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PMG Chapter 2168: Start From The Beginning!

PMG Chapter 2168: Start From The Beginning!

At that moment, around the platforms, the Diviner was standing in the air. The Diviner as well as everyone else could clearly see what was going on there. The emperors had arrived first and then they were followed by cultivators of the Di Qi layer.

“Is that the Destiny Technique!” whispered an old man looking at the scenery. He knew that everything he was fake, it was an illusion. However, for people in there, it all looked real.

“They’re fighting at the lowest level, their cultivation level is oppressed. Besides, they surprisingly don’t use any spell or strength. ”

“They have nothing anymore. They have to rise again. They’re starting from scratch. That’s the most rudimentary and yet the most complex part of the Me. Many people will get eliminated. ”

thought people. The crowd from Godly Clouds City could also see the Diviner’s fake world. It was as if everything was happening before them.

Amongst people in the illusionary world, many bumped into beasts, many people were also annoyed to have lost their special powers. Some people were lacerated by powerful beasts.

“Ah…” a horrible shriek spread in the air, the crowd shivered. They looked at the top of a pillar, someone slowly collapsed and their Qi disappeared.

“Dead?” when the crowd saw that, they frowned, they looked stupefied. Wasn’t it a fake illusion? Why was that person dead? Besides, their real bodies hadn’t even gone into the illusion.

“Powerful illusions are connected to the real world. The Diviner is so powerful that he can create such things.” thought the crowd looking at that person. Their heartbeats accelerated. A genius had fallen. Many people imagined what would have happened to them if they had been there.

“I warned all the participants that they could fall here. If they thought that it didn’t matter, that they would, at most, be eliminated, then they weren’t determined enough. People have to understand that they can die.” said the Diviner in a calm and serene way. People’s hearts twitched. People who participated to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were geniuses, they were determined. Only one person had fallen so far.

In the illusionary world, Lin Feng was in a forest, he realized that the biggest problem wasn’t that his cultivation level was restrained, it wasn’t that his physical strength was restrained either, the biggest problem was that his memories were blurry. His spells, skills and techniques were all blurry. If Lin Feng wanted to obtain strength again, he had to start from scratch. It was as if his brain had turned into a completely blank page.

Of course, a blank page was perfect to draw.

“Bzzz!” At that moment, a strong wind started blowing. Some bestial Qi invaded the atmosphere. Before, such a bestial Qi would have seemed extremely weak in front of Lin Feng. However, at that moment, he had the impression it was powerful. A great roc appeared and looked at him in an ice-cold way. It looked sanguinary.

“Oh no, a Tian level beast, and I have no spell, skill or technique.” thought Lin Feng looking at the beast in an ice-cold way. He started running. He didn’t want to fight at all. A moment before, he was asking himself questions about cultivation and how to pass the exam. Now he was just thinking about how to survive.

The great roc flew at full speed and emitted whistling sounds. Lin Feng sensed the oppressive energies.

His eyes became dark. Everything became distinct around him. That was the power of his spirit. He could only use the most original strength which his spirit granted him. He condensed pure Qi in his arms and continued flying away. However, the great roc was faster and caught up with him. The great roc brandished claws.

“Brother Lin Feng!” In the outside world, Yao Yao was shaking. How dangerous. That place was dangerous. Was the great roc going to lacerate Lin Feng to death?

However, at that moment, Lin Feng suddenly stopped, turned around, moved sideways and the claws passed next to him. Lin Feng jumped and grabbed the great roc’s leg. Then, he punched the great roc’s abdomen using pure Qi. The bird cawed furiously. A hole appeared in his abdomen. But then the bird pushed Lin Feng from above and Lin Feng fell down on the ground.

However, he quickly crawled up, he turned his head and looked at the injured great roc. The great roc opened his wings, rose up and flew away. Blood dripped as it flew away.

“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath. How dangerous. He hadn’t thought the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds would be so complicated. Of course, Lin Feng was still convinced he could pass. Even though he had no spell, technique or skill, he had experience. Rising back would probably be no problem.

Lin Feng continued walking. He looked determined. Even though Tian level cultivators could fly, Lin Feng didn’t fly at that moment, there were too many dangerous beasts in the forest, if he drew the beasts’ attention, even ten lives wouldn’t be enough.

“Tian level cultivators can condense pure Qi. Apart from pure Qi, they can also use determination to fight. Even if I understand only one type of determination, it should be easy.” thought Lin Feng as he continued walking. Quickly, he bumped into another powerful beast, a demon fox. When looking at his eyes, Lin Feng had the impression he could fall into an illusion.

At that moment, the fox stared at Lin Feng, Lin Feng suddenly saw a celestial woman. It was Meng Qing. He surprisingly could see Meng Qing there.

Lin Feng bit his lips to blood, Meng Qing, the Snow Clan… his eyes became ice-cold. As the fox was attacking him, he made a step backwards, raised his fist and then bombarded the atmosphere in the direction of the fox’ head.

“Slash…” Lin Feng’s clothes were torn apart. A wound filled with fire appeared on his hips. He had almost been killed. The fox collapsed. Lin Feng tore the fox’ off its thorax violently, he lifted it and absorbed the strength it contained. Then, he continued. He still looked determined. He had to understand the mechanisms of the Diviner’s world. Therefore, even in case of danger, he had to find solutions. The problem was if he didn’t become strong quickly enough in comparison with other people.

Lin Feng continued walking in the forest aimlessly. He didn’t need a target destination, he needed strength. He encountered many dangers, his clothes were completely torn apart but he still looked determined.

On that day, Lin Feng saw a monumental earthworm in the forest. It could spit fire, but it was extremely slow. Lin Feng moved like the wind, he looked swift and agile, like a petal. That’s the determination he had studied those days. Suddenly, he landed before the earthworm and fire pure Qi bombarded the earthworm’s body. However, it didn’t kill him.

“What an incredible defense.” thought Lin Feng. At the same time, he jumped and a wind made of sword strength moved towards the earthworm’s back. The earthworm roared furiously.

Lin Feng attacked him a few times, then the sword pure Qi crashed into the earthworm’s only eye.

After a short time, Lin Feng managed to kill the earthworm. Then, he went to a cave and sat down cross-legged. He looked in front of him and said: “I can condense pure Qi, I should create a skill or a technique. That’d help me level up. ”

When Lin Feng was a Tian level cultivator, he used to use the cosmos-burning sun technique, Tian level scriptures. Even though he could create a similar technique quickly because he had experience, he wanted to make an even more powerful technique. He wanted to absorb the strength of the earth and the sky, condensed pure Qi and level up. That way, he’d be able to face the other cultivators.

The geniuses were probably doing the same as him. Sooner or later, battles were going to start. And their lives would be in peril.

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