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PMG Chapter 2169: Breaking Out

PMG Chapter 2169: Breaking Out

The Diviner had sent them to an unknown world and had taken everything from them. They could only rely on their talent and determination to become stronger. Lin Feng didn’t know whether that world followed the same rules as the outside world or not. Maybe that it only looked similar.

Even though Lin Feng’s cultivation level was very low in that world, his experience remained unchanged and it took Lin Feng half a month to create a new skill. In the cave, a powerful absorbing strength appeared. He absorbed five kinds of strength, condensed pure Qi and condensed his pure Qi to refine his veins. His pure Qi became more powerful.

In the cave, Lin Feng was inhaling and exhaling Qi. That was the skill he had thought of, to become stronger, absorbing five sorts of strength to condense pure Qi was an excellent method.

Some days passed and Lin Feng opened his eyes. Lights twinkled in his eyes. He had practiced with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts, he made one with the earth. He could absorb five sorts of strength and use them for himself. Bes, his skill also contained some attacks. He could now easily defeat the beasts in that world.

“I’ll go out and see if I can become an extremely strong cultivator in here.” thought Lin Feng. Now, he had a set of spells, skills and techniques, he wanted to know how to pass that test. Apart from leveling up, was there anything else he needed to do?

After leaving the cave, Lin Feng moved at full speed. He was determined. He also wanted to leave that forest.

After a short time, he bumped into a terrifying beast, a mahoraga which spat out poison at Lin Feng. Lin Feng used wind determination and moved like the wind. He looked like a great roc. Suddenly, he shook his arms and a real great roc’s silhouette appeared, it brandished its golden claws, it seemed to be able to conquer every obstacle. It moved towards the mahoraga at full speed and lacerated it. Blood started gushing.

“Roar!” The gigantic mahoraga roared in a thundering rage. Lin Feng’s punch turned into a light beam. His pure Qi turned into an earth attack. It was as heavy as a hammer. He crushed the mahoraga into pieces. After Lin Feng killed the mahoraga, he took its heart and absorbed its pure Qi. He wasn’t worried, he knew that despite his cultivation level he could cope with the power of that pure Qi.

The forest was extremely vast. Lin Feng was walking and didn’t forget to practice cultivation at the same time. He was becoming stronger at a terrifying speed. Lin Feng understood something, no wonder that extremely strong cultivators could progress quickly. Lin Feng’s cultivation was restrained in that world but relying on his unique cultivation experience and understanding abilities, it was as if there was no limit due to the cultivation level. As a Tian level cultivator, he had no limit. It was extremely easy for strong cultivators to level up until they started trying to break through to the Di Qi layer.

People in the outside world could see everything distinctly. Everybody who was stuck in that world started making skills and techniques, they also killed beasts. Some people progressed quickly, some people progressed slowly. The crowd also realized that some beasts protected caves in which there were spells, weapons, skills and techniques. They were there to help.

In each forest, there were dozens of people. Of course, there were exits. Besides, each exit was guarded by a powerful beast. To leave, they had go through those exits. However, so far, nobody had succeeded. Besides, after find an exit, many people had been encircled by groups of powerful beasts and had gotten killed.

Some days passed and finally, someone managed to break free from the beasts’ encirclement and left. It was a group of people. There were some terrifying cultivators in that group.

After that, someone managed to leave on their own. It was Hua Qing Feng: the first Master of Godly Clouds. He was wearing white clothes, he looked like a well-educated like a scholar, he had a celestial book spirit and he strictly enforced the principles he learnt in the Holy scriptures. One word and he could release an infinity of swords. The beasts couldn’t stop him.

Lin Feng also started bumping into other cultivators. He learnt about the exits. At that moment, he also joined a group of people.

“It’s the valley in front of us, we can’t fly there. We must walk. If we want to leave, we have to go through it. Many powerful beasts are there. Some beasts have the strength of the top of the Tian Qi layer. Even though we could destroy them when he had the strength of the Huang Qi layer, now they can easily kill us. Some people died in there already. That’s why we started gathering. ”

said someone at that moment. That person’s name was Lou Lan Yu. He looked skinny but sharp lights twinkled in his eyes. He looked like a supernatural being. He had started gathering people and he had also invited Lin Feng to join them.

