

“Lin Feng, you don’t understand what the exam of Golden Mountain is like, so it’s normal that you don’t understand. The second round of the selections consists in group fights. We want to form alliances of ten people to eliminate the other alliances. That way, we can eliminate many people. ”

“Ten people fight against other groups? Who’s considered as a winner then?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. Golden Mountain has specific rules for the selection procedure.

“First, amongst the groups of ten people, five people are eliminated.” said Bing to Lin Feng.

“Half will be eliminated within groups?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Jin Zhen nodded: “Indeed. But don’t worry, amongst people I chose, you’re a hero, if you come to my palace, you’ll definitely move on to the next round. Then, we’ll eliminate people from other groups. ”

“Groups of five will fight? ”

“No, three people will be chosen to fight one-on-ones. If they win, then the five enemies will eliminated.” said Jin Zhen.

“The rules are cruel.” said Lin Feng looking at Jin Zhen: “If my partners aren’t strong enough, I’ll lose too. ”

“Indeed. Therefore, I came to invite you, besides, amongst the people I invited, there’s also the first master of Jade Clouds: Yu Qing, and a very strong cultivator who has a king type body. Coupled with me, Bing and you, we are five.” said Wang Zhen smiling: “Besides, Brother Lin Feng, Bing and I aren’t weak. ”

“The first Master of Jade Clouds is also in Golden Mountain.” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. Golden Mountain was lucky. Three of the first Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Brother Lin Feng, don’t worry. Everybody knows you in town. We mean you no harm. If you doubt about our honesty, we can give you some Great Imperial Weapons.” said Bing smiling and playing with her hair. She looked really beautiful.

“Indeed. Brother Lin Feng, we believe in your strength, believe in our honesty.” said Jin Zhen in a gentle way.

“Lin Feng, Jin Zhen and Bing are outstanding young people in Golden Mountain. They are the descendants of Great Weapon Masters.” said the old man smiling. Those people really looked honest. They sounded gentle and soft.

“I don’t need Great Imperial Weapons.” said Lin Feng smiling: “Since you seem honest, I won’t refuse. ”

“Awesome, Brother Lin. Thank you very much.” said Jin Zhen shaking hands with Lin Feng and smiling and taking a necklace out: “That’s the necklace of our alliance. It means you can come to our deployment palace whenever you want. On the day of the exam, we’ll be together. To avoid trouble, just put a thread of godly awareness inside. ”

“Alright.” said Lin Feng. He understood. Since he had accepted to form an alliance with them, he had to do that, otherwise, if he went back on his word, it wouldn’t be fair. Many people knew that such a thing was possible so they tried to protect themselves.

Lin Feng released a thread of godly awareness to swear he was going to respect the alliance. He didn’t mind. As long as he didn’t lose because of other people, everything was fine, especially that he was really strong and the exam would probably be easy for him.

“Awesome, Brother Lin, thank you, see you!” said Jin Zhen shaking Lin Feng’s hand again. Bing smiled thinly and bowed before Lin Feng.

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded at the three people who left. They still needed to invite some people.

When they left Lin Feng’s palace, Jin Zhen and Bing smiled. Jin Zhen said: “Lin Feng is strong. With Yu Qing and the one who has a king type body, we can be a terrifying army. The five others will just be cannon fodder. ”

“I’ll be careful.” said the old man nodding. If the five other people knew they were to become cannon fodder, how would they feel? However, that was the sad truth. That round was complex in comparison with the previous one. Five strong cultivators were going to be eliminated in each group.

“Bing, when the right time comes, it’ll be sad for you.” said Zhen to Bing.

“Alright, I don’t mind, the most important ones are you and Yu Qing.” said Bing smiling. Jin Zhen nodded.

After that, Lin Feng calmly waiting for the beginning of the exam. A few of his fellow disciples had already arrived in Godly Clouds City. Some people had been blocked at the entrance of the city, including Jing Xiao Yue. Mu Chen stayed with Jing Xiao Yue. The Saint was still with them.

Lin Feng hoped he’d become stronger thanks to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

On that day, Lin Feng’s robe suddenly fluttered in the wind and a sound resonated in his brain. The voice asked him to come to the meeting point at noon.

Lin Feng knew that the exam was going to start.

At noon, the crowd had gathered  by the stage. The strong cultivators of Golden Mountain were waiting already. There were many people.

“Everybody gather with your groups.” said someone. Instantly, everybody gathered with their groups. Lin Feng also went to Jin Zhen and Bing, very quickly, they were nine people. Two of them looked extraordinary. One of them looked noble and particular. He also looked strange and indifferent. That was Yu Qing from Jade Clouds.

The second one was wearing a golden robe, but his Qi was abnormal. Some king determination invaded the atmosphere around him. He was surprised to see Lin Feng. So much time had passed and he thought that people like them who had king type bodies would progress faster.

That guy was Dugu the Winner who had a Godly Imprint King Body.

Dugu the Winner looked at Lin Feng in a calm and serene way. In the Region of the Dark Night, Lin Feng and Dugu the Winner were of the same generation. But Lin Feng had become famous earlier than him. Before going to Godly Clouds, Lin Feng had already become famous in the Region of the Dark Night.

They said nothing to each other, they knew each other, that’s all, they weren’t friends.

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