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PMG Chapter 2170: They Hid Their Cultivation Level

PMG Chapter 2170: They Hid Their Cultivation Level

“What is in the city?” thought Lin Feng looking at the ancient road leading to the city. It was filled with Qi. People felt extremely well in that Qi, they all looked free from inhibitions and happy. It was completely different from the forest out of which they had come, it was cold. But could that really be a beautiful city?

Nobody thought so. But since the road was there, they followed it.

“Move.” said Lou Lan Yu. People’s silhouettes flickered, only Fan Jiang didn’t manage to follow, his legs felt heavy. Lin Feng stopped and looked at Fan Jiang: “If you don’t feel well, you should give up. ”

Fan Jiang looked at Lin Feng and smiled even though he looked like he was struggling. He understood what Lin Feng meant. They were seven people, they didn’t know each others, they had to stay together. In case of danger, nobody would care about him, they would protect themselves before protecting him.

Fan Jiang wasn’t stupid. His arm had been cut off. In case of danger, they weren’t going to risk their lives for him.

Lin Feng warned him, that was nice of him.

“Thank you very much. And thank you for having helped a moment before. I still want to try though.” said Fan Jiang smiling at Lin Feng. When the griffon had lacerated his arm, Lin Feng had helped him kill it. Without Lin Feng, Fan Jiang would have died.

“That’s just my duty.” said Lin Feng. He turned around and continued walking on the ancient road. They were getting closer and closer to the city.

People stopped when they arrived in front of the entrance of the city. Lou Lan Yu turned around and smiled: “Fan Jiang, how do you feel? Can we still rely on your defense spirit? Even though the city looks calm and peaceful, we don’t know what awaits us there. ”

Fan Jiang nodded and walked forwards. He released his shield spirit and entered the city.

People behind closely followed him into the city. Mist enveloped the whole city. There were many streets and roads. There were ice-cold looking buildings. The crowd was nervous.

“A mist city. That’s a big mist palace.” said Lou Lan Yu after making a few steps. It was difficult to find the main road.

“A mist city?” Lin Feng was astonished. The Diviner had made a mist city in there? After leaving the forests, would everyone end up in that mist city?

“What does it mean?” the crowd didn’t understand.

“Bzzz.” Lou Lan Yu rose up in the air, however, when he arrived at the same level as the buildings, he realized he couldn’t move forwards and frowned: “It’s not only a mist city, it’s also forbidden to fly. We can only walk around and try to understand what we have to do. ”

Lou Lan Yu looked at the crowd:: “Let’s keep the group harmonious, otherwise, it’ll be very difficult to move on. ”

“Indeed, now, we need to stick together more than ever. ”

“Let’s go then. Let’s go and see what kind of mist city it is. ”

The road was extremely wide. Since they couldn’t fly, they had to run.

They tried many roads but found nothing.

“There’s a sound.” At that moment, the crowd shivered. In the distance, some loud sounds spread in the air. They stopped walking. The sounds were louder and louder. On the path, terrifying black lights appeared. Demon determination invaded the atmosphere. It was terrifying.

“Zun level beast, that’s a Zun level beast. ”

“The black light is fire, a black fire. It’s a demon lion. His demon fire is terrifying. Demon fire abstruse energy can easily kill us. ”

People’s facial muscles stiffened. The lion was getting closer and closer. The atmosphere became oppressive.

“Fan Jiang, shield, protect us!” shouted Lou Lan Yu. Fan Jiang’s facial muscles stiffened. However, his shield spirit still moved forwards and became bigger and bigger. It turned into a gigantic shield. The demon lion was getting closer and closer and brandishing claws. Crackling sounds spread in the air. The shield spirit was crackling.

“Let’s go.” Lou Lan Yu shouted furiously. He turned around and started running. The others turned around without the least hesitation and abandoned Fan Jiang.

“No…” Fan Jiang released pure Qi and condensed his shield again. With the strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer, he could resist against that Zun level beast.

However, the demon lion continued running and destroyed his shield. Fan Jiang looked desperate. However, at that moment, a strong wind started blowing. Fan Jiang sensed a strong wind carry him backwards, he had cold sweats. He turned around and saw Lin Feng. His heart was pounding.

“Thank you.” Fan Jiang looked confused. He had almost died and the others had abandoned him.

The demon lion continued running. Lin Feng was really quick, he quickly caught up with the others.

“What are you doing?” the few people were furious. Lin Feng was making the demon lion come to them.

“I want to kill the demon lion.” said Lin Feng indifferently. People’s eyes twinkled, they looked pensive. If they joined hands, they could kill the lion but the problem was who would dare risk their life?

Fan Jiang was a perfect example, everybody had suddenly abandoned him without the least hesitation.

“Alright, let’s kill him together.” said Lou Lan Yu, his eyes twinkled. He said: “Let’s join hands. Can you still defend, Fan Jiang? We’ll all join hands and kill the lion in one attack. ”

Fan Jiang was stupefied but Lin Feng nodded so Fan Jiang said: “Alright. ”

After that, he released his spirit again. At the same time, he condensed pure Qi. Suddenly, Lin Feng stopped. In front of Fan Jiang, a gigantic shield appeared. Rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air.

The lion caught up with them and oppressed them. Cracks appeared on the shield. But that time Lou Lan Yu also attacked from one side. And the young man with the blade attacked from another side.

“Lacerate!” a terrifying sword determination invaded the atmosphere. The sword determination was really powerful, Lou Lan Yu had seemingly hidden his real strength before. The young man with the blade cut off the lion’s legs making it stuck.

“Roar!” the demon lion roared furiously and spat out flames.

“Condense!” it was as if time had stopped. The fire stopped and then continued moving forwards. At that moment, the group of people was in the air above the lion. Lin Feng arrived too. They could fly as high as the buildings were but the lion was only halfway up in the air so they could stay above it.

A wind sword descended from the sky and lacerated the lion’s head.

“Boom boom boom!” the lion exploded, explosion sounds spread in the air, and then it disappeared. At the same time, two lights moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his hand. The crowd was stupefied and stared at Lin Feng.

The lion had disappeared, nobody was worried anymore.

“Lin Feng, what was that, show us.” said Lou Lan Yu smiling at Lin Feng:

“Lin Feng proposed to kill the lion. And Lin Feng carried out the last attack. The item is his. He doesn’t need to show it to everyone.” said Fan Jiang in an ice-cold way.

“Slash!” Dazzling blade lights moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. He was startled and almost didn’t have time to react. Fan Jiang turned around and looked at the young man with the blade. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said: “Lin Feng, you have to…”

Lou Lan Yu’s sword lights moved towards Li at full speed either. Fan Jiang disappeared.

“Piss off everybody else.” said the young man with the blade. Then, Lou Lan Yu and he rose up in the air at the same time. They were fixedly staring at Lin Feng. What a surprise.

The two cultivators had hidden their cultivation level.

“They know each other from outside.” thought the crowd. They all pulled a long face. Someone said: “You two are really strong, why did you want us to stay with you? ”

“As a plan B. How could we know what we were going to bump into on the way?” said Lou Lan Yu smiling in an ice-cold way.

“I wouldn’t have thought that beast could have such great treasures. But if we had known that earlier, we would have attacked already.” said the other one. They both knew each other. They were fellow disciples. They hadn’t even told their real names!

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