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PMG Chapter 2171: Exit

PMG Chapter 2171: Exit

Blade lights illuminated Lin Feng’s face. He suddenly felt ice-cold. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Lou Lan Yu, whose eyes looked ice-cold, detached, and emotionless.

A black sword appeared in one of Lin Feng’s hands, filled with a dark Qi. He raised his other hand and put something in his mouth.

It was the beast’s heart!

Lin Feng chewed down the heart. Lou Lan Yu shuddered with fear when he saw Lin Feng’s eyes. How cold…

“Move!” shouted Lou Lan Yu, releasing his Sword and Fire intent. His sword started burning. His fellow disciple’s blade also became more dazzling and colder. The two cultivators had opposed yet supplementary cultivation types. A cold wind started blowing around them.

(Ed. Note: The author may have forgotten that Lou Lan You was supposed to have cold energy, as he said when he pulled out his sword originally.)

The two cultivators shifted, one moving to the front, the other one staying behind. Their blade and sword energies hadn’t reached Lin Feng yet, but he already felt oppressed by the deadly strength.

Lin Feng moved at the same time. His black sword lunged forwards. Lin Feng moved like a leaf in the wind. He looked light, agile, and graceful. His sword looked misty, but a sword trail followed it through the air.

Lou Lan Yu’s sword stopped, and he also stopped moving. He looked petrified. Lin Feng was standing next to him. Suddenly, blood gushed from Lou Lan Yu’s waist. His body was cut in two. Despair was plain on his face as his lips twitched, and then he turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

“How is that possible?” His fellow disciple’s face turned deathly pale, and his hand was shaking. Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at him coldly. The man shuddered with fear, and unconsciously retreated. He was a genius, an incredible sword cultivator from Godly Clouds City. He had been waiting to fight on the battle stages of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds for so long, and now he was probably going to die!

Abstruse energy, wind abstruse energy. How could he be faster than my fellow disciple?, he thought, pulling a long face. Lin Feng slowly walked towards him with his black sword. The man condensed energies in his blade as Lin Feng arrived in front of him. He suddenly released his blade, trailing glittering lights as it shot towards Lin Feng.

However, his blade never reached Lin Feng at all. The same thing that had happened to Lou Lan Yu happened to him as well. He suddenly looked desperate, and then he disappeared…

A metallic sound rang out as the blade fell down to the ground. There, only the blade and the sword left, Lou Lan Yu and his fellow disciple’s weapons.

Who said the most beautiful battles would take place on the battle stages of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? Who would have thought that the Fortune Shrine would make us start all over from the beginning? The battles aren’t as incredible as when we were emperors but still, some of them can be breathtaking. And more people are getting eliminated, thought the other members of his group.

Lin Feng glanced at them as his black sword disappeared. In his hand, a key appeared. He put his godly awareness inside and after a short time, he understood something. He started running away, ignoring the others.

After Lin Feng left, some terrifying sounds could be heard nearby.

“What’s going on?”

“Demon fire Qi. Another demon lion.” The others frowned and gazed into the distance. They had to kill a beast to understand what way they had to go! Some people regretted because they had the feeling they weren’t strong enough, they felt like they should have leveled up in the forest before coming out, because the demon lions could kill them. Now they needed to kill the demon lions to move on. But the problem was that if they had stayed in the forest a little longer to become stronger, they might have been eliminated because they hadn’t finished the first part of the challenge within the allocated time. All in all, only heroes could pass the challenge!

“We have to join hands,” said someone. They were only three of them left.

“Even if we kill the demon lion, how can we share the loot?” asked one of them skeptically. They were three people; if they killed the demon lion, only one of them would obtain the heart.

“The one who kills the lion can take it. If we separate, we’ll all die killed by the demon lions. We can’t survive alone.”

“Alright, let’s attack then!” the three of them nodded. They were getting ready to fight against demon lions, but Lin Feng didn’t care about that…

At that moment, Lin Feng had arrived at the end of a road. There was a sealed door there. Lin Feng took out the key and put it into the lock, opened the door and went through.

When Lin Feng crossed the door, the First Master of Godly Clouds, Hua Qing Feng, was done with the last battle. He was standing on a battle stage and surrounded by lights. He looked calm and composed. In front of him, someone had been crushed, but that person disappeared and was sent back in lights into the distance.

In the sky, a dazzling star twinkled and descended onto Hua Qing Feng’s body. Suddenly, Hua Qing Feng disappeared from the battle stage.

In the outside world, Hua Qing Feng’s real body moved. He suddenly opened his eyes. They were glittering.

“Hua Qing Feng is awake.” Many people were staring at Hua Qing Feng on his pillar. A star was floating above his head and a number appeared: 1!

“Congratulations, you’re the first one for now. Get ready for the next step!” said the Diviner to Hua Qing Feng. Hua Qing Feng looked unruffled as he nodded. That was only the first part of the challenge of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Many people were being eliminated. For now, he was the first!

“The First Master of Godly Clouds is incredibly strong, as expected. Now he’s first. Can anyone still surpass him?” sighed the crowd. Real geniuses remained real geniuses. Even if they started from scratch, they were still dazzling.

The crowd had been watching the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds for a few days already. Even if the participants were weak in that world, many people tried to become stronger. People outside kept staring at them. They couldn’t wait to see the results of the first round.

Lin Feng crossed the door and saw four doors in front of him. Each door was shining, with words on them: skills and techniques on the first door, spells on the second, weapons on the third, battle challenge on the fourth.

Without hesitation, Lin Feng crossed the last door: battle challenge!

Terrifying beasts appeared in front of him. His face stiffened. The beasts were all Zun level beasts! He could have obtained spells, skills and techniques, or weapons, but he had chosen that last door, it was a dangerous choice. Several pairs of eyes were staring at him and making him feel cold.

He shook his hand and condensed black lights. A black sword appeared, and at the same time, his eyes became dark and cold.

Lin Feng moved like the wind and threw himself at the first beast. It was an ancient ape, roaring angrily. In a flash, sound abstruse energies filled the air and hurt Lin Feng’s eardrums. At the same time, the ancient ape brandished its claws and ran towards Lin Feng, making the ground shake.

In the air, a great roc spat out sharp wind blades which prevented Lin Feng from retreating.

Lin Feng moved like a leaf. His wind abstruse energies were already powerful. At the same time, he could see everything clearly with his dark eyes.

The ancient ape raised its fist and punched out in the direction of Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng craned his head sideways, his cheeks burned even as sword penetrated into the ape’s throat. He grabbed the ape’s arm and pushed him with his foot to take out his sword, just as the roc’s talons moved towards Lin Feng’s head.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and crouched, facing the great roc.

A strong wind filled with sword energies moved towards the great roc and cut apart its claws. Blood gushed and the great roc shrieked furiously as it rose up in the air.

Lin Feng stood up again, surrounded by terrifying beasts. His face was a mask under the pressure.


Two days later, Lin Feng’s clothes were torn apart even more. His body was riddled with wounds. He crossed the door and at that moment, lights surrounded him. He slowly rose up into the air and ended up on a vast field. Many people were there, all of them surrounded by star lights. They looked solemn and respectful. In the center, there was a battle stage. Two people were fighting fiercely.

I’m not early. Many people are here already, thought Lin Feng glancing at the crowd. Luckily, the group he had joined had acted quickly. If he had arrived a little bit later, he might have been eliminated!

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