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PMG Chapter 2162: Fabricating Golden Mountain’s Exam

PMG Chapter 2162: Fabricating Golden Mountain’s Exam

At that moment, the strong cultivators of Golden Mountain were standing in the front. One of them said in a calm and serene way: “Everybody follow me to the Temple of Heaven ”

After that, everybody rose up in the air and started flying, after a short time, they saw an empty space stage. They could see many palaces and halls around. Of course, people from inside the halls could also see them.

Groups of ten surrounded the Temple of Heaven. Then, square-shaped pillars appeared, they could accommodate many people.

“There are pillars for each different groups.” said a strong cultivator who was standing in the center of the Temple of Heaven in a calm and serene way. Then groups of ten jumped onto their pillars.

“Now, after the end of the allocated time, you must be five on the pillars.” said the strong cultivator of Golden Mountain. People looked nervous on the pillars. From ten people, they were going to be only five left. Half of them were going to be eliminated. Many people felt under pressure. They knew it was going to be that way before coming but still.

On Lin Feng’s pillar, Jin Zhen looked at the group, people looked nervous, one of them said: “People who know they can’t win should get down. ”

However, Jin Zhen smiled in an ice-cold way and looked at five people and said: “Thank you very much for joining our group but five people have to be eliminated. Since you came to Golden Mountain though, you can stay here and you’ll have the opportunity to watch. ”

“Why us five?” asked those five people. They all pulled a long face. One of them said: “When you invited us, you didn’t say that. ”

“That wasn’t what I meant. Yu Qing can’t be eliminated. Dugu can’t be eliminated either, he’s got the Godly Imprint King Body, everybody knows Lin Feng too. Therefore, only you can leave. That’s the best for the group.” said Jin Zhen in a calm and serene way. However, the five people looked angry. Yu Qing suddenly opened his eyes. He suddenly seemed to have a solution, just after that, someone gave a horrible shriek and that person’s eyes started bleeding.

“Don’t waste time.” said Yu Qing in an ice-cold way. The five people were sad. That was the sad truth. A few days before, the old man had invited them and had looked honest. However, now, in the blink of an eye, they were eliminated, how cruel. Some of them were devastated. They hadn’t anticipated that at all.

They weren’t the only ones in that case though, many people on other pillars had to go through the same thing.

Lin Feng looked at Yu Qing, first Master of Jade Clouds. He looked extremely strong. His eyes were terrifying, he could destroy people’s seven apertures with his skill. Quickly, the five people jumped off the pillar. Lin Feng thought that he wasn’t face, he would have been kicked out like them.

After a short time, only five people were left on all the pillars. They were all geniuses.

In such a short time, half of all those people had been eliminated, out of three-four hundred people, only around two hundred were left.

“Now, time for the second round.” said the strong cultivator of Golden Mountain, he glanced at the crowd and said: “The groups of five will now fight against other groups of five. Five battles, if one side loses, then the whole group is eliminated. If someone doesn’t accept, they can challenge three people from whole group and if they win, then they can move on. ”

“To avoid losing real heroes because of the groups, they created that rule.” thought the crowd when they heard that. Lin Feng’s group was extremely powerful: Yu Qing, first Master of Jade Clouds, could already win one battle. Lin Feng could also win one battle.

“The first ones can challenge first.” said the strong cultivator of Golden Mountain. In a split second, someone jumped onto the battle stage, the crowd was stupefied: Prince Wu Qing. He was the first one to jump on the battle stage, people already felt sad for the one who was going to be chosen by Prince Wu Qing.

“You.” said Prince Wu Qing pointing at a group on a pillar. Those people pulled a long face. They didn’t want to get eliminated.

Someone jumped onto the battle stage, however, how could that person compete with Prince Wu Qing? His Three Thousand Threads of Emotionlessness Strength made him emotionless and allowed him to use the Three Thousand Deadly Technique, in the twinkling of an eye, he bombarded his opponent. He won. After that, the  opponents won one battle and lost the last one which meant they were eliminated: 2-1 for Prince Wu Qing’s group. The opponents had one strong cultivator but he couldn’t compete with them all.

“Yu Qing, get a win for us first, that way, we’ll have the initiative in the next two rounds as well.” said Jin Zhen to Yu Qing. Yu Qing nodded. His silhouette flickered and he landed on the battle stage. He opened his eyes and looked at some people. They all pulled a long face.

