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PMG Chapter 2166: In the Shadow

PMG Chapter 2166: In the Shadow

In the Snow Clan, there was lots of snow. At that moment, some old men were together walking on the ice.

“How strong is Zhe Tian now?” whispered one of the old men at that moment.

“He’s now a Zun cultivator. He’ll definitely break through to the Huang Qi layer within two years.” replied the other one.

“Good. have you noticed anything strange?” asked the old man.

“Nothing. He now understands several sorts of strength. He’ll be able to make them turn into cosmic energies in the future. Before his eighteenth birthday, he’ll definitely be a great emperor.”

“Alright, before Zhe Tian breaks through to the Di Qi layer, don’t let him go out. Don’t spoil him either. He must retain the heart of a newborn baby. ”

“I understand. ”

“What about Ling Long? She still refuses to come out? ”

“Yes, she’s been meditating in seclusion. Sometimes, she helps Zhe Tian train. But there’s always someone following her. Nothing will happen to her. Besides, she’s trying to become a great emperor now. ”

“Good. Don’t put too much pressure on her. Is Xue Ao back? ”

“I don’t know where he is.” the old man smiled wryly and shook his head.

“No problem. If I remember well, the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is going to start soon. Send some people to watch.” said the other old man nodding.


Somewhere else, above the clouds, there was a celestial castle. A young man was seated cross-legged, his eyes were closed. Behind him, there were eighty-one ancient doors. They contained a terrifying sealing Qi.

Not far from him, there was a middle-aged man. He looked like a god. He had his hands clasped in his back. He looked calm and serene and watched the young man who was practicing cultivation.

At that moment, the young man opened his eyes and suddenly the eighty-one ancient doors turned into nine doors. Then, they penetrated into his blood. He smiled and looked at the middle-aged man: “Teacher. ”

“I’ve told you many times not to call me teacher. I don’t have disciples.” said the middle-aged man in a calm and serene way. The young man scratched his head, he looked embarrassed but he smiled and said: “In my heart, you’re my teacher. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. ”

“As you wish. The Fortune Shrine is going to organize the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, if you have time, you can go and watch.” said the middle-aged man. Then, he turned into a light beam and disappeared.

The young man looked at the silhouette disappear and smiled wryly. Even though that man had taught him a lot, he had some enigmatic and unfathomable powers. However, the young man didn’t even know who that man was. He only knew that he was extremely strong. He couldn’t imagine how strong he was.  He didn’t even know if the body he saw was that man’s real body.

“Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” whispered that young man smiling. Then, his silhouette flickered and he left.


In Godly Clouds City, in the Eastern Town, in Golden Mountain, all the strong cultivators gathered together: thirty strong cultivators. They were going to participate to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There were many people behind them, people who had been accepted inside the city.

In front of them, a strong cultivator stood there, it was an old man. He looked old, his eyes were closed. He released no Qi at all. However, the crowd knew that he was terrifyingly strong. He was going to bring those people to the inner part of the city for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Is everybody here?” asked the old man indifferently, his eyes were still closed. Someone next to him replied instantly: “We can leave anytime. Everybody is here. ”

“Alright.” replied the old man nodding. He opened his eyes. The crowd had the sensation those eyes could make them faint. He glanced at the crowd. People all had one thought: that old man was terrifying.

“Since everybody is here, let’s go.” said the old man in a calm and serene way. He waved and suddenly, strength surrounded the crowd. The strength was dazzling. Everybody was lifted up in the air and suddenly turned into a light beam and disappeared. They were teleporting but the crowd understood that at that kind of speed, the difference between moving and teleportation wasn’t big. It was a terrifying speed.

After a few seconds, the crowd suddenly stopped. They glanced around and realized there was nothing around them, they were stuck in some outer space, in front of them, there was a door, that door was a hundred zhang high. It looked dignified and majestic. There were carvings on it, they looked lifelike. The Dragon God of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South… they looked alive. The door was dazzling.

“That’s the door to the inner part of Godly Clouds City? What is on the other side?” Lin Feng looked at the door. It was as if it separated two worlds. Why were the twelve towns of Godly Clouds City outside? What kind of place was the inner part of Godly Clouds City? Why weren’t the two parts connected?

“Bzzz.” A strong wind started blowing. The crowd turned around and saw a group of people wearing black clothes. Those people had been brought by Demon Sect. The Eastern Town had four groups of influence. Each group had selected people. Very quickly, the two other groups also arrived: Holy Cultivation Tower and Ghosts and Spirits Temple.

Lin Feng saw some people he knew. They had been brought by other groups.

“So everybody is here?” said a strong cultivator of Holy Cultivation Tower in a calm and serene way. The leaders of the groups nodded, someone said: “Summon the Wheel of Fortune. ”

the four cultivators nodded, they jumped forwards, dazzling lights suddenly illuminated the door. Instantly, the door became dazzling. Terrifying lights rose to the skies.

At that moment, people raised their heads, their hearts were pounding. They could see something: twelve lights. Those lights seemed indestructible.

“The inner part of Godly Clouds City is open.” thought the crowd. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, finally.

There was a door in front of the groups of people from the twelve towns. The twelve doors opened themselves. Then, the crowd looked at them but they saw boundless emptiness.

The four strong cultivators turned around and looked at the crowd: “Cross the door. You must all respect the strict rules, if you violate the rules, you’ll get killed, you understand? ”

“I know.” everybody nodded. The four strong cultivators looked particularly grave and solemn. They glanced at each others and nodded. then, they turned around and crossed the door, at the same time, they said: “Follow us. ”

“Pfew…” many people took a deep breath, they wanted to see the inner part of Godly Clouds City, what was there?

However, when they crossed the door and saw what was behind, they were stupefied, was that the inner part of Godly Clouds City?

All they could see was a boundless emptiness with millions of platforms. They were boundless too.

“Go, let’s go.” The four strong cultivators led the way. The crowd followed. After a short time, they arrived before flight of stairs which led to the platforms. Nobody said anything, they just followed calmly.

After a short time, stars appeared in the sky. The platforms started twinkling, dazzling lights surprisingly them. A terrifying hurricane emitted whistling sounds. Energies rolled in waves. The platforms started rotating and rising up.

“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng and the others.

Where were they going? Nobody knew.

The strong cultivators of the twelve towns rose up in the air along with the gigantic platforms. The platforms turned into real worlds. It was as if they could see the remotest corners of the world around them. Everybody was like in a dream. They could just watch.

People on the platforms had the impression they had become tiny because they could see the groups from the twelve other towns. They understood that only a thousand people could participate to the battles though.

The platforms continued rising. Nobody knew where they were going. They didn’t move.

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