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PMG Chapter 2174: Watching Battles

PMG Chapter 2174: Watching Battles

Well after Lin Feng came out, Lei Dong Tian also emerged. He looked at Lin Feng coldly, not happy even though he had passed the first test.

“Lin Feng, you will regret this!” said Lei Dong Tian loudly, his eyes filled with murder. The spectators could all see what was happening in the fake world, so Lei Dong Tian understood that when Lin Feng had made him kneel down, everybody had seen him, including the members of his own clan. How humiliating! He really wanted to get his revenge!

“You still don’t understand. Continue kneeling down,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He glanced at Lei Dong Tian’s rank: 136th! Lin Feng ranked 135th.

“Jian Mang, Ruo Xie, Tantai, Tian Chi, and Jing Shou are there, too.” Lin Feng looked at the fake world and saw some of his friends. Tantai, Jing Shou, and Tian Chi were still in the misty city, though. If they didn’t hurry, they would not have the opportunity to get qualified. Lin Feng hoped they’d be lucky.

Tantai’s cultivation is special because in his tribe, grand talents mature slowly. Making him start from the beginning must be extremely difficult. Jing Shou is a powerful assassin, but he’s bad at direct battles. Even though his situation is not as bad as Tantai’s, it’ll still be difficult for him. And my third fellow disciple is also struggling…, thought Lin Feng. Apart from them, he also noticed Wu as well as someone he would have never expected to see there: Qing Feng!

Qing Feng was there, and she wasn’t far behind Hou Qing Lin. She had followed Shi Jue Lao Xian for some time and was now participating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. She looked even more beautiful than before, noble and pure.

Of course, apart from them, there were also some people who had ranked quite high during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List in the Holy City: Dou Zhan Seng, Shi Yun Feng, Guili. Lin Feng hadn’t thought he’d see them during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

I wonder how many people will get qualified during the first round, he thought. People kept coming out of the fake world. Some people also died. Lin Feng sighed. How many geniuses would die because of the meeting?

The crowd was waiting patiently, watching all the battles. Finally, the 500th star appeared above someone. The Diviner raised his hand and the fake world grew distorted, then disappeared.

Everybody woke up. Those who hadn’t been fast enough to get qualified looked sad. They knew that they might have been eliminated already. When they saw the stars above other people’s heads, they were certain of it.

“Five hundred people are qualified. The rest are eliminated. The people who are qualified are talented and determined. They are the most outstanding.”

The Diviner looked at the crowd and said calmly, “Those who are not qualified can leave the pillars.”

The losers looked both desperate and disappointed. They had struggled to get there, and now it was over for them. As they jumped off their pillars, the pillars disappeared. The platforms didn’t look as boundless as before…

“Lin Feng, good luck!” Tantai shouted to him while jumping off his pillar.

Lin Feng nodded back, noticing that Tian Chi and Jing Shou hadn’t gotten qualified either. Hou Qing Lin and Jian Meng did make it through, however, as did Ruo Xie, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, and Wu. Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye had king-type bodies. Qing Feng and Wu were extremely talented, no weaker than people who had king-type bodies. Wu was a supernatural bird, a golden crow. To animals, being a supernatural bird was similar to having a king-type body for human beings.

Of course, the next rounds would be more difficult for them. Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie, and Wu probably couldn’t compete with the strongest cultivators. If they did fight against them, the consequences would be tragic. Qing Feng had followed and received Shi Jue Lao Xian’s teachings, Lin Feng couldn’t evaluate how strong she was.

“That guy must be Hua Qing Feng.” Lin Feng looked over at the First Master of Godly Clouds.

“The second one is him.” Lin Feng stared at the one who had stolen the spiritual deployment body from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He was stupefied. The one who had the spiritual deployment body sensed that someone was studying him and looked over at Lin Feng. He frowned when he saw him and then cruelly, “Little boy, it’s you. That physical body was yours. You must have my cauldron!”