“How powerful are the creatures in the valley? asked someone.

“I’m not sure but I am convinced that to pass the exam of the Shrine, we have to leave the valley quickly. Even if it’s dangerous, we have to go and check. Since we’re already a big group, other people have probably thought of doing the same as us. We can’t be too weak, otherwise, the other groups will eliminate us.” said Lou Lan Yu in a calm and serene way.

“I agree with Lou Lan Yu We can, we can slowly practice cultivation in this forest but we can’t stay here forever. We don’t know how strong other people are getting. Maybe that if we become extremely strong, then we’ll already be eliminated because we’ll be too late. We have to check.” said someone. They were seven people but they all hid their cultivation. After all, they were all geniuses and it was an exam, some people had ulterior motives. And hiding one’s cultivation level was easy for them, they were geniuses, they could easily learn such small things. They were competitors in there, not allies. They had agreed to form an alliance because they really needed it.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling. At that moment, he had the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer. Of course, he also hid his cultivation level, just like the others.

“Let’s go.” said Lou Lan Yu following. A sharp sword appeared above him. It was twinkling. When people saw that terrifying Tian level weapon, they were stupefied. It could kill some of them.

“I was lucky, I found that sword in a lake. It’s swift and ice-cold, it’s perfect for me.” said Lou Lan Yu smiling at the crowd. Apart from him, someone had a great blade. He had also been lucky in the forest. They entered the valley and suddenly a wind filled with bestial energies started blowing. It was so cold.

“Be careful, since we’re a team, we must cooperate, who wants to protect?” said Lou Lan Yu to the others. A strong-looking guy moved forwards and said: “I will. ”

“Alright, Fan Jiang, you help us defend. Besides, I’ll attack quickly. Who else can attack quickly and help me destroy enemies quickly? ”

“I will.” said the one who had the gigantic blade.

“Good. We’ll stay in the front. Who’s quick? ”

“Me.” said someone else. Lin Feng also came out and said: “I control wind determination. ”

“You cover us and kill those that manage to get through our net.” said Lou Lan Yu: “The last two ones, you kill as you can. We don’t know what we’ll go through so we have to be really careful and kill enemies quickly. ”

At the same time, they continued moving through the valley in two lines. They saw a group of beasts.

“So many beasts. They’re all level level 4-5 Tian level beasts. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Let’s go.” said Lou Lan Yu. Everybody followed.

“Defenders, stay in formation. If we surround them, we can win easily. ”

At the same time, the beasts roared furiously. Fan Jiang’s spirit appeared, it was a gigantic shield. The beasts attacks crashed onto his shield. Lou Lan Yu and the young man with the gigantic blade started killing beasts on both sides. Lou Lan Yu’s sword contained fire strength, the young man’s blade contained ice strength, they started lacerating the beasts.

However, the beasts’ energies blotted out the sky and covered the earth and still oppressed the group. Lin Feng and the others also moved and started attacking. They crushed beasts. They didn’t stop moving, they continued moving forwards. As they walked forwards, beasts’ bodies collapsed on both sides.

But they didn’t look happy, there were still beasts, lions, eagles… Their eyes looked piercingly cold.

Half a day later, they finally left the valley. They saw a river and a city. They were covered with blood. Fan Jiang had even lost an arm. A griffon had lacerated his arm. If he hadn’t moved quickly, he would have died. Besides, people of the Tian Qi layer couldn’t recover easily. Only Zun cultivators could use their blood to make their body parts grow back.

“It seems like I will fail the challenge of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” said Fan Jiang sounding sad. His arm had been cut off. He was injured. He couldn’t compete with other people anymore.

“Don’t give up. Even though we left the valley, we don’t know what awaits us. Let’s stick together and move on.” said Lou Lan Yu tapping Fan Jiang’s shoulders. Fan Jiang’s eyes twinkled, he looked at the others.

“Good suggestion. Let’s go to the city together, let’s not waste time.” said someone. Everybody nodded and continued walking forwards. They turned around and thought: that valley filled with powerful beasts probably sufficed to stop many people.

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