“You.” said Yu Qing in a calm and serene way. One person from that group jumped onto the battle stage, it was the weakest person of their group because they had no hope to win against Yu Qing. They hoped they’d win the next two battles.

The two fighters stood on the battle stage. Yu Qing jumped. It was as if his eyes had been coming out of his orbits. His eyes were terrifying. Deadly strength in the twinkling of an eye. At the same time, his lips moved and strength emerged from his mouth and rolled in waves. The enemy suddenly gave a horrible shriek, his seven apertures started bleeding abundantly. Yu Qing moved his hands and bombarded the enemy sending him back to his pillar. That was a crushing defeat.

“Second battle. Dugu the Winner, you go.” said Jin Zhen to Dugu the Winner.

“Alright.” Dugu the Winner nodded and jumped onto the battle stage. An enemy also landed in front of enemy. Their Qi was terrifying.

“Bzzz!” Three thousand Godly Imprint Lights started floating above the battle stage. It was an incredible king Qi.

“Dugu the Winner is really strong. Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi must be really strong too. During those two years, I progressed too slowly. I just improved my physical strength.” thought Lin Feng. Years had passed since the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List in the Holy City. Back then, Lang Ye was at the same cultivation level as Lin Feng: medium-level emperor but now so much time had passed. Lin Feng had already reached the top of the Huang Qi layer, the others were probably in the same case. After all, even though they weren’t as strong as him when it came to fighting, back then, they didn’t understand Dao strength either.

People who had king type bodies became exponentially stronger as they leveled up. Their fighting abilities also became terrifying with time.

Dugu the Winner’s Three thousand Godly Imprint Lights started rising to the skies and fusing together with his Dao strength. Then, they crashed onto the enemy. In the end, he won. Two wins, one loss. The three other members of the enemies’ group turned deathly pale. They had been eliminated. With Yu Qing and Dugu the Winner in the enemies’ group, how could they win?

The following battles were spectacular. People kept getting eliminated. Finally, someone who was in a group of losers challenged three cultivators from the enemies’ group and defeated them. Some people recognized him: it was a terrifying cultivator from Supreme Clouds. That explained it all.

A few hours later, only 80-90 people were left on pillars. The others had been eliminated and wouldn’t be able to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“During this third round, even more people will be eliminated. Each of the five members of the groups must fight. They must win three times. Besides, people who are in groups of winners but lose their battle also get eliminated. Those who win their battle but who are in groups of winners can fight against three people from any group of winners, if they win the three battles, they are qualified. ”

said the strong cultivator of Golden Mountain slowly. The weakest ones were all getting eliminated quickly. Only the most heroic of all heroes would remain in the end.

“This time, I’ll choose the opponents randomly.” said that person in a calm and serene way. Then, he pointed at two groups of five people. Their respective members fought against each others, their battles were incredible. That time, even if a group won, two of their members could get eliminated. Cultivators were now ready to use their full strength to win and avoid being eliminated. After several battles, only the strongest alliances were left.

Lin Feng was stupefied, each time, at least five people were eliminated when two groups fought. Besides, a group couldn’t win all the battles, at least it didn’t happen, therefore, each time, at least six people were eliminated.

“Ru Yun was eliminated.” Lin Feng was astonished. Jiu Ling Huang and the others were in the same group. Yao Yao, Zi Ling and Ru Yun had been eliminated already. Only Jiu Ling Huang, Ru Feng and a member of Golden Mountain hadn’t been eliminated.

“Your two groups. Fight.” said the strong cultivator of Golden Mountain at that moment. He was pointing at Lin Feng and the others’ group on one side, and Prince Wu Qing’s group on the other side. They both had first Masters.

The crowd looked terribly excited. One group had to be eliminated. But Prince Wu Qing and Yu Qing were probably not going to fight. Even if one group was eliminated, they would then choose to challenge three people to be qualified. Otherwise, if a Master got eliminated before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, then…

Prince Wu Qing jumped onto the battle stage, Jin Zhen looked at Lin Feng and said: “Lin Feng, you fight this one. ”

Dugu the Winner had already shown how strong he was. And Jin Zhen and Yu Qing could defeat the other members of Prince Wu Qing’s group. Bing was also strong. They could all win. So now they were thinking that getting rid of Lin Feng was the best thing they could do.

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