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PMG Chapter 217: The Mysteries of Cultivation

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When Lin Feng heard the expression “piece of trash”, he raised his head and saw that both girls were looking at him with different looks than before, it made him feel exasperated.


In the world of cultivation, those who were not strong would only be thrown away. However, some people, even though they thought that way, didn’t show what they thought to other people, which was much better than how Zi Yi was behaving.


“Zi Ling, let’s kick him out of the carriage.” said Zi Yi in a cold and detached way. She sounded calm and unscrupulous. At that moment, she only thought about the fact that the person she was looking at was a piece of trash, even though he was handsome.


“Are you not a soldier? How come you don’t practice cultivation? Haven’t you at least, broken through to the Qi layer?” asked Zi Ling while looking at Lin Feng. She was looking at him with a strange look.


“I was injured and now it seems like I don’t have the slightest bit of strength.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He wasn’t going to get angry because of Zi Yi’s words. Lin Feng had just gone through war. He had gone through a great deal of horrible things and seen oceans of blood flowing on the battlefield. His heart had matured and he realized that his previous actions were childish. His temperament had evolved, it would now be difficult for him to be affected by the words of others.


“Oh.” said Zi Ling while nodding. She was looking at Lin Feng while looking pensive as if she was thinking about a solution for Lin Feng.


“Zi Ling, if the people of the mountain village know that we have a piece of trash inside the carriage, they will make fun of us and laugh, let’s kick him out, ok?” said Zi Yi again. She really had no manners, talking about Lin Feng to his face. A piece of trash was nothing to them, so she didn’t need to speak in a tactful way, even if he felt humiliated, it did not matter.


“Zi Yi, sister, meeting him was fate, there is no need to be so heartless and cruel.” said Zi Ling while shaking her head and then said: “Lin Feng, I will allow you to act as my servant. You will be under my care and you can enter our mountain village.”


“Servant?” Lin Feng was astonished. Become her slave?


In his heart, he was smiling wryly, he wouldn’t have thought that he would be forced into servitude like that but he was still within the borders of Mo Yue while unable to absorb pure Qi. He had no cultivation. If he ventured alone, he would probably encounter a dangerous situation, therefore, it was better for him to act as a servant.


If he regained his strength, who would dare treat him like a servant?


Lin Feng slightly nodded and didn’t express his opinion.


“Very good, then it is settled.” said Zi Ling while smiling. Zi Yi remained silent while shaking her head.


The Zi Wei Mountain Village was surrounded by mountains. It was a quiet and beautiful place. It was situated in the north of Mo Yue. It was a place of great influence and it belonged to the Zi Clan.


It was said that the strongest cultivator of the Zi Clan was at the Xuan Qi layer. Besides, the Zi Clan was extremely old, even older than the Mo Yue Country. However, as time passed, its influenced declined.


Zi Ling was the eldest daughter of the Zi Wei Mountain Village Clan. Zi Yi had been adopted and raised by Zi Ling’s father. Therefore, in the Zi Wei Mountain Village, Zi Ling had more authority than Zi Yi which is why even though Zi Yi wanted to make Lin Feng leave the carriage, if Zi Ling didn’t accept, Zi Yi had no choice but to accept it.


The Zi Wei Mountain Village was extremely vast. The place where Zi Ling lived was picturesque, clear water and green gardens. It was surrounded by a huge garden and emerald bamboo trees. It looked particularly peaceful.


At this moment, Lin Feng was holding a broom and was sweeping the courtyard of the garden. However, he wasn’t paying attention to the ground at all, he was lost in his own thoughts.


He was able to sense the pure Qi of heaven and earth, his perception was even clearer and more distinct than before but he was still unable to absorb it and make it penetrate his body. That strange condition was troubling him so much that his heart started to race as he thought about it.


A single leaf was floating on the wind. Lin Feng looked at that leaf and could distinctly perceive where it was going and where it would land on the ground.