Lin Feng frowned. Surprisingly, that guy recognized him. How strong, especially since Lin Feng was using his real face at that moment, not the one he had used in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

“Back then, your soul was in the cauldron. I thought you had died, but that your body had remained intact. I was too careless,” said that guy coldly.

“Cauldron?” The name of the girl whom Lin Feng had seen in the mountains when he was a cauldron was Jing. When she heard that, she looked surprised, as she had seen a strange cauldron in the mountains. But she didn’t think about it too much, she just thought it was funny. Then, she looked over at Qing Feng, they had a similar Qi. They both looked noble and cold.

“Chu Chun Qiu is fifth!” Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. He wasn’t going to be lonely during the next few rounds.

“Where are we?” he finally wondered, glancing around. The platforms looked like individual worlds. However, he could see many people in the distance. They were watching the fighters, but they weren’t from Godly Clouds City. They looked enigmatic and unfathomable, and were probably extremely strong.


Inside a great hall, there was a young man wearing a snowy-white robe. When people looked at him, their eyes were filled with awe and veneration. They knew what that young man’s social status was. But the interesting part was that next to that young man, there was a young child. The child was a few years old, very young, but was already a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer.

Behind them was a group of people, all looking calm. They were all wearing snow-white robes. If Lin Feng saw one of them, he’d definitely recognize him: Xue Shen Feng! He had fought against that man during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List. But Xue Shen Feng didn’t look very proud in front of the young man and the child in front of him.

At that moment, Xue Shen Feng glanced around and noticed Lin Feng. He looked at the child, but said nothing. He knew what linked Lin Feng and the child.

Lin Feng, Zhe Tian and you belong to two different worlds. Your child will become a dazzling cultivator of the Snow Clan, and you, you will never meet him, thought Xue Shen Feng. Zhe Tian was extremely talented, and everybody acknowledged him in the Snow Clan. It was no wonder, since Lin Feng and Meng Qing were both incredible cultivators, both of them very talented, and Meng Qing had a king-type body.

If Ling Long hadn’t left the Snow Clan back in the day, and if everything had happened according to the Snow Clan’s plan, would her baby be stronger than Zhe Tian?, wondered Xue Shen Feng, looking at the young man next to Zhe Tian.

“Zhe Tian, there will be some extremely strong cultivators. Watch carefully. It’s an opportunity you have every hundred years only,” said the young man next to Zhe Tian at that moment. He was staring at the platforms calmly.

“Uncle, there are many geniuses participating in this Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If you fought against them at the same cultivation level, would you rank first?” asked little Zhe Tian.

“I’m not sure. We can never be sure,” said that person calmly.

“Mother said that my father is a genius of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Zhe Tian.

“Your mother loves your father, so of course she says that. Zhe Tian, the thing is, you should forget your father. Because of him, you won’t progress on the path of cultivation. Your heart should be like mine, you should solely focus on cultivation,” said the young man to Zhe Tian.

“Alright,” said Zhe Tian, nodding as if he agreed. However, on the inside, he thought, You don’t respect my father, your behavior is inadmissible. How can you tell me about principles? I can be a strong cultivator and protect and love my parents at the same time!

Of course, Zhe Tian didn’t say that. His mother had always told him that the members of the Snow Clan couldn’t understand them, none of them.

At the top of another palace was another young man, his Qi looked extraordinary. He was looking at the platforms of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and more precisely at Lin Feng. He smiled, “Brother Lin Feng surprisingly made it to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He’s not like me. He chose his own path. He must have gone through a lot.”

I hope that Brother Lin Feng will be able to succeed, or at least end up in the top hundred. That way, we’ll meet often!, thought that young man. Behind him was a group of people who didn’t dare get close. They looked at him, their eyes filled with awe and veneration.

A young woman was also staring at that young man. When she saw that young man’s resplendent smile, she shivered. It was rare for him to smile so broadly…

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