Lin Feng grabbed the broom with his left hand and raised his right hand, like a sword, he moved it towards the leaf in an attempt to cut it. Even though there was no pure Qi and no sword energy, his hand still moved like a sword with incredible strength.


However, when Lin Feng’s hand got close to the leaf, it just moved away and continued floating through the air. He couldn’t touch it and couldn’t catch it. It would move away from him every time. Lin Feng could only slice through the air, but not cut the leaf.


“I cannot cut it!” Lin Feng was a bit surprised. The leaf fell onto the ground. A tree leaf was simple but Lin Feng couldn’t touch it. Even though the position of the leaf was perfectly clear in his mind, he was unable to predict its next movements. If he tried to touch the leaf, its trajectory would change.


If Lin Feng could control pure Qi, it would have been very easy for him to cut a leaf but at that moment, even though his hand was still like a sword, he was unable to cut the leaf.


“Even though I am fused with my sword, it seems that it’s not enough as if something is missing.” whispered Lin Feng. Even though he was, indeed, stronger than before, Lin Feng had the impression he was in front of a locked door and was only single step away from unlocking it.


He was in a complex situation and if he didn’t take the next step, he wouldn’t be able to absorb pure Qi.


“I remember on the day when I became stronger, my bones had been broken, my internal organs were severely wounded, my determination had allowed me to make battle energy, sword energy, and ice energy fuse altogether. Like that, I had transformed into a sharp sword, what I was thinking about at that moment was my sword more than the energy attack, I had managed to carry out sword fusion. My determination is what played the decisive role in me becoming stronger.” whispered Lin Feng trying to recall the moment when he gained his strength.


“I managed to carry out my sword fusion by relying on my spirit, on the first layer of my celestial spirit. It helped become physically stronger and become more aware of the world surrounding me. My spirit enabled me to understand my sword in a much greater detail and allowed me to fuse with my sword. It seems like amongst all the things I understood, there is something that I am missing, as if I do not yet have the requirements to use my current strength.” thought Lin Feng while his heart was pounding as if he had just received a glimpse of enlightenment. His spirit was extremely strong and had enabled him to become stronger and reach this unique situation. However, it seemed like that without using the power of his spirit, he wasn’t strong enough to use the power. Therefore, because of his special condition, he was unable to absorb pure Qi.


“I use battle energy, ice energy, sword energy, and fuse them together as a sword. It’s not battle energy and it’s not ice energy.”


“Even though it is a leaf, it follows the force of the wind without being cut, could I make the energy of heaven and earth fuse with the leaf?” Lin Feng was holding the broom and was lost in thought. He was standing in the huge garden facing the bamboo forest while remaining completely motionless.


A middle-aged man and Zi Yi stopped walking when they saw Lin Feng in the garden.


“Father, this is the piece of trash that we came across last time. Zi Ling insisted on him coming to the village mountain, to let him take care of the garden and let him live here.” explained Zi Yi to the middle-aged man while looking at Lin Feng.


At that moment, the middle-aged man was fixedly staring at Lin Feng looking pensive.


“Father, don’t you want to kick him out?” said Zi Yi when she saw that the middle-aged man remained silent.


“Stop talking.” said the middle-aged man while staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was standing there remaining motionless but dust was flowing around him as if there was a vortex created around Lin Feng.


It was very subtle, it was impossible to notice it without paying extreme attention.


Zi Yi glanced at Lin Feng and didn’t know what her father was looking at. Her eyes were filled with disdain and then she didn’t look at Lin Feng again, a piece of trash wasn’t worth her attention.


“Father, I’m going to call Zi Ling.” said Zi Yi to the middle-aged man. Her father ignored her. She shook her head and moved towards the house in the middle of the garden.


After she left, something strange happened. The vortex surrounding Lin Feng was becoming faster and more violent. Besides, Lin Feng had a marvelous expression on his face. At that moment, Lin Feng, seemed to be fusing with heaven and earth. The middle-aged man was amazed.

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